Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Out in the Open

Since I was already out shooting for the whole afternoon at the Wedding Fashion Show in Sunway Pyramid, I just did not feel like cutting my day off yet, thus making my way down to the city center, stopping at the Central Market. After all I only have the time to get out and make my Ollie work during the weekends, so I must take full advantage of whatever limited time I have left. It has been quite a long time since I last visited that place, must have been years back, when I came visit with my family. The place looked remarkably the same, hence I decided to take a walk around the area... and my oh my... little did I expect to find quite a few interesting spots within walking distance.


The Dataran Merdeka is just probably 5 minutes walk away from Central Market. Under the bright sun, I took the following few shots. I guess most people must have been bored seeing those buildings over and over again in TV or other promotional tourism media for Malaysia. Nevertheless, it was great to be there, though the place and the looks of things were somewhat, less appealing in actual real life. Funny, but true.

I noticed that I have not exactly talked much about myself lately, and most of my entries focused on my recent noob photography works and experiments. I used to spill heaps of my thoughts and feelings into this humble blog of mine, and i still feel strongly to do so, just that probably I have become a little distracted with Ollie. I always believe it is good to open up, take a pause and reflect at the things that have happened up to a certain point in our lives. Taking a good look at the situation, is worthwhile and it could reveal things that could have been overlooked.


So, how am I doing as of late? I strongly believe I am doing fine, considering the amount of trauma I had gone through leaving Perth behind, and starting a new yet unexpected journey in this giant city called Kuala Lumpur. This was sure an unexpected turn, and unanticipated but it happened, and so far, everything has been really good to me. Work is fine, and to my surprise, life in KL for now seems not too bad at all. I do get to go around and explore much in the weekends, and the vast list of activities and events everywhere always keep my time occupied, and this somehow aids in the process of moving on and leaving Perth behind.

It was not easy seeing the empire you have built over the years come crashing down in front of your eyes, and you are hopelessly helpless as everything falls down. Giving up something that you have loved so damned much was never easy.


Damned coconut trees !!!!!

Making friends is on the slow pace. I am not entirely that keen on putting myself out there desperately with the sigh above my head "come get to know me I am new here !!". Do not get me wrong, I love getting to know new people, make connections, get to explore their thoughts, share opinions, listening to the life stories, and tapping into the great minds. The thing is, I am perfectly fine with the way I am now, and I do not exactly wish to do anything differently.

So where do I go from here?

I seriously do not have much of an idea of what to expect. I am comfortable with the flow of things at the moment, which scares me. From previous encounters, when things seem too good to be true, the next that would happen will be nothing pleasant. Lets just hope that feeling of mine is wrong.


  1. robin! i have always known u to be a person who is a strong fighter and will settle for nothing less. i am sure u will find what u want most and when that happens i will be the first person to say "i told u so!". other than that u were also the guy who provided me with new episodes of desperate housewives when no one was sharing it on the network! LOL


  2. hey marcus,
    gee, thanks dude. ahahaha.. yeah I wont give up things that easily, but sometimes it does get tired fighting all the fights.
    LOL.. the desperate housewives !! I stopped somwehere in the middle of season 3, ahahaha maybe i should download and continue watching from where left.

  3. Life in the city can be cold and lonely and can get a person depressed. Find things to do, things taht you enjoy...like reading my blog! ROTFLMAO!!!

  4. hey suituapui,
    I thought I said i occupy most of my times? LOL

  5. i shot that clock tower too.. LOL.. but it was on national day 2 yrs back.

    don scold the coconut tree la.. it's sweet and innocent just like robin

  6. innocent like robin? erm erm...well...LOL


  7. hey allen,
    damned coconut trees. they destroy my pictures ! who would plant coconut trees in the middle of a city center anyway... and the position really cacat lar...

    hey marcus...
    i am innocent !! really !!!