Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Flowers for the Broken Soul

Side Note: I have just watched Kung Fu Panda downloaded one lah OMG it is freaking awesome !! And the best part of all, "there is no charge for awesomeness !!"...

A huge number of blogs these days are very much photo based in composition, with minimal texts and writings. Heck, at the rate I am going, I can see my humble blog hesitantly but gradually transforming into one itself. i have nothing against blogs with heavily loaded graphics, but there are some blogs out there that outrageously stretched the picture size to every far corner of the screen. Now imagine running the internet explorer (firefox sucks, tried really hard to love it but it still sucks) on a 1024x768 resolution monitor screen, or even lower resolutions, you will find yourself scrolling up down left right miserably just to locate the subject in the photo.


Blogs are blogs, they are NOT photo-blogs, which by acceptable definition having one entry being comprised of only typically giant sized photo plus a short yet lame description that follows immediately beneath the photo. I have noticed that Malaysian blogosphere is getting mercilessly assaulted by more and more mass giant sized photos squeezed into the tiny page per entry, cramping every single pixel as much as possible. Humongous sized pictures do convey the message differently, since higher and wider perception of space and light will shift the overall feeling the photo illustrates into something drastically more dramatic. On the other hand, large scaled photos are preferable since they are usually less susceptible to loss of sharpness due to heavy compression in the reduction of size. I have nothing against big pictures, really, I am just pointing my finger to a few blokes who just ridiculously over-did it.


If you are referring to the obvious drawback, the sharply declined download speed, having irritatingly much longer page loading time due to the heavy graphics, then the blame should not have gone to the blogger, instead it is more appropriately directed to our beloved internet service provider.

Nevertheless, more and more people LOVVEEEEEE to see those overblown pictures.

That is why, I am going to join in the fun too. If you cant beat 'em, join 'em, right?


To truly understand something, one must try to go through it, before making any judgment. So this entry, you will see those few gigantic photos.

Ok to be honest, those pictures are not even as huge as the few I described I have seen on the other ridiculous blogs out there. Somehow, these sizes are considered normal these days. Of course I never intended to blow up the frames of my page body !!!!!

I made my second trip to the Orchid Garden, and this time, I put my pancake lens into all out macro shooting. the lens could go as close as 19.5cm (or more in actuality around slightly less than 17cm) to the subject, with magnification factor of 0.38x, which is surprisingly more flexible and versatile in usage in comparison to most other prime lenses provided by other manufacturers. You have got say the pictures the lens captured were quite decent too, and there was not much editing applied to those pictures, so what you see here is very close to what you get from the original shots.


Oh and Fishtan must be loving me for finally shooting some flowers and displaying them here.

So guys, do tell me, should I increase the sizes of my usual pictures, or just stay the way it was? Do let me know your opinions. If you were to ask me, truthfully, I would say NO to giant pictures, save for a few rare and special occasions.


  1. i love big pichas.. i dislike squinting my eyes to see small pichas.. :D hence i'm joining the fray! LOL!

    btw.. i tak da IE to use lar.. :(

  2. hey allen,
    ahahaha, its alright for us now coz we use high resolution monitors.
    no need IE lah, u not using windows based computer pun !!

  3. robin, great flower pictures, they're vibrant, and the composition is good. perhaps a more uncluttered background would be preferable. of course, its not always possible.

    i am playing with 7-14 and 14-35 this weekend, hopefully. this retired dude bought the 14-35 for 2800 aud and wants to get rid of the 7-14 and 12-60. I must not fall into temptation!! argh!

  4. hey brandon,
    ahahaha yeah, need shallower DOF to isolate the subject more, but I guess those are pretty decent already, for a non macro lens though !!!
    WTF... more lenses... you are getting really scary man ahahaaha... you are like getting the entire olympus lens collection !!!

  5. bro.. within 6mths, i built up my collection so quickly, i;d wished i'd stopped sooner!

    started with 14-54, FL-50 and 50 macro

    then 50-200

    then 12-60

    then E-3

    dun be like me k? :/
    i got this bad habit: i try first, found it was so good, then i bought it! sigh...

  6. hey brandon,
    ahahahaha, it happened to me too, after i tried that pancake lens, I could not sleep the same night thinking about it !! so i got it the next day LOL...
    but i think ur collection is goona expand some more LOL !!!
    should try selling off ur E510 with the kit lens, because I think its in pretty high demand still, so can get really good price. But since you are keeping it, so yeah ahahahaha

  7. pictures are alright now. don't blow up the sizes!

    gasp u don't like firefox! i'm lost for words...


  8. hey marcus,
    ahahahaha, nah, will revert back to slightly smaller usual sizes,
    LOL.. firefox, it was waaayy better than IE6, but since IE7 was released I never used firefox anymore.