Friday, August 15, 2008

The Reason

One of the many reasons why I bring my Ollie with me anywhere I go to...

Is so that, I could snap pictures like this.

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Is it not discriminating how those stereo-typical hired sales girls would prioritize and pose for DSLR users, shoving the normal camera users aside? I knew exactly how it felt being a compact camera user, I used one previously for freaking three years. I am Robin Wong and I will not be ignored damn it.

Now if I could remember where I stuffed her number somewhere.....


  1. bwahahaha! this blog entry is one of the shortest but is saturated with the most laughs ever! so a DSLR will really make u appear more respectable and "pro"? if u lost her number u can still get it from me so don't fret! i think its...



  2. hey marcus,
    yeah, i guess people will show dslr users the different level of respect, but yeah, kinda annoying when you see them ignore the normal camera users. You have got a huge camera, so what? LOL....
    Robin has a decent life thank you !! LOL

  3. haha so even in the world of photography and shutterbugs, size still does matter!


  4. Lol, pcfair?
    Somehow those with SLR / esp those with 10 kg lens and ultra big flashes get the most smiles from these girls. You don't feel intimidated with your compact ollie and pancake?

    I admit, I do feel intimidated sometimes.

  5. hey marcus,
    yeah, sometimes size does matter.. ahahaha

    hey fishtan,
    LOL, why should I feel intimidated.. nah, pancake rules man !!

  6. woah.. damn cun. thats what i'm talking about bro! bring it on :p

  7. hey brandon,
    LOL !! Yeah, I guess one of the many reasons why people get DSLR is to be able to capture pictures of leng luis !!

  8. She's so petite.. and cute.. LOL!
    I belum post lagi.. LOL!

  9. hey allen,
    cepat cepat post liaw !!!