Sunday, July 20, 2008

Wedding Wonderland@Sunway Pyramid

I woke up ridiculously early this morning, though it is a Saturday. Funny, maybe all those waking up early in the morning finally crept into my never changing biological clock. I am starting to feel my life slowly wasting away with not having sufficient sleep. Go figure that out.

So I did my usual web surfing, blog reading and catching up with some buddies who were also up at such unusually early Saturday morning. Then suddenly I came across the events page of Sunway Pyramid, announcing the one huge event happening on this very day, the Wedding Wonderland, organized by the Touch bridal collection.

Skimming through details of the activities lined up for the event, there were three rounds of Fashion show, and the earliest one was at 1230pm. It was only 10am in the morning the time I found this out, thus I quickly prepared myself, and brought my Ollie out for work. I am getting strong impressions from everyone that I have been overworking Ollie. Should I be slowing down???



It has been some time since I last went to Sunway, and it was amazing I could still find my way there by bus, since no direct train of any sort stops by anywhere remotely near to Sunway Pyramid. I arrived rather early, before noon, and it was just the time when people started to flood in the shopping for their weekend window shopping spree. The event was held at the concourse area, so it was rather easy to spot. When I was at the stage, there were already a few photographers getting their cameras ready, with all those HUGE lenses and external flash units attached to their HUGE camera bodies. Man, why does everything have to be so HUGE? My tiny Ollie is not happy.

I gotta say I did feel a little out of place seeing all those dslr users at the front.




The surprising thing that I encountered, first time ever in Malaysia, was the punctuality of the events being carried out the whole afternoon. The fashion show was shockingly commenced right on the dot, at 1230pm, and this, has got to be something amazing, if you know what Malaysia time truly means. And so the models started to come onto the stage and parade their ways, flipping their fancy wedding gowns there and here, hit a few poses for the cameras... and yeah, the usual flow of things anyone could expect from a typical fashion show.

The scale of this fashion show was rather moderate, in comparison to the previous ones I have attended. There was the one at Mid Valley, which was one heck of a GRAND fashion show on the similar theme: wedding.

This particular one at Sunway Pyramid, however, was more toned down, and less sophisticated. The display of fashion was also very conventional, nothing overly abnormal or would make you go thinking.. "will I really want my bride to wear that thing on my wedding day?????" There were also many plain white stereotypical wedding gowns, which I have not included in this entry, since I believe they were getting a redundant already.. seeing white after another white....



This fashion show did not exactly give me the "wow" feeling either. The music selections were also very relaxing.. and laid back, suitable for wedding mood in general. Hence it did not exactly get the blood in my veins rushing like the previous more fast paced and hyped up fashions shows I have attended.

I would not dare to say this being a bad side of things, but it does somehow slow the enthusiasm down when you are not in the pure drive to push yourself into the whole thing.




On the photography side of things, I have tried to improve in a few areas, after learning from my mistakes in the previous shooting at Mid Valley not too long ago. Thanks for you people, I have had very useful feedbacks:
1) My pictures were too warm/orangish
2) My pictures were too dark/underexposed.

I was still stuck with the very same limitations as per my previous encounter, having no external flash to counter the low light condition, and utilizing the exact same tele-zoom lens. A prime would be reallllllyyyy helpful... owwhh the 50mm F2.0 Macro would be perfect... but but but I am still very cashless at the moment.


Nevertheless, I keep learning, and I can adapt really fast, and I will improve every single time I go out shooting pictures, regardless of the restrictions of equipments I have.


The background is the Violin Player.. playing a few numbers in between the fashion shows... VERY good he was !! I was impressed.


What I have done this time differently, was shooting everything in full Manual exposure mode. That means I controlled the shutter and aperture fully, where as the last time I was shooting in Aperture Priority mode, and my camera gave me quite a bit of inconsistencies from time to time. The second and most important change I did, was using the manual custom white balance. I was using auto or daylight previously, but this round I was setting the white balance based on the Kelvin temperature scale, depending on the lighting and the color cast on the stage which changed as the spot lighting shifted.

These were the only two obvious changes, and the rest of the settings have been the same from the previous shooting. Since I have not much options to counter such challenging lighting condition, the only feasible solution would be cranking up the ISO setting, which I did mercilessly, so do spare me the lecture of noise levels, since this was my only option at that given moment.

From the pictures I have displayed, I do believe that there was a noticeable improvement.



Does Chinese Customs actually allow black during wedding day??


Oohhh I love this pose. I should have zoomed in a little closer.

I have bumped into a few photographers that I have seen elsewhere, probably covering the same events previously. They seemed to be able to recognize me too, but I was just not in the mood to make conversations. Hey, I have been working all week, and Saturday is the day that I just want to go out to do the things that I love doing which I could not do during normal days... and not wanting to talk much, but just make things happen.

Alright, I know that was a lame excuse, but I was just being lazy I guess. Who isn't? Tell me who isn't???


  1. Hah!!! Robin's thinking of getting married again! When leh? Don't forget to chis me hor!!!.....Aiyor! That male model's ears like elephant's!!!! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!

  2. hey suituapui,
    not so soon lah !!! no girl wanna marry me leh, how???

  3. those wedding gowns sure look interesting. not the usual boring white ones i see all the time. must be expensive this way! and the female models look hot but not as hot as the previous wedding event u showcased a while back. interesting enough the black gown although a bane to traditional chinese customs as u have pointed out kind of looks cool. the turquoise sequins really stands out on the black gown.


  4. hey marcus,
    yeah !!! I actually quite like the black gown with the blue sequins. but I think my parents would kill me if I do anything black on my wedding LOL...
    true enough, the models arent as hot as the previous one, and definitely the fashion show was not as grand too.

  5. not as grand? then i think your photos sure made it look grand! anyway i am sure u are getting married in perth! so u won't have to worry about complying with those silly chinese superstitions and wear any colour u desire on your big day!


  6. hey marcus,
    LOL... dunno lar... perth seems so far away now. not gonna put my hopes that high up.
    Still, parents are gonna be there wherever i do my wedding ahahahhaaa

  7. Regarding the white balance, try to shoot RAW if you can as it will give you the most flexibility in fixing white balance in post.

    If you don't/can't work with RAW files, then try this plug-in:
    It'll let you quickly set white balance and extract extra highlight detail from your images. I hope you find it useful!

  8. hey glenn,
    thanks for the tips, but i have explained in my previous entries why I am not shooting in RAW just yet.. 1)insufficient CF card capacity 2) lacking CPU power
    I am also not using photoshop at the moment, so yeah.
    I was shooting with extremely high ISO, hence I purposely overexpose the image to minimize the noise level.
    Of course it would have been helpful if I had external flash, but then the ifs would never end.
    Thanks for the tips anyway.

  9. Wow.. I want the gold and the orange gowns.. So pretty.. The rest are nice too :D

  10. hey ahlost,
    does that mean i will see u wearing gold or orange for your wedding? ahahahaa

  11. nice wedding pics robin.. yes, it could be improved using faster lenses and external flash. just posted up some graffiti pics i took last week at rutledge lane.

    do hava look. cheers


    [just got the 12-60swd, waiting for it to arrive..tsk tsk :p]

  12. hey brandon,
    LOL thanks. My god.... ur collection of lenses is ever expanding.... there is no end to it !!!

  13. Might be helpful... I have free white balance and noise reduction plugins that now work in Paint Shop Pro.

    Hope that helps!

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