Saturday, August 23, 2008

Ollie, No More

Everything fucking goes wrong this year, well at least for me.

My almost four months old Olympus E410 with the newly obtained Pancake Lens have just been stolen from me, along with my 4 years old Nokia 3200 handphone.

I was riding on a KTM train back from Mid Valley, squeezing into the crowd as I went into the train, and when I realised my bag has been emptied while everyone was squeezing and shoving left right front back, it was already too late, the door closed, and the train moved forward. I made a stop at the next station, and took the other train on the opposite direction back to Mid Valley. It was pointless, the people who snatched my camera and phone must have made a thousand steps ahead of me. I tried asking the security counter if anyone found any huge camera, as expected, nothing.

I was truly devastated.

I figured it must have been the work of at least three people. All shoving me inside the train, one grabbing my phone which was stored in my front jeans pocket, and one snatching my camera by unzipping the bag. I tried to blame myself for being careless, but the more I think about it, the more I realized the blame was not exactly valid. There was not much I could do, when I could barely move any of my legs and arms. I did not even know what happened until the door closed behind me.

How am I feeling now seriously?

I do not know how to describe my feeling now. But I know I am devastated.

I have never been so passionate in anything, or anyone before. I have put so much of my life into Ollie, and I seriously think it has become a huge part of my life, though I have only purchased it few months back. Oh it hurts, in more ways that you could ever possibly imagine, that I have to deal with the fact that the hard earned money that I have saved over working half dead, being thrown into that camera, was just gone like that. Angry, I am slightly, but I am so helplessly crushed to bits now.

I am not going to say anything about those to stole my Olympus from me, because in a way, I am really impressed by their work. I am not saying I am ok with what they did to me, but it was not easy pulling off such stunt. I was well aware of everything around me that moment, and I checked my belongings all the time. It must have happened in less than 5 seconds, and it just pains me that this had to happen to me, now. After all that hard work and effort I have put into learning photography, and pushing myself to improve. I just felt that everything happened at the wrong, wrong timing.

I am well aware of the fact that this is not the end of the world, and this seems very puny in comparison with other bigger worries in life. Still, I think when you are so crazy about something, and you spend so much time, and put so much love into it, when it was taken away from you, you will feel that the world is blardy unfair.

Well, the world has never been fair anyway. Stop complaining, Robin.

Any encouraging words are most welcomed now. And I mean NOW. Seriously, I need you all, my beloved readers more than ever at this unanticipatedly tormenting time.

Hence, this is the beginning of my days without a DSLR. Or a camera.

I feel so naked, and incomplete, without Ollie.


  1. oh my god! at first i thought it was a joke. now i know its true and i am shocked so i can imagine how it feels like for u! i have lost many things in my life but in all occasions they are far far more careless than in your situation robin. i lost a pair of oakley prescription shades when i put it down on the ground to try out a golf club and forgot to pick it up before i left the shop. my minidisk player got stolen when i left my bag unattended back when i was serving army. i almost lost my digital camera at koko black in melbourne but luckily the waiter ran after me and returned it but my mood was spoilt for the rest of the evening cos i can't believe at that age i'm still behaving so carelessly. the list goes on and on. i'm really truly sorry for your lost dear robin. the crime rate in KL must be picking up of late with the economy doing badly. to the culprits who did this to my dear friend all i can say to u is shame on u!


  2. hey marcus,
    thanks a lot for the kind words. i really appreciate it.
    Yeah, I just gotta keep my chin up, and keep on going. It is a camera, and it can be replaced. So I should not let this affect me too much.
    But it is one big mood spoiler like you said... gonna take some time to get rid of this feeling.
    Thanks again dude. You rock man !!

  3. I feel the heat whilst reading this entry. Goodness, it must have painted a deep scar in your heart now. Undoubtedly, you are definitely a utter junkie to ollie.

    But now "she's" kidnapped! **ouch** I know how does it feel too, cos my only authentic Addidas Brown shoes were stolen without my conscious just outside my house by the construction workers. I was so so so pissed off and wanted to bbq that stealer if i ever catch him.

    Still, "The old has gone, and the new has come"... understand this phrase, and it will make you feel better dude.

    Maybe you can learn from this careless painful lesson and when you get a new ollie next time, you will be more EXTRA SUPER DUPER careful and alert. True?

    Perhaps, to make you feel better, you can think it this way. You are helping that guy who stole your ollie to train him to be a better photographer with the help of your ollie. hehe.. in other words, you are risen up a new Photographer.

    Sounds better?


