Friday, August 22, 2008

Line of Speed

Side Note: There seems to be some problem loading the pictures in this entry. I shall fix it once I got home from work.

Update: Hmmm seems like the problem fixed itself.

I was on my way back from work, as I was crossing this overhead bridge. I slowed down my pace, and looked to the sky for a while, and I realised it was the in-between zone of time just before the sky gave way to total darkness, yet still a little bright from whatever left long after the sunset occurred. I have been wanting to do some long shutters lately, but since I was just too lazy to bring my tripod around, I figured I had to deal with the situation there and then.

So I took out my trusty Ollie, mounted with the standard lens, snd started shooting, bracing the camera body onto the guard rails. Not exactly a safe practice, since any crazy demented grandmother could walk by and screamed something out-worldly from my back and I could just fall off the bridge.


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I realised that composing the picture vertically would have been better, but it was quite difficult for me to do so without a tripod, hence the horizontal picture will have to do for now. The sky could have been better, but I am not complaining since it just stopped raining, so nothing much to be expected there.


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Most of the times I headed home from work, it would be either completely dark (extremely late) or, really bright when the sun is still happily shining up there.

Also, finally, after so many sessions with the pancakes, now I am utilizing my original kit lens.

On another note, a few people tried to convince me on getting a Canon. I gave it a serious thought.

Seriously I did.

And guess what happened after that...

The Four Thirds logo in my sidebar just got BIGGER.


  1. Make it even BIGGER! Bigger than your pictures!! LOL

  2. hey chun chow,
    ahaaha i will.. if they keep pushing LOL

  3. bro.. dun need to make the fourthirds logo so big lar.. if its olympus logo, its okay, lol!

    i wan 7-14, 7-14, 7-14,... argh!!!

  4. hey brandon,
    u hardcore oly user !!

    hey jason,
    I also wonder LOL

  5. Chong here *waves*

    Who's the evil person who is trying hard convince you la? :D

  6. hey chong !!
    Ahahaha.. i also wonder...
    but i didnt say evil !! Ahaks..

  7. ohhhh i must say that shot of the bridge is sooo beautiful! how did u do it? the domed roof looks like something out of a science fiction movie. good job on that!


  8. good job! LOL!

    hmm.. i should boast EOS on MY SIDEBAR!~ :D

  9. hey marcus,
    thanks !! i braced myself against the railing behind me to steady my shot, and basically shot at very slow shutter speed to capture the light. not an easy shot to pull off i must say..

    Hey allen,
    aahhahaa.... yeah go place that EOS at ur sidebar !!

  10. wow and yet u pulled it off so well! hats off to u on that!


  11. hey marcus,
    aahhaha thanks but i would like to think of that as probably more of a lucky one !