Friday, July 18, 2008


I have not exactly been eating outside much, with an exception for lunch, since I am just too lazy to wake up early enough to prepare and pack up my own food for the day. Quick meal for lunch usually, and nothing fancy, and I eat in most of the time for dinner. Therefore, not much pictures of food taken lately of me eating outside, which could be a good thing, saving me heaps of $$$$ for not spending on those fancy ridiculously overpriced food.

Hence, those few pictures I had of the meals dined outside have been collected over the past few weeks.


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Can you feel the spiciness radiating out from the pichaa???


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I do not know why, but, the nasi lemak you find back in Kuching is just... not as nice.


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LOL... I gotta say I am starting to fall in love with Cendol... no matter where I go to.

You know, there are times I stay in the office for too long, and all that thinking burns unexpectedly a huge amount of energy.... and I start to get really hungry...


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Even a pencil looks... delicious somehow.

Ok I can quite assure you I am still quite sane.

Oh goodie.. the weekend is near.

Time to put Ollie to work again.


  1. Ahh.. do you miss sarawak laksa? :D

    Oh boy, you're overworking Ollie.. Poor her.. :P

  2. hey allen.
    LOL.. not yet.. will miss laksa not so soon..

    why is everyone saying im overworking ollie????

  3. I miss Kuching's Cendol :(

    And yeah, kesian your ollie... LOL!

  4. Cook those things I feature in my blog. Hassle-free, easy to prepare! I'm so if it means a lot of work, forget it lah!!!...Then you can blog on your own cooking, like me! (Now things so expensive, can't eat out all the not much food to post!!! LOL!!!)

  5. Pssst!!! Everybody! This Robin's a Foochow! Once spend money on something, must use kau poon one!!! Use to the fullest to get money's worth!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  6. hey hao
    I thought Malacca's cendol is better? LOL

    Hey suituapui,
    Aiyaaa.. the food i cook only for me myself only... so i cook really simple stuff... not blog-worthy. But if you dig out my older archives you can find my cooking ahaahahah...
    yeah.. i do make full use of anything I have LOL

  7. hmmm the egg in the nasi lemak looks dodgy...isn't it supposed to be cooked sunny side up rather than hard boiled for your case?


  8. i see "banana" at the last snapshot.. lol! *slurp**

  9. I still prefer Kuching's one... hahaha

  10. hey marcus...
    nah, prefered hard boiled these days... bird flu !!!!

    hey hao,
    LOL... in Kuching we call it "ang tai chien luk"

    Hey johnson,
    LOL... that sounds so WRONG man !!