Monday, July 28, 2008

Back From Penang

So many things have happened in the past week, quite a handful of them were quite unexpected especially dealing with the usual few that I would not have thought becoming difficult. Things happened, there was nothing I could do otherwise, thus, all I could do at the moment is just to slow things down a little, and run away while I figure things out.

Hence, there was a trip to Penang for the weekend. FishTan was my host, and plenty of great times I had during my short trip to Penang.

There is so much to blog about, thus I shall not cramp everyhing in this one entry. This particular post will only be a preview of what I will be blogging for the next few entries.




JAPANESE DINNER (don't ask...)



NIGHT ENTERTAINMENT (Again, don't ask...)

In short, what do I really think of Penang?

I think, it is such an awesome place, that I wonder why have I not been here anytime earlier. Seriously, of all the places I have been to in Malaysia (not that many yet though) I would definitely rank Penang as one of the top in the list. There is just so much to love there, and more details will be splashed here when I have recomposed myself and regained some free time to properly pen down my thoughts and feelings.

Until then, much rest is needed !!!


  1. Nice pictures! Don't mind me but I'm big on landscape/scenery pictures, so I really like these.

    How'd u do the colour contrast in the backstreet picture though? That was pretty cool.

  2. your backstreet photo is fabulous! that's the stuff i love! i didn't know penang has such a beautiful woman twirling a microphone in hand!


  3. hey atlasya,
    thanks !! I love that back-street picture a lot too !! I was just passing by that street and I was like.. whoah... camera sense tingling all over me.
    the colour and contrast? i desaturate the picture to almost black and white, then i saturate the pictures back a few notch.

    hey marcus,
    thanks !! wow.. seems like u guys love the kind of things I like too ahahaha...
    More pictures and stories of that woman coming soon !!

  4. Penang is all about hawker stall food...more pictures pliz (...with price and place! I'm going next can go and try! No friend to take me mah!!!) And what's all those "don't ask"? So many secrates? Robin hasn't been a very good boy???...OK, confess everything!!! LOL!!!

  5. hey suituapui,
    ahahahah.. im gonna blog in series... be patient lah !! I just got back wei so tired lah....
    don't ask... coz im sweet and innocent ahahaha

  6. Wow.. Awesome pics, esp the food and the backstreet.

    I'm starving.. But I can't eat T__T

  7. hey ahlost,
    Thanks !!

    But, why cant eat???

  8. hahah syok ler penang..
    tapi we three sia sia wait u in melaka sob sob wahahaha

  9. hey jian,
    ahahaha... i am terribly sorry for leaving u guys waiting for me... my bad... crap happens... nothing much I could do.... I wish I could split myself and be at two places !!