Saturday, September 27, 2008

Groovy Steamboat

After working a few months here in this company I somehow unexpectedly ended up after all the dramas since the beginning of this year, I have to say that things are looking especially interesting, considering the really extra-ordinary people I have come to know and see every working days of the week. This bunch of humans are extremely fun-loving, and somehow possess unlimited supply of laughter. I could not recall the last time I was around a gang of friends that could laugh continuously all through the night. Life has been really more colourful, and this is a advantage for me, since I have not many connections when I started my new life here in KL.



Unfortunately, one of our colleagues had to leave the company, hence a gathering and makan session was taking in place for her last day. The decided dinner was a steamboat located somewhere in Serdang. I could not exactly remember the previous time I had a decent steamboat dinner, since it is not actually a popular dining style back in my hometown, Kuching. The idea of getting your hands dirty, putting in effort to cook your own dishes, facing the smoking oil and sticky atmosphere are not very inviting. All these, come with an exception, that is if you are with a HUGE group of really crazy people.


The dinner was fantastic, the selection of food was really good, considering ample choices and varieties of meat, seafood, and lots of steamboat-able food. I was somewhat feeling really lazy to move much though, since everyone else was moving around already. I guess it was not that bright of a day for me, since I felt really drained right after work, and the constant throbbing in my head was not helping at all, probably due to immense lacking of sleep for the past few nights of the week. Nevertheless, throw in smiling faces, noisy Jeremy, and echoing non-stop laughing actions, the night soon liven up, and I was feeling much better already.





MOON and the FareWell Girl, WAI FAN

The night did not end just after the dinner, the entire bunch minus a few souls who left for some unexplainable reasons, strolled along the night for a drinking session. After all, our colleague, Wai Fan (sorry if I spelled your name wrong, I am not good in remembering Chinese names) deserved a proper farewell celebration, and I have always believed that a good celebration involves not only good food, but also decent amount of alcohol. So yeah, do forgive me if you see some abnormalities in the pictures on this entry, since I am writing this at ungodly 2 in the morning, still feeling a little tipsy from earlier session.

To Wai Fan, all the best in your future undertaking, and though the time we have known each other was rather short, and you being on another floor away from my level, I got to say that I have felt the sincerity and warmth from such a kind person you are. I do hope that you will keep that part true in yourself wherever you go, because it is a truly rare quality in people these days. Do take good care of yourself, and stay cheerful !!

I have more, heaps more to say, but I have to cut short here. Extremely busy weekend ahead. Gotta catch whatever little sleep I have left.


  1. hey the food looks super good! steam boat looks so boring in spore LOL! hey how come u are not in spore for the F1 street race? can take lots of photos of girls u know? =)


  2. hey jasonmumbles,
    WTF I did not even know the name of the place.

    Hey marcus,
    ahahhaa, been swarmed with stuff these days dude... would love to go down there but really cant.
    But I will find time to go Singapore sooner or later anyway ahahahaa and the important thing is you being there !! not the girls LOL

  3. how much is that steamboat per person??.. should be kinda costly after seeing those pics...

  4. hey johnson,
    it is rm22 per head, plus some random taxes on top of that. I do think its pretty worth it considering the wide variety of seafood available: crab, prawns, mussels, squids, jelly fish, scallops, etc etc.

  5. oh please robin! i know u have the hots for sporean ladies and that is the reason why u will turn up here and not me! come come i take u to changi village and u can sample our local lady boys! LOL


  6. hey marcus,
    oh no now im thinking twice about my trip to singapore LOL

  7. ahem ahem.. someone updated the relationship status in the facebook account? :D

  8. hey allen,
    ahem ahem, someone is actually paying attention to my profile updates !! I am stunned ahahah

  9. Hey Robin.. !! Long time no hear. :D Since when did you take up photography? I see you have snap some interesting subjects and background shots from Water Creatures. Cool and neat work really.

  10. hey anonymous,
    thanks, glad u like the pictures.
    I have been into the photography thing for a while now.
    Anyway, may I know who this is?

  11. oh sorry.. forgot to intro myself. but i'm sure i don't really need to intro myself as you'd already know who i am.. hehe.. it's me, jones. So, looks to me you had resign from the Bureau and took up a job like Peter Parker instead, eh? Cool stuff indeed... Take care dude. It's been a very long while.

  12. hey JONES !!!

    OMG Long time no hear from you man !!!! How have you been?????????

    gosh it is a surprise to find you here !! ahahahha.. really glad to hear from you.

    Have you watched the new X-files movie? Plenty of people said it was not so good but I must beg to differ !! I think its really something, just hope they will make another movie for the invasion day.

  13. Indeed a long time. I'm fine... haha.. Just decided to drop by here since u did told me u have an account in blogspot a long time ago. So yeah, i decided to visit here after a very long while of absence.

    Was kinda surprise to know that u r now in KL..!! So how's life in KL? Good?

    I haven't watch it though as I was planning to get the DVD9 of it. Too bad non of my friends want to watch it at the cinema so i have to choose the DVD option instead. I'd watch the trailer and must say, I been waiting for the the DVD very badly. Watching the first X-Files movie about a month back really makes me... erm, crave for more in the X-Files 2??! LOL! Overall, i believe it will b a good movie since all the casts & crews are still the same and most importantly, Chris Carter is still the main man in bringing back this once celebrated TV series. Don't worry, I'm a loyal fan to the X-Files... V(-.-) Yup, hopefully they'll make another movie out of it. hehehe...