Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Kipling Launch Fashion Show @ Mid Valley

This entry is a continuation from the Amber Chia @ Kipling Launch Fashion Show, and this time, featuring all models other than Amber. For such a small scaled Fashion Show, it was interesting to see a wide selection of models, and many of them were not even local. Yet the show was held on the Merdeka Day. Heh?

The evident theme for the show was purely based on bags, the collection being launched by Kipling. The models were plainly dressed in typical tight shirt and jeans, remained unchanged throughout the entire fashion parade, which is a rarity. Instead, every lined up walk was displaying different varieties of Kipling bag products, ranging from carry-hand bag, backpack, to travel packs. The entire set-up was rather casual, and modern music being blasted in the background suggested very uplifting mood and tempo.

To be honest, seeing all the models walking about the stage, and dancing, shaking their bodies to the beat of the music, I do not think anyone was paying attention to the bags on display at all.

To those of you curious cats out there, the photographs for this fashion show were taken with an Olympus E-520. The main features in this camera that stood out include in-body Image Stabilization and enhanced Live-View. After utilizing E-520 with my old tele lens mounted on it, I dare say that the Image Stabilization did do some tricks in steadying my shots, especially the few that I took at furthest telephoto end of the zoom. I was quite impressed with the results, though not all shake was fully eliminated, but it certainly helped to a degree that even the few minority pictures did not turn out tack sharp, they were still very acceptably usable, provided not being viewed at 100% full size.

Image quality wise, there may not be a dramatic improvement from my previous E410, but the difference is noticeable: slightly better highlight control, and generally smoother, cleaner image output. A lot of people may make a big fuss about the less than average ISO performance on 4/3 systems, but I do not find it to be at an alarming level of trouble. Shooting performance was also apparently better, though not by a large margin, but the operation of the camera felt a tad speedier. E520 is still targeted towards entry level users; hence I do not expect it to perform miracles.

I am very pleased with E520.

Now, let me grow some money on the trees at my backyard first.


  1. yes more models! but i do believe amber chia looks way hotter than them. its the asian eyes that the others do not have. nice post robin!


  2. hey marcus,
    I agree !! Amber Chia rocks !!

  3. very good! and u most certainly bring out the best in her thru your shots! she must really thank u personally for making her look extra hot! LOL


  4. hey marcus,
    I doubt she would even read this blog LOL...
    but yeah, she does look hot in those pictures !!

  5. Nice photos... I love all the babes. Hey, can you teach me how to grow money on a tree?

  6. sic sic sic sic sic

    y do u always get the hot babes while i'm shooting boring buildings? droooollll... -_-

    btw, the 12-60 lens is reviewed on cameralabs.. hava look!

  7. hey neo,
    thanks ! wait till the money actually grows first... then I will share the tips LOL..

    hey brandon,
    LOL... boring buildings? KL has some really boring buildings, and ugly sky to compliment that.
    Ahaha, i thought melbourne always has fashion stuff going on?

  8. robin bro... the fashion stuff ain't free. to watch models strut their stuff on the catwalk, u gta pay round 50 bucks, lol! fashions shows aren't foc here, unfortunately..


  9. hey brandon,
    Hmm, when I was in Perth I went to quite a few fashion shows, and shot away with my compact back then. Gotta catch them during fashion festivals, they open up to public for free, especially those from david jones and myers.
    in Perth.. u get models dressed in swimsuits and bikinis !!!!
    No such thing in Malaysia... no fair...
    Oh and the Autosalon, and Motor shows usually have great fashion shows too !!! though those arent free, but hey, i think they cost much lower than 50 bucks !!

  10. robin .. haha u may be right.. i guess its just differing interests between us. U actually spend time to photographe hot girls, while i spend more time 'fishing' them (tiau hu, in hokkien). LOL!

  11. hey brandon,
    why not both? LOL... i know some girls just love guys with cameras (BIG ones)... funny fact but true...
    u should be making use of ur 50-200mm !!!

  12. hey, rob

    i havent been here for a while and its just sad to know that u've lost your olympus. im very sorry.
    i cannot imagine losing mine for good as i am too, using an olympus (evolt 330). i know how hard is it for u to let go.

    but i do hope you'll find yourself a good dslr one day. a much better one.
    these are nice pics btw, i wish i have the skills to shoot nice amazing photos like u :)

  13. gee.. so nice.. you got these ang mo ladies, if not eurasian girls to shoot at..

    here tak da la.. :(

  14. hey arth,
    long time no hear from u !!
    Thanks man.. your skills are doing good too, but then, i thought u were using nikon D80?? Hmm.... I must have gotten my info wrong somewhere...

    hey allen,
    this one was more of a luck lar, i didnt even know they hire those models.. didnt even know amber would pop up, ahahha.... but yeah, its not gonna happen often also..

  15. I think my self esteem just dropped a notch or two. Waaaaaaa!!! *cries*

  16. hey ann,
    ..... *speechless....

    I'm innocent !!!

  17. OOOO robin!.. u make the girls cry d...

    there should be a warning on your blogpost

    - danger - hot ladies - proceed with caution-


  18. hey brandon,
    LOL, i think thats why I get more male readers !!