Sunday, August 03, 2008

Silent Scenery EP Launch @ Central Market, KL

When I just arrived in KL not too far back, I got in touch with an old friend, Ivan who is currently active in his awesome band called Silent Scenery. Ivan told me that Silent Scenery was going to launch their EP "When we escape from the moonlight" on 2nd August at Central Market, thus I quickly made a note to him, and to myself that I would be there. I do not exactly have that many friends really getting involved in the music scene, hence this was one rare opportunity to immerse myself into something rather unusual for me.




Earlier on the day, I met up with Allen who came all the way from Kuching, visiting Kuala Lumpur for holidays, and we were at the PC Fair, where all those folks who has nothing better to do but come and squeeze themselves together in the process of producing sardines from each others bodies. The amount of people there were just ridiculously insane, I do wonder if the bargains and free gift/offers presented at the PC Fair was anything worth being sardined for hours long in the stuffy convention halls. I guess there are just people who loves to be in the crowd full of people, to feel alive again. Not that I am not a people person... but never mind, this shall be the story for coming entries should I feel like blogging about it.

This particular entry is dedicated to Ivan (check out his blog at, and Silent Scenery. I was really glad Ivan informed me about the launch event, and it was very enjoyable being there to see the efforts and hard work of your friend manifesting into something real, and made known to the public.




THe night was prepared for the launch of EPs by two local bands simultaneously, Silent Scenery and Lightcraft. The venue was at Annexxe, Central Market, which could only house a capacity of 150 people. The hall itself was not huge in size, and there were plenty of restrictions in mobility around the hall for the audience. The setup for the event was made comfortably casual, closing in the gap between the live performers and the audience.

I for one, snatched the front position, so I could be able to get closer to the live performance.

The atmosphere for the entire hall was tuned in a way that one would feel very much at home, under extremely cold air-conditioning and very romantically dimmed tungsten lighting.

In the beginning, there were two opening acts, one by a local band, and another from a band that travelled all the way from Bangkok. And the next that followed was Silent Scenery and finally, Lightcraft. If it was already not obvious enough from the beginning of this entry, I was there mainly for Silent Scenery. And eagerly I waited and finally they performed !!!


Should I add that I went to the event with no expectations or whatsoever, but I do know somehow that the event itself would turn out great. It came off really impressive, and the crowd was immensely thrilled by the performance of Silent Scenery, who played a total of 5 tracks in a row. The sound setup may be a little uneven, with everything else drowning the vocal output, but hey, you can't exactly think that such a multi purpose hall can actually produce the ambience of a mega-concert can you? Regardless of that, the music being delivered was nothing short of entertaining, and it was so good, I did not realize that by the time Silent Scenery completed their stage performance for the night, it was already 11pm !!

On the photography side of things, I was initially pumped up when I was on the way to the hall, but once I stepped into it, part of the enthusiasm just kinda wore off. The main reason would be the horrible lighting, which was more than what my camera and kit lens could handle. This situation really proves the necessity of owning an external flash unit, and a prime lens.

Like usual, I just did what I can on the given situation. Since it was terribly dark, I chose to utilize the internal flash unit. The pictures that came out were showing signs of harshness on the skin tone, and plenty of deep shadows in the background, like what would usually be anticipated from the built in flash unit. Well, at least the pictures come out bright, sharp (not blurred due to movements or camera shake) and still very use-able.


The second undesirable factor for photo taking for the night was the limited, or shall I say almost zero movement options around the hall. Not being able to get a variety of different shooting angle was not exactly a wise thing when covering an event. Everyone on the floor was sitting so closely, and me being in front, it would not be polite to the others if I kept standing up, and walked around snapping pictures. Not wanting to be a nuisance to others who appreciate good music like I do, I just sat quietly at my position, and just dealt with my very restricted options of composition.


Due to this reason, I could not have a decent shot of the lead singer, who was always behind the microphone stand, and the microphone itself was placed directly in front of his face ALL the freaking time. And oh... forget the drummer... he was covered by a million things lying around the stage, and after the first few performances, his view was completely blocked by the violinist (ermm... the giant violin? a Viola? Sorry I am musically blind). But surprisingly, I was in the best position to be shooting Ivan. Thus, more pictures of him.

Oh well, the main purpose of me there was nothing more than just to be there for Ivan and his band, and also, to indulge myself in great music. There is just something about getting yourself submerged into the insanely high decibel volume pumping through your vulberable ears, and have the heavy guitar screams shake your mind and the pounding of the drums resonate through your every heartbeat. In such conditions, I somehow, felt myself being temporarily free from everything that was weighing me down at the moment, and truly have my thoughts in my mind full of complications being cleared off... I believe music has a way to connect to the soul.

So guys, if you have not heard of Silent Scenery, do check them out at Show some love guy, support local music scene, and do buy their album !! Highly recommended by

Worry not, I have not forsaken my remaining Penang entries, they shall be resuming really soon !! Cheers guys, have a nice weekend.


  1. *ahem* Heard someone just bought "something" .. Hehehehe....

    Faster share with us liao...

    and oh ya.. Harror Ivan :)

  2. wohh!!! Is ivan!! I didn't know he is a gutalist suprise can. Anyhow ur pic was nice lor

  3. hey ahlost...
    WTH... not even 24 hours... the news spread to Kuching already !! This is scary wei...

    Hey fattien,
    Ahahaha.. thanks for the compliments... LOL.. Ivan is super famous now wei... hes got girls crawling all over him...

  4. hi ahlost and fattien!

    rob, omg too many pics of me d man. haha but thanks for coming.

  5. hey ivan,
    LOL u just happened to be standing at the best spot for me to photograph u !!
    No worries man, glad I was there too... do let me know if theres anything happening with silent scenery in the future !!