Friday, August 08, 2008

Pancake for Supper

A friend of mine, Frederick came out from Malacca for his graduation this coming weekend at KL, thus we had a little meet up, and supper session. My hands have been abnormally itchy as of late, since I have not really put the pancake I have bought recently to much use with my Ollie. So I brought along the little Ollie together with the pancake lens for some quick snaps.



Thats my camera bag!!


Hah, finally a picture of me. Happy now Marcus? And SleepyHao?

Under such low light condition out in the open at night, I still managed to capture these shots with decent shutter speeds, which alleviates blurring due to shakes. Something to thank for in the pancake for having wider aperture. The image is as sharp as that is expected from the Olympus Zuiko Lenses, even from the cheapest ranges. The details captured, for such a low grade lens, were impressive.



This pancake does GREAT job in capturing food pictures !!!!

It was great to reunite with my friends again. I am anticipating plenty more of good catching up and fun sessions this weekend. And of course, by then I shall put my pancake to more use to record those precious moments.

Oh it is FRIDAY already, thank God.


  1. no still not happy! u must do your signature camwhore pose with your hand touching your chin then i will evaluate again! LOL


  2. hey marcus,
    LOL !!! i wont be appearing too much though ahahahahaa... this is one rare appearance !!

  3. marcus taikor.. i want to see more lenglui on robin's blog posts, cos robin always hang out with lenglui in kch and kl, unlike me :( , not of robin camwhoring! :p u kno kennysia also like to take picture with lenglui alot.

    well, the lens isn't really that 'low grade'. IQ is decent, so thats enuf to be desired. cheers.

    forgot to post my own eyecandy with the e3:

  4. hey brandon,
    LOL where got leng luis??? U must be seeing things aahahaha....
    But i do notice though, the focusing speed is slightly faster than my kit lens, which is a good thing, and it performs better in low light compared to the kitlens too.
    So yeah, its not exactly that low grade like u said.
    Whoah.. see, uve got ur own eyecandy... no need mine ahahaha

  5. why does your face has spots all over it?

  6. hey ehon,
    thats either because I am using blogspot, or not using clean and clear !!