Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Orchid Garden, KL

For some unexplainable reasons I ended up at the Orchid Garden in the weekend, though my body was still sore all over after the unexpected encounter on mountain hill climbing the previous day. I do not quite call myself a huge fan of flowers, and for those of you who do not already know, flowers are the sex reproduction organs for plants. Ewwww. Of course, the beauty and awfully bright colours do tricks to our eyes, thus we are attracted to them, for all the wrong reasons.

No wonder guys like to send flowers to girls. Theres something along the lines there, is there not?


I guess I am getting a little too stressed out of shooting anything that moves (too quickly) for so many succesive sessions spanning the duration of weeks. Check back my previous entries if you do not know what I mean. For once, I would love to shoot something still, and take my sweet time to frame the subject and focus properly.

Therefore, shooting flower was definitely more relaxing and less energy demanding, since they do not crawl away from you, or fly away, or show their butts. This, was most approproate after the previous day's strenous exercise.

Also, provided the hazy and cloudy conditions on KL sky lately, shooting landscape was out of the question.


The Orchid Garden was very impressive to begin with. It is situated just next to the Bird Park which I have already covered several weeks ago. The land area of the garden was larger than I have anticipated, and the layout was somewhat very interesting. There were those flowers displayed under the built roofed shed, and there were those planted along the pathways out under the broad daylight. Walking around the garden was very soothing, and the entrance fee being RM1 for weekends, and free for working days, was quite a good offer, especially for photography-crazy wannabe people like me.

However I cannot say that there were that many variety of displays of Orchids. Most of the Orchids were in good condition, though not optimal. You do find whole lot of repetitive common Orchids throughout the whole garden, and only a few real rare and special ones.

I am not exactly an Orchid-literate person, and I just went and snapped what I saw, but some of them are truly remarkable !! Simply love the bright colours that stood out from the shady areas.


Some shots were taken with tele lens, and the rest were taken with standard kit lens with macro filter attached at the front. I could not quite get the perfect framing that I was aiming for, which proved that my on-the-spot composition was way off from my originally intended outcomes. Of course we only have to go through the bad ones, before actually being able to pull off really good shots at the end of the day. That is what we call, learning, and keep on improving. Much is still needed to be learned.

But at least I am shooting Orchids, not like some weird people (click) who loves Hibiscus. Yucks.


On a different side of things, I did manage to go around a few camera shops, and check out a few things. I am in need of getting a new camera bag, higher capacity Compact Flash cards, and of course, I am always on the look-out on camera accesories like additional lenses and some useful filters.

Not too long ago, there was this camera roadshow with all the brands showcasing their latest products, and I was unfortunate enough to have bumped into this guy who must have been born with the word "nikon" tattoed on his butt cheek or something.

He kept pushing on and on about Nikon Products, which I never invited his opinion to begin with, you know the drill, salesperson trying to brainwash the consumers.


These are his claims:

1) This Nikon P80 is the most powerful camera on the market today.

2) Olympus and Canon are not as good as Nikon in this camera category. Have you tried them? They are not as powerful as this Nikon. Eh, seriously, Olympus and Canon not so good, oh forget Sony, cannot make it one !! (eat your heart out Sony users !)

3) I can guarantee NIkon is the best. The other brands cannot compete with Nikon, they are not even close in terms ofphotography technologies.

My first reaction was... WHAT THE FUCK !!!

Alright, I did not screamed those words onto his face, but rather give him the WTF stare strong enough to burn holes through a paper.


His first mistake was assuming that we consumers have zero knowledge on camera and photography. His second mistake, was not being observant enough, since I was carrying an Olympus Evolt System official bag that comes along with any Olympus DSLR camera purchase. His third mistake was not trying to gather what I wanted to look for in the first place, you do not blardy push a product to your customer, especially when your customer already has a better product than what you are tring to sell.

Of course, his last mistake, was being an asshole.


I have so many things to say to him, but all I felt at the moment was to shove my tele lens down his throat. Wait... thats not right, I felt more like shoving that Nikon P80 up his ass.

So, my actual response was, sorry, I am an Olympus user. I said those exact words with pride and dignity, and so I left that Nikon stall, and walked to the stall next to them, labelled prominently "Olympus". And I was greeted with uncontrollable smiles and chuckles, because the people at the Olympus booth have been watching from the beginning, and they were well aware that I was using an Olympus DSLR all along. (My olympus bag, remember?)



I wonder how that Nikon guy's face looked like when I took out my Ollie and try on some new lenses there at the Olympus booth. Maybe if I was smart enough to capture his facial expression, that picture itself could potentially win me some awards.

No kidding.


  1. Nikon tattooed at his butt. LOL. What a way to describe it.

    Yeah, even though I try to hard sell Canon and Nikon for the semi-pro levels onwards, one must know what they have to offer instead of just bashing others to make themselves proud or look better.

    Again, after looking at the pictures, I hate chiuuuuuuuuu.

  2. Hey Jasonmumbles,
    LOL... I couldnt think of better way t describe him ahahaha...

    Oh well, it all comes down on how you try to engage your potential customers, that guy was just being ignorant. For one thing I am quite sure by now, there is no such thing as the best camera, especially when you are talking about prosumer category.

    And the way he pushes it... LOL...it makes me wonder what u would do to him if u ever come across him in real life.

    Anyway... the flowers are just ordinary looking lar !!! So do not hate me ahahahaa... nothing but love for me and my ordinariness.

