Saturday, September 06, 2008

Drifter B-Boys from Korea

Armed with a new weapon, and a renewed passion, I stormed to PWTC today and made it to the MATTA Fair, not for the cheap tickets, not for any travel bargains, squeezing my way around those ridiculously packed sardine wannabe crowds, but to watch, and snap away the stage performances, open free to the public.


There were plenty of shows, ranging from many international representatives, namely Korea, Taiwan, Australia and Indonesia. The events were targeted at promoting the tourism and attractions from respective countries, and in a way, very entertaining and fun. I went after lunch, hence I have missed out quite a great deal of performances earlier, but I was in time to witness quite a few rather spectacular ones. A few of them actually left my mouth gasping wide open, and I kid you not.


So you guys are getting tired of photos I have taken recently, with chicks and babes overloaded? No worries guys, this entry, we shall only see boys. In fact, they were not local boys, they came all the way from Korea, and performed some hip hop/break dance on stage, and I believe it was one of the few performances that truly managed to steal the attention.

Just listen to the unlimited cheers and screams, gosh, those Korean boys did know a thing or two about stage presentation. They pull off quite a few daring stunts, a few that only after painfully falling down countless times, and probably breaking bones from all over the body that they could finally get those moves right. This, is something worth admiring, and respecting, since not many of us would be so determined and dedicated to achieve that kind of level of extraordinariness, in anything that we choose to do.


I guess it has been a while since R&B and Hip Hop took the asian music scene by storm, and we do get a lot of those crazy stunt dances going around everywhere. I am not exactly a huge fan of R&B but hey, that is just me and my taste.

On photography side note, I do believe this session was very, very tricky. the spot lighting was a disaster, never being constant, and always moving around, resulting in terribly uneven exposures. Since their movements were rather rapid, it was not easy freezing the actions, and without an external flash unit, this was not a simple task at all. Refusing to use the built in flash, I boosted up the ISO, and managed to freeze most of the motions, but in the undesrirable trade off in sharpness and details. Nevertheless, shooting at high ISO, I do believe the camera handled it quite alright, considering the four thirds format inside.


More performances coming up next, and for sure there will be some sexy chicks following up in the coming entries. So guys, stay tuned !!


  1. nicely built body.. :D

  2. hey allen,
    yeah !! Very sexy !! LOL...

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  4. hey marcus,
    LOL !!! Then I shall blog a few more guys only entries ahahaha...
    for everything, there must be balance !

  5. got bikini shots ka? LOL!

  6. lol so now we all know what robin is like! welcome to the dark side!


  7. hey allen,
    tak adalah !!! ahahaha.. if got sure that one come out first lor..

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