Thursday, July 31, 2008

Tao Japanese Dinner

After much walking around and snapping pictures in the serene island of Penang, it was already getting dark, and hunger was in full attack mode. All those awesome hawker and famous Penang food was playing in my mind, but for some really unexplainable reasons (queue the X-Files theme) I ended up having Japanese for dinner. No kidding, I seriously did. Do not worry folks, I did have my fair share of Japanese food pigging out session, which I will be blogging in coming entries.


Ooohhh simply love the cozy ambiance...

I have been having huge cravings for good Japanese food lately, something which I have not really gotten over with after coming back from Perth recently. Back there, I used to have at least one Japanese meal a week, though the super budget and cheap servings that you could find easily at any corner in the city. Unfortunately. in Malaysia, people practically worship Japanese food, and they are somehow regarded as something very special and priced ridiculously higher than other common food found everywhere. Godammit Japanese food is not supposed to be that expensive !!


I like the way the food comes in really small portions, which means we can order other food without the expense of filling up our stomach too soon !!


For a Japanese place, they serve darn good grills.

So me and Yiaw Wei (aka Fishtan, my partner in crime photography) went to this restaurant called Tau, and we had a buffet dinner. The style of buffet is dissimilar to the ordinary ones that place the food out in the open for your self selective picking, but rather custom unlimited ordering option at a flat rate. Looking at the menu, the variety is not entirely that impressive, but once you have tasted the food, you will notice that plenty of effort and care were put into preparing the dishes. The standards being presented here may not exactly be anything near the highest expectations out there, but for the price you are paying, and the unlimited order to cook option, I do believe it is very worth it. I do actually enjoy some of the dishes tremendously.

Obviously we ate a heck lot more than what you see in those pictures. It is buffet for goodness sake !! The food that we like, we had multiple orders.

SCALLOPS the scallops were sooo fresh, and the sauce was sooo addictive.... *slurp


We actually ordered the real unagi set itself, but it freaking came with rice.. wtf.. such a cheap trick to counter the repetitive orders for buffet patrons.

I really do, must dedicate a special thanks to this dear friend of mine, Yiaw Wei whom I have known since secondary school times. He has taken so much trouble bringing me all around Penang and the cool places with his car, and was also a photo/camera/crazy person. The whole trip would not have been possible without him. he owns a Sony DSLR, and an avid photo-enthusiast that has spent a great deal of time indulging himself into the world of photography. He however, has quite interestingly dissimilar approaches when it comes to taking pictures, and we have quite opposite expectations at times. Nevertheless, he has got really good potential, and in such short time, I am quite impressed by his level of skills that he has managed to accomplish.

Do check his blog out at


Do not insult his Sony or he will make you regret you were ever born in this world.

It is always refreshing to see another person getting really passionate into photography, and are actually serious in getting their points of views right. I still have plenty more to explore and learn in the camera-sphere, but of course, I am allowing myself plenty of space and time to do just that. Somehow, having a DSLR does take away some of the irreplaceable freedom that I used to possess abundantly previously while using just a mere compact camera. The kind of freedom that allows you to just shoot the subjects as they are without caring too much about the settings or trying too hard to turn the picture into something it is not. I noticed that the harder I try, the more unimpressive my shots come out in the end, and I think it is wise to sometimes just take a step back and not to think too much.


Something made from prawn... it sure tasted great !!


After all, I believe photography itself in whatever level or forms, should be fun, and fulfilling. Should you take this important part out of the equation, then the output will be drastically affected too, though you may not have realize it.

So yeah, I believe I should be taking things at my own comfortable pace. That means, no lens upgrade, no external flash, no expensive equipments for me at the moment. The very reason why I thought through the decision of getting a DSLR in the first place was because I do not quite think my level of photo-taking is anywhere deserving such a powerful camera. But I have decided to make that leap, and I am glad I did, but now there is plenty of catching up to do. I may not produce superb output like what people would usually label as "good shots" but hey, you have to start somewhere, go through all the bad ones first... before finally achieving that certain standard.


Maybe I should grab a compact, and start rediscovering the joy of using significantly lighter and smaller camera again. I do miss those days.

Good days.


  1. robin

    nice to see that the vignetting on your pics is lesser right now. this time i'm experimenting with shots straight out of the camera without too many adjustments, except exposure compensation from RAW files.

    waiting for my E3 soon.. dum de dum.. oops.. gotta learn to keep quiet. :p arrives monday


    some eye candy. cheers.

  3. hey brandon,
    if I am happy with the picture as it is I wont apply vignetting.
    goodness gracious.. so soon e3???

  4. won one from ebay. i thought it was a good deal even tho its used. i guess i have to see the condition and shutter life of the camera after i get it. in the meantime, argh.. the agony of waiting~!

  5. sigh seeing all those magnificent photos and how u have improved so much along the way really makes me wanna just buy a dslr take up photography too!


  6. hey brandon,
    whoah.. from ebay... LOL..
    I thought the waiting part if the one that gets u wanting it for more !!

    hey marcus,
    yeah, I gotta say that of all my readers (not that I have many) you are the best one to actually distinguish and tell the improvements in my photos !! You have never skipped an entry have u? LOL... ahahahaha thanks dude... I have certainly come a long way...
    You should get a dslr too !! I strongly believe photography suits you.

  7. hmm i agree robin.. perhaps marcus shud take up a dlsr and try it for himself. olympus anyone? lol :p

    Check out this forum:

    the buy and sell section is AWESOME. ppl selling off their E510s for usd300! sometimes, you really can get a deal over here. i'm meeting an oly guy this weekend for a photoshoot around the city. old bloke. he has 2 E3s! (*&%$!) should be fun.

  8. hey brandon,
    WHOAHH... 2 E3's.. that madness.... but u having a e510 and another e3 coming soon is already mad enough LOL....
    yeah i came across that website before.. pretty interesting stuff there..
    hey marcus, u hear that? brandon agrees with me too LOL

  9. no i have never skipped a blog entry and yes u all are very bad influences on me! LOL


  10. hey marcus,
    LOL we are poisoning u !!! we are nudging you to the right direction !! Cone to the light LOL

  11. yes... olympus is the light... come!!! muahahaha :p

    but seriously, olympus lenses are one the best out there for their range and weight ratio. the 50-200 swd which i have has a 100-400mm range on a 35mm despite its variable aperture. if you compare the 70-200mm f2.8 for both nikon and canon, they're both heavier and longer. the focusing speed is blazing fast and the asking price is below USD 1000 (500 bucks cheaper than canon and nikon). it focusing motor is damn silent too.

  12. hey brandon,
    LOL... yeah the 50-200mm is kinda interesting...if only me got $$$$ sigh...