Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Grilled Chicken Foldover

Not too long ago a friend of mine visited KL, and we met up at Mid Valley for lunch one fine Saturday afternoon. After much consideration, we decided to just settle the meal at McDonald's. I know, of all the food places in Mid Valley, we chose McDonald's. Don't ask, it was a mutual decision.

I ordered my usual, Quarter Pounder, and should I still be in Australia, it would have been the DOUBLE Quarter Pounder. My friend opted for the Grilled Chicken Foldover, which to be frank with you guys, I have NOT seen before. I know it was not exactly a new item in the menu, and almost everyone knew, or at least has tasted it before, but I only found it out that particular day. What a sad world I am living in. This just proves how disconnected I am to reality eh?

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Anyway, I asked him if he liked the foldover thing, he said, it will be his staple order every single visit to McDonald's. If it was that good for him, I supposed it must have been something right?

So last weekend, being lazy and all, I decided to give it a try. With literally an empty stomach, without having anything since morning, I quickly snapped a few shots before sinking my teeth in. My hands were shaky, and it is a great challenge to take good food pictures when all you can think of was EAT EAT EAT.

Trying it for the first time, I instantly fell in love with it. The thin outer bread folder was really good, and the huge amount of lettuce mixed with freshly cut big onions... with generous amount of unhealthily fattening mayonnaise, added some oddly sliced tomatoes, and two miserable pieces of grilled burger patties... there you have it, the Grilled Chicken Foldover. And I like it.

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I do admit that the price is.. just a little over the heels. Well, aren't everything from McDonald's, or any sort of fast food, overpriced anyway?

If I do happen to be at McDonalds again, I will most certainly have the foldover again. Getting hungry already.


  1. the foldover was introduced in mickey d's here in spore for sometime already and i guess its received a lot of fanfare cos its not been removed from the menu. i had it once and i can say i'd rather eat a burger. yes i miss quarter pounder and the best we have here is just the big mac which is more like a tiny mac these days. everything is just shrinking in size here in spore while prices are soaring! recently we introduced the mcgriddle to the breakfast menu and its pretty good. u should try it sometime!


  2. When you have beef on the menu, chicken automatically gets downgraded into second class citizen. Haha.

    Big Mac, Mega Mac, Quarter Pounder rawks.

  3. And I feel intimidated and threaten. You. Should. Stop. Taking. Food. Pictures. Because. You. Might. Just. Pwn. Me. And. I. Hate. That. Feeling. And. As. Usual. Because. Of. That. You. Suck.


  4. hey marcus,
    ahahaha... gosh.. double quarter pounder, i kinda miss that, had that a lot once when I was in perth, too lazy to cook era.
    I never liked big mac anyway, duno, seems just like an ordinary beef burger ahahha...
    ooohhhh... im not sure (since I am quite blur when it comes to fast food menu) but i think that mcgriddle thing is not available here. Hmmm..

    hey jason,
    in Australia, chicken and beef are rather the same, ahhaha...
    wtf... the pictures above arent even good, i was too hungry to think of anything but just quickly snap and then MAKAN.
    The first picture looks bleaarrghhh

  5. Carl's Jr. pwns the rest (KFC, McD, Burger King, A&W, White Castle, Marrybrown, Mos Burger)

    But then, Carl's Jr. starting to pwn their own asses now. LOL.

  6. hey chong,
    ahahahah carl's jr?? but so expensive worrrr.....
    im not exactly a fast food person, but u gotta admit, when you hang out with friends, they tend to be one of the good choices.

  7. LOL! I like foldover too.. LOL! it fills my tummy!

  8. hey allen,
    its filling !!! not good not good, my tummy is getting round.