Thursday, July 24, 2008

Creative Food

Did I not mention that I will be posting more food pictures? So here is an entry full with food, but rather unusual kind. Unsusual, because they do not exactly look like food to begin with, and you will wonder for a moment if they are actually edible. But I can assure you everything you see on the pictures in this entry were REAL food.


Do not ask me why, that's the name of the food exhibit.


Man I love that pumpkin house !!


I happened to be at the Mid valley for my usual window shopping activities (don't ask) when I accidentally stumbled upon an event happening at the convention center, the Malaysian International Bakery and Confectionery exhibition. It did seem like an international event, and the time I was there the whole exhibition hall was used for displaying food art works, mainly on bakery and confectionery based food: chocolates, bread, candy, and all those sugar crazy stuff that almost got Hansel and Gretel eaten alive by the witch. If you do not know the story of Hansel and Gretel, gosh, I pity your childhood, seriously. Heck, they should have built that house made of candies and bread !!




Where is Nemo?

I do think that the food displays were very, very artistic and creatively crafted. Obviously a lot of the ideas and inspiration driving the creations were not exactly original, since many were derived from popular culture and movie themes. But it was indeed a very rare opportunity to witness something like this out in the public. Some of the exhibits were really impressive, while quite a number of them looked rather plain and uninteresting. Nevertheless, I believed a lot of people who were there had their "WOW" as they skimmed through some of the more outstanding displays.

Oh and imagine the amount of food coloring and god knows what chemicals being used to shape and construct those exhibits. They do not exactly look that safe to be consumed, no?




Jasonmumbles boldly complained (ok, I exaggerated) that these pictures output in this particular entry were somehow lacking the standards that I would usually produce. At first, I was half laughing at his idea of my standards, because I have never thought there was any to begin with. Nonetheless, there were truths in his claims to a certain extents, and I have my reasons: I only carried s aingle lens with me, my tele-zoom lens, since I went there unprepared, thus composition and framing options wise were uncomfortably limited. And secondly, imagine the horror of steadying a tele-zoom lens under such low light condition. I wasn't particular stressed out about the pictures I was capturing at that moment, since all I wanted to do was to record the odd and unique craftsmanship of the displays, and share it with you beautiful folks out there.

I believe pictures tell great stories. And the artistic work of the food exhibition has their own stories to tell.


  1. Thank God...I thought with ur phototaking skill, I'll see photos that will make me wanna lick the monitor!!!.....These kind of food "doesn't turn me on lah!!!" Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  2. hey suituapui,
    I know, it doesnt seem like u can eat them LOL

  3. whoa crazy food stuff man! LOL they all look so sweet like candy! i think it will be such a shame to eat them cos it looks like a lot of effort was put into it.

    anyways i love how your blog has evolved. its definitely different from the usual blogs out there about food and entertainment written by self-indulgent people. yours has its main crux in photography and u still occasionally revert back to your roots which is food! so its cool u are striking a balance!


  4. Salute salute!!! Super envy of the superb crafts. It makes me think that my primary and secondary school's drawings look like nothing.... haha..

    Impressive...speechless.. woot!! =D

  5. aiti.. can see knot eat.. T.T

  6. hey marcus,
    thanks heaps !!! Yeah gotta agree those food does look crazy LOL...
    Of course i will post up food entries.. I live to eat !!!

    hey johnson,
    thanks !! ahaha primary and sec school art classes were fun !! its the kind of session that did not require thinking and memorizing at all !!

    hey anna...
    LOL.. I wonder what happened to the food after the exhibition LOL

  7. Eh, what happened to your chatbox???

    Also, hi. Charmaine here. This is the other account I use to sign in to blogger. =P

    And your pics are getting better. :)

    Just that it takes damn long to load on my end. =P. Net is shit now. Also, BA upgraded to 1.21c patch, so I haven't bothered to update so haven't been DotAing for ages. But when and if I drop by KL, must go cyber play ar.

  8. Speaking about food, you also owe me one beside Jason... wahahahahahahaha

  9. hey atlasya,
    LOL... I havent played since the last time I played with you and chris ahahahah....
    thanks for the compliments... I shall try and improve further ahahahaha... when are you c ooming to KL LOL

    hey Hao,
    wah lau... me polai alteady... if lidat me no go melaka for long long time until you guys forget about it ahahahhaahahaha....

  10. Admit it, it sucks. Don't give excuses.

    I'm really mean, sometimes. :P

  11. yes jasonmumbles u are evil.. we all know that.

  12. A friend got a Huan Huan phone accessory for me during his trip.. But I lost it T___T