Saturday, September 13, 2008

KL Tower

Side Note: The world's first Micro Four Thirds (click) camera is finally launched recently. The photography scene will take an interesting turn. Mark my words.

I know some of you have been wondering when this moment will come, when I finally made a visit to the infamous landmark of Kuala Lumpur, the KL Tower. Well, since I have been craving to go out into the open, and bathe myself in the dangerously harmful sunlight radiation after all this while being indoor, I went to the KL Tower today, hoping to capture some good views of this giant city. The tower is standing over 400m tall, overlooking 360 degrees to the city.


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Getting there was a tricky part, getting off from the Dang Wangi LRT Station, I walked my way there, and the distance was not really walk-friendly. Nevertheless, arriving there in early afternoon, I snapped away, along with heaps and heaps of other tourists, and for some weird reasons, LOTS of Japanese people there.

Stepping into the observatory deck, I was a little disappointed, because everything did not seem like what I have expected in mind. The view was not exactly an open view, the observatory deck was fully sealed by windows made of glass panels, for very good reasons I suppose, to prevent accidents, or other activities that are made by no-accidents. Since the scenes are seen through the thick, and obviously oddly tinted glass, the whole picture of KL landscape was undesirably tainted. There was a strong bluish tint, and worse than that, the view appeared smoothed out, and soft, just like what you would get from seeing anything through glass. On the bright side, the entire place was air-conditioned. So much for an outdoor adventure, heh?


I was already there, so I just did what I was there to do, something I have wanted to do since I arrived here in KL, to take pictures of the city-scape. To be honest, KL does not really seem that interesting all the way up here. From my point of view, you can actually witness the evidence of how cluttered, congested and horribly planned this city is. Yes, it is one hell of a developed city, but if you see beyond that, the messy highways and roads, the inconsistent placement of buildings, and very, very random management of lands. I seriously hope Kuching will not turn into another version of KL, since it is still climbing up, the people there should have adequte opportunities to make plans to avoid such congestion and and clutter.

The weather was almost perfect when I left the house, very bright sky, clear, with soft clouds. Things changed drastically upon arrival at the Tower, the clouds have mutated and grew so much more, turning the originally blue sky into murky, milky white. There was also a slight hint of haze covering the horizon, which is by no surprise in this green-deprived land. Shooting condition was not ideal, but hey, that was nothing I could do about.




I have always had a thing for shooting landscapes, though I am not exactly good at it. No, a wide angle lens wont help much on top of the tower, stupid glass panels of the windows have freaking ugly steel framings, and you could not have that wide of an angle for shooting anyway. There is this City Civic Center in Kuching, a tower built high above the ground, though not that high up like this KL Tower, but it has open view, with no restricting glass panels. Taking scenery pictures from Kuching Civic Center has been so much fun, since you get exactly what you see out in the open. But the downside due to the open concept being so high above the ground... would be the superbly well known suitable spot for an easy and quick way to end all miseries in life. Not a pleasant thing to think about being there, but it is a fact, and everyone in Kuching knows it.


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Therefore, one of the must visit places in KL has been crossed off my list. What shall the next item be? Any suggestions?


  1. i didn't get to go in my last trip there.. :'( so sad.

  2. hey allen,
    no worries, there will be a next time !!!

  3. Hi Robin. It's me again. I really like the way you take your photos. Do you have a career in photography and if not (yet), are you planning to go down that road?

    Just curious...

  4. hey anonymous,
    oh, are u the shizu redsora guy? darn i have not quite figured out who u are yet..
    thanks for your compliments. at the moment I am just taking pictures for fun, nothing serious yet.
    Buf should an opportunity arise from the photography world, i will definitely consider pursuing it.

  5. I also would like to compliment on your photos. I have been to the tower and the view from up there is fantastic!