  3. I think the guy was probably desperate to earn his commission. I wouldn't be able to tolerate people like that, so hats off to you for being able to walk away without breaking his limbs.

    And for the record, Nikon P80 isn't really that awesome anyway. He should have gone for the higher end models such as the D3 or something. lol.

  4. hey raymond,
    At first I have so many things I wanted to fire back at that guy, but when I seriously thought about it, he wasnt exactly worth my time LOL... therefore I walked away.

    You are right. He should have talked about the DSLRs instead... that shows how ignorant he was. I was carrying an Olympus official DSLR bag... he should have picked that up right from the start and pushed me to different direction.

  5. Being a former sales person I must say I am shameful of that Nikon butthead's way of servicing. The way he is going he ain't gonna get his commission and if I'm his boss I'll fuck him upside-down now lol.

    Bet he doesn't know that Sony brought over Konica-Minolta.

  6. correction! guys do not wanna give flowers it is girls who want them LOL! at least most girls!

    and i love the way u handled the nikon guy! very style man! u should have made him feel like an idiot by being more sarcastic with your remarks!

    nice pics by the way!


  7. hey mike !!
    Long time no hear, never see u on msn these days?
    ahahha, that guys useless lar... but would be really great if u were with me that day, ahahhaa i would just let you do all the talking LOL...

    hey marcus,
    ahahaa true enough, most of the times its the girls that demand flowers.. so does that mean, they want 'something' along the lines of flowers... LOL..
    ahahha yeah i would have been more sarcastic, i was trying to figure out a way to flash my ollie... but could not think of anything appropriate at that moment. LOL

  8. That's a typical salesperson's typical sales pitch. I dislike dealing with this kind of sales personnel.

    mlm to him. LOL! jk.. allen won't be that mean..

    but seriously, it would really make me discount that store off from my future visit already.

    Robin, get a Macro lens next! :D

  9. I don't even wanna start bashing the salesperson. Sheesh.

    And damn you, I only took ONE hibiscus photo for god's sake.

  10. Hey Robin! Found out you're actually in KL now. Thought you're still in Aus. I've been so out of touch of the blogging world. Eh btw, I'm Aileen...remember me? I'm in KL too. Let's meet up some day yar?

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  12. hehe paiseh not really a flower admirer.. but i like the story on the nikon guy hahaha

    Really a priceless moment XD

  13. Eh, I like the first pic. The color is vivid and the bee makes it more outstanding :D

    Nikon what 3 again? Nvr heard of it wan? LOL

  14. hey allen,
    yeap, definitely no second visit to that dealer anymore. no point layaning him, so many other shops to find better deals.

    hey fishtan,
    aahahhahaa... ok ok... just one... but still i hate hibiscus !! When u come KL u can go hibiscus garden lar... im sure u will be in heaven LOL...

    Hey aileen,
    send me an email at hamish7ian@hotmail.com, will ya? we must arrange something ahahhaha.. but im only free weekends !!

  15. hey akiraceo,
    ahahahaa im not that crazy about flowers too.. hence the more challenge to photograph them !!

    hey hao,
    Thanks !! I like that pic too, thats why I put it first ahaahha
    ur so anti nikon meh???

  16. Yea I kinda left the MSN scene already...don't worry I'm active on Facebook though.

    Haha if you let me do the talking I think I can get a lot of discount out of him!

  17. hey mike,
    LOL... left msn scene?? Whoah... drastic !!
    Im on facebook, but i kinda like log in once a month.. LOL..

  18. lol.. robin.. i wanna arrange a meet up too..
    i email u? =P

  19. hey allen,
    LOL LOL... yeah email me so i can give u my "private" number LOL

    hey ah lost,
    thanks !!!

  20. If I am in a good mood, I would just raise my hand and give the ala talk to the hand sign.

    If I am in a sarcastic mood, I might just take out my 40D, 17-85mm, 580EXII, fix it right on the spot and say, "Say cheese..."

  21. Oh, and purposely set the flash to manual full power mode.

  22. No ah, I'm anti that kind of salesperson... lol

  23. hey jasonmumbles,
    ahahahaha.... yeah, ur canon 40D plus ur external flash should be able to shut him up for good.

    hey hao...
    ahahaha, just admit it, you are anti nikon !!!

  24. macro macro macro.. LOL!

  25. Hey Allen,
    Money money money LOL

  26. really great flower pics, especially the orchids..

    allen.. just donate rm2k to robin, and he'll shoot nicer flower pics for you... lol!

    came back from camp earlier in the week. been bz uploading pics..



    some of the white balance in the jpegs are pretty screwed, had trouble getting an 'accurate colour'. these are the times i really wished i shot in RAW. looking forward to a sandisk extreme 3 8gb CF.. i think about rm300 fr lowyat

    sianz.. money fly away again..

  27. hey brandon,
    thanks !!! I love the orchids too...
    yeah fishtan should donate me $$$$....
    Ahahah.. white balance is always the problem, but crazy lah...RAW file size so huge..
    My hard disk space is running out so quickly..
    Ahahaah.. uve got like super expensive lenses, the CF card is marginally insignificant in cost comparison LOL.....

  28. "marginally insignificant in cost comparison"... lol! yeah, if u consider my 'collection' - E510, 14-42, 50-150, 50f2, 14-54, 50-200swd, FL-50.. i think can buy one house d... sigh! -_-"

  29. Hey brandon,
    Aahhaha.. yeah.. a house indeed !!