Sunday, September 07, 2008

Fashion Show @ Asian Avenue, Sunway Pyramid

After receiving so many remarks shooting me down on posting pictures of guys instead of girls, I decided to push my other Matta Fair entries aside for now, and post up some chicks for you horny dudes out there.

I went to the Fab Asia Fashion Show at Asian Avenue, Sunway Pyramid. When I found out that the runway show was situated right in the middle of the Fashion Avenue, I somehow expected that the lighting for the entire set up would be a disaster for me, since I have yet to possess an external flash unit. Nevertheless, I went, and did what I can.


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Gosh, it was refreshing to take a shot or two outdoors, again, after all those indoor shots !! And the sky was fantastic too.

I have realized that I have not fully utilized my previous camera, and this is especially true when it comes to flash shooting with the built in unit, since I would usually refuse to turn it on. When I was faced in situations of photographing people, I try to avoid using the built in flash, due to the very high chance of getting overexposed skin tones, and harsh reflected light, resulting in very unnatural and badly balanced picture. Due to this reason, I have under-utilized the in-camera flash unit in my previous camera.

During the days of me using the compact camera, I have always believed that, the most important thing in capturing a good picture would be 1) In focus, sharp, and blur/shake free 2) Bright enough. Therefore, in really dim lit situations, where non-flash pictures are quite impossible to be made, I believe it is a wise move to engage the flash. Of course the outcomes would not be as ideal as those accomplished with external flash units having the flexibility of bouncing and greater control of virtually everything, but hey, important thing is still being able to capture the picture in the first place, and deal with the consequences later.

This condition proved to be true today, at Sunway, as expected there were not even spotlights available.

Here is one shot with no flash.

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Did you notice the uneven lighting, and heavy shadows on the face of the model? This is a big no no in taking pictures of people. Ideally, well exposed skin is desired, and in this case, even pushing my ISO high up to 800 in the sacrifice of sharpness and details (as you can see the picture appeared to be a bit smudged due to the noise filter) did not do any good in acquiring good results. Thus, I popped up the flash unit, and fire away.

I guess the models must have wondered why my camera never had any flash since the others around me were practically trying to blind them by continuously flashing non-stop.

The following few shots are taken with the Flash on.

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It can be observed that the pictures come out a lot sharper, having more details (since I used lower ISO) and the lighting on the skin was evenly distributed, with no heavy shadows. I was afraid the skin would appear rather harsh, but luckily they turned out alright, considering the fact that I was standing quite a distance away, zooming in with the tele-zoom lens.

This is one of my rather rare occasions of using the internal flash, so do cut me some slack, after all, I am still at the experimenting and learning stage. Of course, if any of you were kind enough to donate me Rm1500, I would be able to take better pictures with the external flash unit. Nevertheless, I believe it is not a necessity at the moment, and I can live without it for now. I should stick to making use, and working my way around with what I have, and what I can, to achieve the pictures that I want. I have been doing that all these while, and I see no reason why I should give in to temptations.

So guys, happy now, seeing pictures of girls??


  1. hey allen,
    u go help her, give her a whitenning treatment !!

  2. LOL..
    okok.. special treatment..

    btw.. the stage lighting is really bad.. not friendly for photographers.

  3. hey allen,
    yeah, that was what i mentioned too.

  4. If you are afraid of the built-in flash being too harsh, you should use a diffuser. A DIY one should be sufficient.

  5. hey chong.
    nah, i believe thbe diffuser wont be much of a help being shot so far away. It would however be really useful for close range flash shots, especially portraits

  6. yup i noticed the shadows on the face immediately upon looking at the shot. makes the model look like a plastic mannequin if that makes any sense? but why is it a big no no in taking shots of faces?

    anyway the models look pretty good! my favourite is the one with a her hair partially covering her face. yummy!


  7. hey marcus,
    if you go over those magazines like FHM or anything of the same fashion sort, and pay attention to the faces of the models, the shots, studio, or outdoor, or anywhere done, had also no shadows on the faces, and the skin come out very balanced in exposure.
    Which is also true for wedding photos.
    ahahaha.. so yeah.. its a no no to have heavy shadows on the face !!
    Just a general rule of course, but it can be broken to achieve creative shots.

  8. congrats on the 520.. i'm sure u'll be happy with it. thought u'd be going for the big daddy E-3, lol :p

    hmm external flash? try looking for a 2nd hand FL-50 or even better FL50R.

    i was supposed to meet up with some forum members yesterday, but couldn't. they loaned a 90-250 from the shop. wud have a loved to hava go at that 5000 dollar lens :(

    sexy girls as always - keep on posting!!!

  9. hey brandon,
    ahahaha thanks !!
    Not gonna get anything soon, kinda broke now. but yeah, keeping an eye open all the time.
    LOL... so what happens after you try the lens? Any chance of it becoming part of your collection?

  10. crazy! u know what i can do 5 grand? get a full framer canon 5d, 70-200 2.8L IS, 15-35, 28-70L or invest in a D3. nuff said, that is a crazy lens for the top top pro.. delivers excellent results if u know how to use it. No complaints about the price - its built with the materials and care comparable to a rolls royce, similar to a 200 f2 lens?

    some pics here:
    those ppl are my pals from my forums. nice to hang out with them - try all the top lenses FOC. and even better than the photomalaysia oly gang, we actually go out n shoot, not just sit down n drink teh tarik LOL!

  11. hey brandon,
    ahaahah go go 5d !! or better 1D LOL...
    whoah hanging out with forumers already huh? I dunno why but I feel reluctant to join any LOL...

  12. Yes, happy now. Pretty girls :->

  13. hey neo,
    glad to hear that LOL