Monday, September 22, 2008

Olympus E-520

Side Note: Most pictures featured in this entry were taken with my limping Kodak C875. Yes, it has enough life to produce those few shots.

So I now have an E-520, after the E-410 was taken away from me.


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Why Olympus? After trying around various brands of entry level DSLRs, I have come to a conclusion, what Olympus offers is impossible to beat. After using the previous E-410, I have come to really love Olympus DSLRs even more.

Why E-520?

1) Built in Body Image Stabilization. Throw in any lens, even the old Film SLR lenses, you get Optical I.S.

2) Flexible Customization options.

3) Useful Live View, perfect for manual focus previews.

4) The famous Olympus Colors.

5) Superb Kit Lens built and quality, designed specifically for digital.

6) Great straight to JPEG shots. JPEG engine best of its class.

7) Best value for money entry level DSLR.

8) Super Sonic Wave Filter, most effective dust reduction system. Best in class.


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9) Extremely feature-packed for an entry level, bracketing options, mirror lock-up, customizable noise filter, etc.

10) Direct Shortcut buttons, accessing frequently used options: ISO, AF, Metering, White Balance and even a specific function assigned button.

11) It looks sleek. Sexiest in its class.

12) Superbly fast shooting performance. 3.5 Frames per second continuous shooting speed, best in class.

13) Impressive memory read/write speed, again, best in class.

14) Awesome standard kit lens, considered the top of its category, featuring internal focusing, manual focus by wire, ED element, and even comes with petal shaped lens hood.

15) It is an Olympus, of course.


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Ok, Canon, Nikon and Sony.. come and flame me already.


  1. hm....have u actually checked out the competition? eos450d, 40d, sony a350, d60 and d90. can also consider the panasonic g1. the e520 is crippled by a lousy sensor.

  2. Crippled by a lousy sensor. LOL. What a way to put it.

    Haha. The 1.3333333333 system, I called.

  3. hey anonymous,
    no name?
    450D = waaaayyyyy more expensive
    A350 = worse sensor
    d60 = less feature (no body IS, less cusmizations)
    d90 = no idea yet
    panasonic G1 = come on... its not exactly a dslr.

    hey jasonmumbles,
    admit it, 4/3 is amazing,

  4. Let's have a debate again. LOL.

    11) "Sexist in its class" - Very subjective, I would say...

  5. It all depends on what each individual seeks in from the camera. Oly is renowned for its colors and compactness of their dlsr. Lightest in its class and with inbuilt IS. Comparing to the other with kit lense, Oly would fare in the top half. ISO usability wise agreed it sux.

    For the price you're paying, find those that suit your shooting style and buy.

  6. you anonynous dudes have got to start at least using names. I do not even know if you are the same guy as the previous anonymous. Or you could be a chick. *wink

    Yeah I do agree, it all comes down to the individual, what the person would choose to suit his shooting style.

    But the way I see it, Olympus gets waaaayy too much undeserving bashing, especially from quite a number of Canon users who think they know-it-all, and worse, above-it-all.

  7. A number of Canon users who think they know-it-all, and worse, above-it-all.

    I felt that! I felt that!

    But I always think the pictures of Olympus are much more faded than Canon/Nikon and is yellow-tinted.

  8. Ok, Canon, Nikon and Sony.. come and flame me already. <--*LOL*

    Harror to your Oly :)

  9. hey jasonmumbles,
    that yellow tint.. ermm.. is my fault LOL.. not the camera. You can check other people's shots.
    ahahahha.. its not supposed to be generalizing when I mentioned that sentence, but yeah..

    hey ahlost,
    ollie says hi back to you and asks you to take more pictures with your canon !!

  10. lol.. your camera makes my N73 cam looks nothing... haha...

  11. hey johnson,
    aiyaks, cannot compare lar, totally different categories anyway !!

  12. hey your new ollie looks sweeeeeeeeet! i'm so happy for robin dude! now all u have to do is cam whore more often and take lots of shots of hot girls! LOL


  13. hey marcus,
    thanks dude !! ahahaha not enough hot girls ah?? aiyoooo... not easy to find ohhhh

  14. Aiyoh... what's with the bashing? It's his money and his preference so let him buy whatever he wants lah! Do you want him to buy something he doesn't like, just because people said so?

    Robin, about time! *LOL* I've been dying to see your new wife. :D Say hi to Ollie for me too! Hehehe...

  15. hey ann,
    thanks !!! Yeah, have been wanting to blog about this, but I figure, its so weird since it is so similar to my older one that I lost.
    But I gotta say, there is a lot to like about this new one !!
    Eh go take ur Nikon out and snap more pictures !!!

  16. No lah... not weird. It's a different model from your old Ollie summore. I'm really glad to see her getting the exposure and introduction - after all she'll be taking the credit for all the pictures to come. :) As for my Nikon, yeah... you're right. I should shoot more. Problem is subject matter. What to shoot in Kuching...??