  4. hey johnson,
    Thanks dude. You certainly put things in an unusual perspective, but yeah, it does make things sound a little better.
    I was being as careful as I could, I do not think I could do any better, but it was a job of a gang, I suspect, and at the way they handle things, I think I was quite helpless when it happened to me.
    nevertheless, yeah, gotta look on and walk on. New camera? yes, but gonna take some time.
    Gonna be a while to save up a bit more.
    Photography has taken a lot out of my savings, I do not think throwing a huge chunk more into it is gonna be a wise move now since I have just started on my new job here in KL.
    But we will see what happens.

  5. well, shit happens... My car got stolen about a year ago, and it was parked right infront of my house. I parked at the same spot, for nearly 3 years. I locked my car with an additional pedal lock, those huge ass, heavy ones from Solex, and took out the radio front panel every night. One night, I just left the panel on, and did not lock the pedals, thinking that just this one time should cause no harm.

    Guess what, it was gone the very next morning. It happened a week after I went back to college(quit working, back to hit the books. So these days, I need my dad to drop me off at college, and when that is not possible, I walk to college, about 20 mins away. Anyway, hope you feel better by now.

    Material things can be always be bought,but not experiences. You had some nice time with your Ollie. This may have to be put on hold for now, but you will surely be able to get one again, it is just a matter of time. I can wait for your new camera and photos :) - Liaw

  6. hey liaw,
    whoah... now your story sounds a lot heavier than what happened to me today. A car, right in front of the house. Now that is unbelievable, but the way I see it, if those useless vultures want to do it, they would find a way to do it anyway, just a matter of who they pick on.
    Thanks for the sharing man, yeah it does comfort me hearing that people do feel the same way.
    thanks for your encouragement man, glad that you like what I have here.
    Will try to save up and get a camera as soon as I can. This blog and photography have been a huge thing for me up till now, there is no way I am going to stop just like that.
    Cheers man !!

  7. omfg robin. im so so so sorry. i know how much u loved poor Ollie...but shit happens ey. Hope those bastards rot wherever they are now and have the runs for 3 days 3 nights consecutively :P

    theres nothing much to be done now, but well, think of it as a lesson learnt and an opportunity to save up for another dslr which u'll come to care for even more. easier said than done, ey? :(

  8. hey san,
    yeah, its gonna be one tough lesson to learn. the painful part would be that the ollie is still very new to me.
    But yeah, gotta think that its a camera, and its an opportunity to get a better one.
    Thanks sandra, its good to hear from you again !!
    Kinda miss perth, and our coffee sessions !!

  9. Yo. Sorry to hear this, man... I know how it feels to lose something as I had lost 2 laptops within 7 months. Best of all, they (those buggers) stole when I was away from my room for less than 5 minutes. Having said that, it hurts even more when you lose something that you bought with your savings.

    Anyway, whatever happened has happened. The devastated feeling might take awhile to disperse but hey, there's no point mourning over this because it will never change anything. Just look forward and learn from this experience.

    Take care and cheer up, ya.. :)

  10. hey chong,
    thanks for the wise words. Ouch, two laptops over 7 months... so sorry to hear that man. It hurts a lot when you seriously put every effort in saving up for the purchase.
    I agree with you that there is no point mourning. Life goes on, with a camera, or not !!

  11. Dear Robin

    As a fellow Kuching-er and Oly user, I am truly, truly sorry for your loss. I know my words can't do much to ease to heartache that you're feeling now, but I hope that you will be alright.

    I know that spending $$ would be the last thing on your mind right now, but my advice to you (if you're still thinking of getting another oly) would be to slowly recoup your savings and allocate it to mint /2nd hand equipment. Now that you've gotten a feel of Oly and the pancake lens, you can afford to be more specific in your equipment choices. If I was in KL, I would gladly lend my 510 to you (seriously!). I can look out on the forums for you if you'd like.


  12. hey brandon,
    thanks for being so thoughtful !! Its alright, yeah, gotta save up a bit at the moment before getting a new one.
    what are u thinking? Of course I am getting another Oly !! I still have the standard kit lens, and the 40-150mm F3.5-4.5 tele lens with me, so all I need ia a new body only and I am set to go again.
    Rampaging through the forums as I am typing this now, but its a little pointless too at the moment since I wont be able to buy anything now. But still its good to keep an eye open.
    Thanks again Brandon, if you come across anything interesting do let me know.

  13. OMG!!!
    I just got my PC fixed and was coming here for the photos and got this sad news instead..So sorry for your lost, robin..

    em.. I'm not a good speaker but stand strong..

