Saturday, August 30, 2008

Putrajaya Fireworks Display

Side Note: All credits for the photographs in this entry goes to ChunChow (click).

It has been a week since that unfortunate incident, and it is time to move on. It was extremely shocking to see how much response I was getting from almost everyone around me, some even outside the country, from the phone calls, to mass-sms-es, emails, and even in person !! I am truly moved by the overwhelming reaction, but somehow it feels very wrong. I have never been contacted/sought after by this MANY people all together in such short period of time before, heck, not even on any of my birthdays !! I only have my beloved friends, colleagues and you beautiful blog readers out there to thank for. What would I be without you guys? Heh !!

There was this firework competition event thing happening over the past few weeks, and I made it to the finale which was last night. I went camera-less, as expected, but it does not mean I have no pictures to show you guys !! The reason why I went to this particular firework display which was performed by an Australian company: Howards and Sons, was because they absolutely rawk big time. I have watched their firework display twice at Perth Royal Show, and once earlier this year during the Australian National Day at Western Australia. They never failed to astonish me every single time I catch the public shows, and this is one of the closest thing I could get from Perth in KL.

I went with Chun Chow and Wendy, and Chun Chow was snapping away the pictures with his Olympus E300. Though the camera is considered rather old by today's standards, but you have got to admit it still has the ability to produce such awesome shots. There you go, the power of Olympus for those of you non-believers. Of course, a huge part of the credit also goes to the photographer, Chun Chow, who has been one of the main stage players in guiding me through photography over the years. if you do think the pictures are good, don't forget to leave some kind remarks for him !! Without him, you guys have nothing to see here ok??

The firework display was nothing short of breathtaking. It was not as grand as the one I witnessed in Perth earlier this year, but hey, seriously, the way they synchronize the timing of the shots and the arrangement of the amazingly wide varieties of fireworks were truly remarkable. If they are to come to Malaysia again anytime soon, I would definitely try to make it for their performance again.

That is all for now. Updates here will be one a slower pace from now on, but I will make every effort I could to keep it alive.


  1. awesomeness! those are fantastic shots! yup i say screw the olympus naysayers! anyway its good that your blog is still kept alive despite the unfortunate incident. i check your blog everyday when i log onto the net robin! even during adversity u are still soldiering on. well done robin!


  2. hey marcus !!
    Aahahaha, you do remember Chun Chow do you? the dude from perth previously...
    anyway, I will do all I can to keep it alive. Been blogging and taking pictures for years, not gonna give up so easily.
    Thanks for being diligent on checking the updates everyday LOL...

  3. no worries. I have a new idea for you. probably you can start snapshot with your hp's camera. and then slowly move some money and buy a new one.

    But still, back to the basic.. Handphone camera is always user friendly...:)

  4. hey johnson,
    ahahaha thanks, but.. im using a nokia 3200 LOL

  5. Great pictures from Chun Chow. Nice vantage spot; captures all the fireworks in. Quite spectacular actually.

    Am amazed at all the concern you've received so far. I doubt any will come if sth happens to my E-3, lol!

    Btw, Happy Belated Merdeka. Hope you had a great time. Cheers


  6. I can't view your previous posts. Can you insert a 'back' link? haha.

  7. hey brandon,
    yeah, Chun Chow has done an awesome job in selecting the location, and capturing those great shots.
    I know !! It is scary to have this much response.. even now, I just got a call from a friend from Kuching who just found out about my lost DSLR. Scary indeed...

    hey anonymous,
    I have tried to insert the link but it did not work for some weird reasons, well, mostly due to my incompetent almost non-existent web designing skills.. I shall try see what I can do.
    Anyway, I would appreciate if you leave your name and email the next time you comment. Thanks dude.

  8. See how lucky you are:D
    Having sooooo many frens, fans, supporters, etc etc etc
    All the best to you...
    May God blesses you

  9. hey redapple,
    well, most people will usually pop up when terrible things happen !!!

  10. Wahrao... Awesome pics :DD

    I still don't know how to take fireworks pics :(

  11. hey ahlost,
    all u need is a sturdy tripod, and a few settings tweak, and u are good to go !!!
    But of course, vantage point is important too.