Monday, September 01, 2008

Amber Chia@Kipling Launch Fashion Show

It was an ordinary Saturday when I was meeting up with a friend from Kuching who happened to be having a brief visit here in Kuala Lumpur, and it was at Mid Valley Shopping Mall. It has been quite a while since I last seen this friend, and sadly he needed to catch a flight back to Kuching on the same afternoon, so the meet was a rather quick one.

Mid Valley is not exactly the first place in mind when it comes to deciding a venue for hanging out with friends how, provided what have happened to me not too long ago (click). However you want to see it, it remains mysteriously the most popular choice, and people from everywhere would just flock there for no apparent reasons at all. Considering the massive traffic jams leading to the mall, and the horrible conditions of the car parking facilities, it is quite a wonder people would not mind all the troubles. Not to mention, the KTM service there is a nightmare.

I discovered that there was a launching event for the Kipling bag collections in Mid Valley center court, and there was a set-up of mini stage for an obvious purpose: Fashion Show. Curious as always, I stepped nearer and noticed the bunting standing next to the stage stating the time of the Fashion Shows, at 2pm, one on Saturday, and another one, the following Sunday. Since I was meeting up with the friend on Saturday as I have mentioned earlier on, I missed that particular one, but made myself available for the next day's event.

In case some of you were wondering, and yes, I have already been told by a few people, here I am making myself clear:

That unfortunate incident (click) has done nothing, not even a slight dent to my photography spirit.

It will take a heck lot more than that to affect my passion for taking pictures, which I have collectively built over the years, and I am not going to give up just like that anytime soon. No freaking way.

Soldiering on I did, and I was not going to miss out shooting the fashion show either.

This particular fashion show was a rather toned down one, there was not exactly anything grand or spectacular about it, but at the end of it, I did find myself enjoying the whole show tremendously. The main focus was on the new collection of bags, a huge variety of bags in fact. Hence the models, which was superbly chosen including a few which were not even local, did not even undergo any clothing changes throughout the whole show. The music theme was very lively and up to beat, creating the mood to dance. The models sometimes momentarily paused and danced to the beats, which made the entire show rather informal, and easily catching the public's attention.

I have shot plenty of pictures, but in this entry, I am showcasing Amber Chia alone. I have only been around KL for months, and it is quite amazing that I have spotted her twice in Fashion Shows in such short span of time. I do personally think she looks very stunning, and what she has accomplished up to date with her career is nothing short of admirable.

There were of course a lot of other models parading on the event, which I shall be blogging in the following entry. I must try to learn not to cramp everything into one entry, with pictures overloaded.

All images were shot with Olympus Zuiko 40mm-150mm F/3.5-4.5 telephoto zoom lens, which was one of the lenses produced in the first generation line-up of Olympus digital lenses. Though this lens is getting obsolete, but I must say the picture quality screamed otherwise, and still well worth matching the qualities of the typical lower grade tele lenses.

So there you go, Amber Chia parading on Merdeka Day. The celebration could not have gotten any better.


  1. Amber looks good there. :D

  2. hey allen,
    Amber always looks good !!!! ahaha

  3. one of the many reasons why u refuse to give up photography! isn't it just bad timing that amber chia is showing her face around more often just when things go wrong? tough luck robin but hey, so what if u can't take photos to commemorate the moment? u can always use your vivid imagination to recall the event! LOL


  4. hey marcus,
    ahahha yeah timing has always been bad for me, but hey, this wont stop me from taking pictures !!!
    Imagination? they can be a poweful tool, but I would rather prefer to transfer my imagination to life through my photos !!

  5. very stunning pics of amber, especially the close up ones. U got a new body d issit? :p

    Job well done.

  6. hey brandon,
    thanks !! But I bet you could do much better with ur e3 + 50-200mm combo LOL...

  7. haha.. bro, camera equipment is one thing.. the photographer's eye is something else to attain. the e-3 +50-200 combo is 4 times more expensive than the 410+ 40-150, lol!

    eh.. u din answer my question... hav u got a new ollie body?

  8. hey brandon,
    I was using an E520, borrowed from a friend. LOL... im seriously considering E520... the image stabilization worked wonders with my amber shots.
    But still I believe that 50-200mm lens would make a HUGE difference !!

