Monday, August 11, 2008

Iced Lime Juice

Hello beautiful people who do come to this blog often and check out my humble entries, I shall be attending to a few urgent random matters these few days, so not much update will be expected here.

But worry not, I shall come back really soon with plenty of stuff to share. Yes, I have been making good use of my pancake lens. More entries on that to come.

What I can truly say now is that, the pancake lens is fucking awesome. I am seriously loving it.


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For now, I have debts of sleep and rests to catch up to.

Oh yes Yiaw Wei (aka Fishtan) I agree that if you do not own a CX300 you can go kill yourself. Period.

Cheers guys !!


  1. u know after following your blog avidly since god knows when, i believe this is the first time u have ever used profanity! what a milestone in blogging! LOL


  2. hey marcus,
    it just shows how good the lens is ahahahaa...
    but I have used it before, maybe not in such a striking manner. you will find it in my more angry entries ahahaha

  3. heard a new micro 4/3 is being developed, then u can buy an even smaller body to go wif your lens edi. damn u got the right direction > <

    and the iPod can't fully blast the CX300, sometime the bass became distorted lol.

  4. hey fishtan,
    yeah heard about the micro 4/3 too, but its a bit of a risk for the olympus. If they play their cards right, they will make it big this time, but its not going to be easy fighting the giants out there.
    But its a good change, after all, the current 4/3 models arent that much smaller than what is available from other brands. and the smaller sensor is already a compromise of picture quality.
    But if they seriously can make a really compact body and lens, but still producing slr like quality... now thats something to shout about.