Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Looking Upwards

Things have been unexpectedly twisted and I have no choice, but to reshuffle my priorities these days. Certain things are not as certain as they used to be, and from now on, I shall place my own self first before anything else.

Everyone, everything changes, ultimately, so shall I.

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At least, I am still looking to the sky.


  1. keep looking up to the sky Robin! and don't forget to camwhore while u are at it. i notice u replaced a picture of yourself with a reptile.


  2. When you walk thru a storm, hold ur head up high...(You'll never walk alone).

    P.S. Just back from Lundu/Kuching over the weekend...Why so emo leh? Life's too short to be mopping around! Cheers!!!

  3. P.S. A reptile's very adaptible...can live on land and water and I think that's a chameleon - can change colour according to the surroundings. We should all be like that too, if u get what I mean!

  4. hey marcus,
    yeah, looking up to the sky !! But sometimes the sky seems to be falling down LOL...

    hey suituapui,
    ahahaha no lah, not emoning, just been thinking a lot lately.

  5. I thought you are changing your tagline to "Simply Iguana" or "Just an iguana, just an ordinary iguana but he was looking to the sky". Haha.

    Everyone changes, I hope you change for a better good. Keep praying.

  6. hey daniel,
    ahaha iguana looking to the sky... im a bird lah !!
    Yeah, i guess everyone changes.. but sometimes it happens so fast it just drops on me as a complete shock. takes time to deal with dramatic changes.

  7. Whoops! Look down. Look down. Watch where u're going...!! There's a Gila Monster in front of u!! Ahh..!! LOL!