Thursday, September 11, 2008


I have no idea why...

But everything seems rather blur these days..

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Too many things to do, too many things happening, too little time...

How I wish life is simpler, like it used to be. Clear, and simple.


  1. get a pair of specs to adjust your sight. wont be blur luu

  2. hey allen,
    i already have a pair, how leh?

  3. I've been blur for years @.@

  4. hey ahlost,
    oh no... i thought I was the only one !!

  5. then u should wash more eyes in kl.. LOL!

  6. hey allen,
    cannot wash too much !!! later become even blurrer ahahahaha

  7. how did u take that blur photo? was it an accident or deliberate?


  8. Simple life ends right after uni life. Hence, it is the beginning of new chapter in life.

  9. hey marcus,
    ahaha, the shot was made on purpose by manual focusing.

    hey chong,
    uni life ended quite some time ago.. yeah... it has never been easy ever since.

  10. that photo reminds me of something...

  11. hey dave lucas,
    what does it remind you of?

  12. easy. get a grip of yourself, and then get a piece of paper and write down all the things you have to do and write down the deadline and draw a progress bar of each task. This way, you should have a clearer picture of your daily/life requirements. Ah but I think you already know this...

    Good luck.

  13. hey anonymous,
    I think you have misintepreted the entire entry, but never mind, its not your fault, my bad for being so vague about everything.
    For your information its more of people related incidents.
    Anyway, would really appreciate it if you could leave your name, and better with email address the next time you leave a comment here. Cheers.

  14. Switch on IS/OS la. then no blur lor. wakaka...

  15. Hi Robin

    I misintepreted your entry??!! Ahh sorry. I'd rather not leave my name though... but I am someone you know but have probably forgotten...

    My email?

  16. hey neo,
    aahahhaha.. i want the pic to blur cannot ah?

    hey anonymous,
    thanks for leaving an email. I shall get back to you. You know me in person? hmmmm