    (In a bright side)maybe its a sign for you to get a better camera to fit your skills..

  14. I'm very sorry to hear that Robin. Now can't see all those nice photos of yours d... >.<"

    Cheer up! Old 1 din't go New 1 won't come.

    Pray that you get your new gears and back into action again. ^.^

  15. hey jian,
    glad to hear that you got your computer back and running !! Time to continue the journey of sun miao kung ahahahaha...
    dun worry man, I am fine, yeah, gotta stand strong.
    Ahahaha, better camera means more $$$$$$ me no $$$$$ how ler???

    hey shinky,
    thanks dude for the encouraging words. yeah, looking forward for me new camera too, but its not gonna happen so soon I guess. Just gotta be a little patient on this one.

  16. awwh.

    i know exactly how you feel. the emptiness of going around without a camera is tougher than most people think.

    am truly sorry for your loss, man.

  17. hey aaron,
    thanks dude. yeah, the empty feeing is gonna stay for while from now on.

  18. awwww...perth and the coffee misses you too! im sure you'll be back for it sometime soon :)

  19. hey sandra,
    yeaahhhh... man, they do not make latte like they do in perth !!!

  20. Oh dear... really sorry for your camera and hp lost, Robin...

  21. hey JJ,
    thanks dude !!! I will live, no worries.

  22. Robin - Great E-3 deal here :


    try to get a mint 510 - its a great deal for IS.


  23. hey brandon,
    ahahha, that seems like a great deal, especially the FL-50R. Gosh so tempting.. but cannot lar.. e3 is a bit too far fetched for me. Not qualified to own one just yet.
    Anyway, thinking of getting e420, body only for rm1500. I have still got my kit and tele with me, so it seems to be the most favorable choice at the moment.
    Still thinking about getting E510, if i can find one less than rm1700 body only.

  24. I made a careless mistake too! I sent words of comfort to your mobile. Haha.

  25. E3! E3! E3! Better still if its Canon! :D Or maybe Nikon.

  26. hey daniel,
    nah, i think I got ur sms !! I thought u were someone else, and it so happened that someone else just commented right after you here. Hmmm.... i see some unseen connections here.. but never mind...
    Thanks man.. i appreciated it. Sorry didnt reply, was too depressed to do anything at that moment, hope you understand.

    Hey jason,
    Canon sucks, nikon yeah, maybe, but Olympus definitely !! E3 too freaking expensive, besides i am starting to think that I was not meant to use DSLR just yet. Probably its a sign LOL...

  27. So sorry to hear that...but frankly, I was getting tired of your photo posts as I'm not into those things and dunno what you're talking about! Now are you getting the old Robin back? :)

  28. hey suituapui,
    how supportive of you LOL.
    nah, I have chosen a path, and there is no turning back. I have always been who I am, and I have not changed. the methods of me telling my stories may be different but it is still me.
    nothing can define me otherwise.

  29. Robin... omg, come here you. *hugs tightly* That really, really blows. From the sound of your post you sounded so resigned, so helpless and in pain. I think those thieves ought to be castrated, hung upside down by their balls and chop off their hands. :( :( :( Seriously. I know what having something stolen from me feels like - I was in total despair. But a camera!! And Ollie no less. I know how you feel about Ollie, you really love her. Hmm... I read previous comments... you said you can always get another camera. That's true, and always no use crying over split milk. Now try to lift up your spirits... save up big time and get a camera that's better than Ollie. ^^ Next time I see you, I'll probably be in awe of your new baby! :D

  30. hey elvawenn,
    thanks soo much for the *hugs and very thoughtful words !!
    yeah, I purposely wrote this entry just few hours after the incident happened, when the feelings were still raw and fresh. I wanted to record the exact emotion I was going through at that specific moment.
    I guess it will take some time before getting another camera. But definitely not something that much better than Ollie. Cant afford to spend that much on camera just yet !!
    but looking on the bright side, I was glad that Ollie took plenty of pictures already, and I have tried out all functions, and almost everything I possibly could with it. So yeah, not a complete lost, though its not with me, but I have gained a lot in knowledge during my time handling a real dslr.
    Now if only money can drop from the sky, life would be much more easier !!

  31. Dude.. why say canon sucks wor.. I never say ollie sucks did i?

    You big mean boy.. but okay lar.. forgive you this time.. :)

    So you managed to retain your number?

  32. hey allen,
    aahhahhaa, nah, coz everyone else said oly sucks so I was in auto defense mode.
    yeap got my old number back. gotta love digi.