  9. AHAHAHA - I TOLD u IS makes a difference! Though its bigger than your 410, the trade offs in image quality are significant. Are you planning to get one already? Check out the prices on Adorama yeah - am sure they're cheaper than getting it from KL.

    I haven't seen one selling 2nd hand on the forums yet, so keep your eyes peeled. Their owners must be loving them too much to let them go.. lol!

  10. hey brandon,
    LOL... yeah, IS helps especially using the tele lens, and shooting in very fast paced... those models do not pause for very long, so I do not have the luxury of time to steady my hands much, gotta snap quickly or they will just turn their backs !!

  11. oh yea... the 50-200.. u must try to feel the difference.. lol! gives u at least 1-2 stops difference, razor sharp & ultra fast focusing.

    I tried a 40d yesterday with a 17-85 USM lens.. the focusing speed is a tad faster than the e-3 in good light & its lighter (even with a flash mounted on). I'm impressed :)

  12. hey brandon,
    Oh no, don't tell me you are migrating to canon LOL...

  13. Haha bro.. am not migrating over. I've spent too much time and $$ getting my oly equipment already! I plan to get a 5d next time for serious landscape /low light photog work, an ultra wide angle zoom lens, and a 50 1.4. otherwise, a d700 and the UWA nikon lens. lol!

  14. yay! robin is gonna get a new camera! yay!


  15. hey brandom,
    traitor !!!

    hey marcus,
    but of course !!

  16. and to think u said u have no money to buy a new camera! liar liar pants on fire! its a conspiracy! u made everyone think that u really got your ollie stolen then everyone started donating into the "save robin" fund and now u are getting yourself a new camera! LOL


  17. hey marcus,
    LOL if only there are people kind enough to donate $$$$ for me !!!

  18. I don't want Amber! I want other models wor XD

    robin, brandon is not a traitor.. he just joining the team..

    come come.. join us too.. so I can pinjam your lens to use later on.. XD

  19. hey jian,
    Never !!!!!! ahahaha...
    too many people use canon liaw, not syok anymore.
    Other models coming up the following entry lar.. sabar ya !!

  20. Tested a few shots using 520.. Nice dslr actually :D

    I was poisoned to get Canon !! *LOL*

    But no regrets though :)

  21. hey ahlost,
    olympus E520 rocks !!! will write more about it soon.
    Anyway... its not too late to switch to Oly !!!

  22. wahlau robin - so fast call me traitor d... what is this kind of fren ar.. :(

    to clarify, i'm just getting a full frame to COMPLIMENT my extensive Oly system, not to replace it, k. i know one guy in melb (who has a mark 3 full frame, and has complimented it with the e510, 7-14 n the 50-200, and he's praising the oly system. i've one other guy (he was a hardcore canon user, k). he had the mark 3, 70-200 2.8 IS, ultra wide angle, all L lenses, and he sold it all off to convert to Oly.

    ah lost.. u can use my lenses if i ever get a canon full frame, but wait long2 okay? i haven't been poisoned yet (i dunno if jason mumbles is reading this, lol!)

  23. hey brandon,
    LOL !! Just kidding lar bro.. but hey, full frame cameras cost a bomb...
    nah, jasonmumbles wont do much poisoning to u, I am sure...

  24. ahahha.. oly f2 superhigh grade lenses cost a bomb too, as mch as the full framers too, lol!

  25. hey brandon,
    hence u wont see me buying any new lenses anytime soon LOL

  26. We'll see :p I got the e-3 6 mths after using the 510, who knows what comes next, LOL

  27. hey brandon,
    LOL I wont be seeing myself spending so much on lenses !!!
    You are keeping all your lenses? not planning to sell off anything?

  28. my 510 with the kit lenses i loaned it to my friend, so he'll be using it for a while.

    what do u want bro? the 14-54? am not using it at the moment cos i'm loving the 12-60 too much.. :p

  29. hmmm...
    how much are u selling? LOL

  30. haha bro... dunno yet. i'll only sell my gear if i REALLY need the cash. guess its gonna be around 300 usd. i hope this isn't gonna turn out to be a buy/sell forum, LOL. i'll keep u informed.

  31. hmmm.. 300 USD sounds tempting LOL...
    Do let me know if u decide to sell. I might get it if nothing is eating me financially.

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