  33. Err Canon sucks? Okay I admit Canon is quite far back but eh Robin... see Jason's latest post on the 8tv summer concert...That's color from a Canon Lens >:) grins :D

    I'm sorry for your lost... I lost my compact just a few months back. Theft from my room's window. Anyway, don't worry... at least I can see you with an E-3 soon since the price is dropping and a 2nd hand E-3 is about 3k+ only now >:) grins with poisonous/ kerang busuk smile XD

  34. hey eugene,
    aaahhaa the reason why I said canon sucks is because blardy everyone around me us pushing canon into my thoughts. Its the auto-repel function, if you get what I mean.
    Canon colour eh? Not my taste. Kodak colour is more like it. After all, the first few sensors for Olympus dslrs were made by Kodak, so it was only natural for me to fall in love with Olympus.
    nah, I wont be getting E3. waaaaaayyy too poor for that.

  35. Agree with eugene, e-3 is worth it. Would really recommend you to get a body with IS for low light photography. Please please upgrade from the E4XX series! :)

    "Not qualified to own one just yet"? Bro, get one and feel it in your hands. It makes all the difference. Trust me, I've done it. I'm just wishing the ISO performance would be much better, D3 shoots at iso 200, i shoot at iso 1000!

    Sigh, if i've some spare cash, i'd drop it on a canon 5d, a 50 1.4 and a 24-70 2.8 L lens. Full frame really makes all the difference.

  36. hey brandon,
    now, If I have that spare cash, I would not think of entry level dslrs in the first place, wouldnt I?
    the reasons why I got e410 in the first place were for its features, value for money, and most importantly convenience and portability. Not the picture quality.
    For the same reasons would explain why I would never go for canon or nikon, since they are priced waaaayy more expensive than olympus.
    Full frame? not my kind of photography, I was already complaining about the weight and size of E410. Cant imagine any way I could be using a 5d. Seriously.. LOL
    It is true that I would never know until I try it, but seriously, do I really need it? I can't afford to just throw in a huge amount of money like that.

  37. omg...well, can't really do much now that it's gone but i guess we could learn to be more cautious of ppl around us in crowded places. Man, if i ever caught them, i'll beat the crap out of them.

  38. hey ivan,
    thanks man. Yeah, just have to be extra careful, and i will try not to travel alone with my camera too much. loners are much easier targets.

  39. hey robin,

    good price for mint E510 here.

    "I was already complaining about the weight and size of E410" ?! dude u sound like a wuss, seriously! I carry an E-3, 12-60, and FL-50 in one hand, and I'm not complaining that much! The 420 with the pancake lens weighs like a feather compared 2 d e-3 :S

    for interest sake, any1 interested in dropping a bomb for this 35-100? lol
    Good price tho, its just that the range (70-200) for me is redundant since its covered b the 50-200.

  40. Dude.. I'm wondering if it's okay for me to post pic of you and your old ollie?

  41. hey brandon,
    "The 420 with the pancake lens weighs like a feather compared 2 d e-3 :S"
    Well, isnt that the whole point of getting the e420 in the first place?
    the more i think about it the more I would want to go for smaller and lighter camera.

    hey allen,
    yeah, no worries, go right ahead.

  42. Dear Robin,

    "Well, isnt that the whole point of getting the e420 in the first place?
    the more i think about it the more I would want to go for smaller and lighter camera."

    I know a cure.... it's called Leica Digilux 3 >:) Light, powerful and it's a LEICA :D It's suited to your photography

    >:) Grins and laughs devilishly

  43. hey eugene,
    LOL u and ur poison... but then leica pricing is ridiculous lar.. ahahaha unless I hit lotto (jackpot) or something ahahahaha


  45. hey brandon,
    LOL UWA....
    So u bought the lens?

  46. What do you think, Robin? The post says everything =p

  47. hey brandon,
    sigh, and me here without a camera body....

  48. omg... dude... so sorry to hear man.. >< may the thief suffer herpes and all that crap and have his balls fall off or what not.

    *hands robin a beer*

  49. hey mervkwok,
    thanks dude...
    *gulps down beer...
    looks like someone is back to blogging...

  50. I'm sorry to hear that. *hugsss Robin*

  51. hey ahlost,
    thanks. No worries, I will live !

  52. Oh dude, I'm so sorry to hear about this... and I'm so sorry I'm so late with my condolences!! :(

  53. hey starryluvly,
    thanks !! Its alright, im over it already, gotta move on some time yeah?