Monday, June 16, 2008

Super GT Roadshow 2008

Side Note:
Warning, heavy graphics loading in this entry.

It was yet again, one very, very lazy Sunday that I wished I could have stayed in bed until late 2pm in the afternoon for no apparent reasons. I dragged my huge heavy ass out of my lazy room, and took a direct train from my place down to Times Square, where something rather interesting happened there in the afternoon.

It was the Malaysia Super GT 2008 Roadshow, a sort of event organized with one specific purpose: to promote the coming huge race, and to grab as much attention and hype as possible on the coming event itself.


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Allow me to clarify some things first. Unlike many "ordinary" guys who are superbly crazy about cars and racing, I for one, am out of the circle or norm. I am one of the weird guys who do not really appreciate, or understand the awe and wonders of a sports car, or anything to do with racing and speed. That explains why I have not watched Speed Racer, or Too Fast Too Furious, or any race movies in the similar category. Call me a weirdo, or whatever, but I know I am not alone out there.

Therefore... I am totally alien when it comes to this sort of event.

But it was a huge event, and lots of effort and attention have been put into it. Hence it has got to be good.


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At the main entrance to Times Square, there was a red car (ok cut me some slack will you? I am clueless in these things) parked at the side, and as I reached the area, I saw a huge crowd slowly gathering around that particular car. Something was about to happen, my only guess was that maybe there was a live demonstration or something. I was right, the car was started up, and the engine... PUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRR-ed !!

Oh sorry my bad, I meant, it ROOOOAAARRR-ed !!!

Goodness... though this is not my first time attending so car shows (no lah, I am not such a sua ku ok?) and have witnessed similar demonstrations of engine power before, but it never failed to amaze me. Someone who does not have any interests in cars, but still can get awed by the engine's purr mighty roar... that tells something about that car, no?

MICHAEL KRUMM from Germany

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And so after the engine "heating up" session, there was a brief posing session of the well known racer, Michael Krumm from Germany. To be honest I have no idea who he was, I just saw his picture in the promotional brochures that was distributed for everyone there, and there he was smiling with glee. I believe he must have been quite a prominent figure, judging from the overwhelming response and cheers from the crowd.

Since he is quite famous internationally, and made a rare appearance here, so I snapped a few pictures of him.


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HEADSHOT of Michael Krumm

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You know, for someone who is not that fascinated by cars, of course I have my own motives to come all the way down for this sort of events. From my experience back in Perth, for every car shows, or demonstrations or whatever roadshows on automobile, there will be lovely girls accompanying the event.

I guess the best way to attract the people to your event, is to employ killer-looking girls, and let them do the rest for you. They always do, work.

And the girls for the above described events, are not just ordinary girls. They are usually models, very, very delicious gorgeous models.

For this Super GT roadshow, the models were named Race Queens, and they came all the way from Japan. Aaahhhhh... now that is something out of the ordinary.


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The girls were not only there for show, they performed on stage live too. I have no idea what their performance were, since I did not stick around to check it out. Maybe I should have stayed a while a bit, and there was also some dance troupe thing happening in the evening.

But my exhausted body (do not ask me why) was suggesting to me otherwise, hence I headed away.

Basically I only shot the pictures of the two girls. I wonder if there were any more, but from the brochure that was provided, it seemed like those where the only two race GT queens at the moment. And it was really nice to have them here to "cheer things up" and entertain the crowd !!

So tell me guys, which one is your favourite amongst the two?


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I personally prefer girl number 1 (no offense to girl number 2, you rock too) but that is mainly because I have a thing for long straight hair. If only the girl number 2 had let her hair down, rather than clipping it back, things would have been different, because I do love it when she flashed her killer smile.

I think they both look really stunning, and the way they engage the audience, was just remarkable. They pose and pose for every camera, even camera phones, unlike many other models I have seen at other events who would only go for the "huge guns" aka dslrs. At least the Race Queens here opens themselves up to any camera type users out there. Two thumbs up for them !!

This was also the first time I was thrown into a situation where there were so many other DSLR users gathering together, and fighting their way to the front to get the shots they want. Everyone squeezing through, and knocking each other's lenses off. Good thing I was using a tele lens. But then again, I was far behind, thus composition wise, I was rather restricted. On the other hand, there is no way I am throwing myself into those carnivorous vultures at the front, I prefer to stay a safe distance.


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For those of you in KL who missed the event, worry not, they are still touring around the city, and their final stop will be at Sunway Pyramid from 18th-21st June, Wednesday to Saturday next week.

If I was not so buried with work, I do not mind going for the event again, and this time maybe catch the live performance and some dance show on stage too.

It is strange though, I made a quick count of DSLR users there at the event, there were more than 20 DSLRs shooting alongside with me, maybe 30 more compacts out there, and high chances are that half of them could have been bloggers. The surprising fact is that, I knew none of them.

Someone asked me to make friends. Maybe I should.


  1. kanasai... i'm so bloody busy even the weekends.. if not can go liaw. i hate my social life... sigh

  2. hey chun chow,
    LOL.. cant be that bad...
    anyway, got coming wednesday one.. go for it !!

  3. Race queens? I tot there are better ones. :P No offense meant but I think Sony or Nokia or Canon have better girls promoting their product in KLCC, Pavilon, Midvalley, etcs.

    Still I do love cute Japanese girls. Really wish can get to know a few... :P

  4. hey u know i don't really care about cars too so long as they aren't japanese! i can't understand how people can buy a jap car and soup it up and make it look so disgusting. i always laugh whenever i see such cars. anyway there's the F1 street race in spore coming up and i'm one of the rare people who don't give 2 hoots about it haha!

    and for the record i know why u prefer girl 1. girl 2 has to seriously fix her smile! trying too hard no?


  5. hey shinky,
    aaahahaha... yeah cute jap girls... they are something arent they???
    but the thing about those sony nikon canon girls... they are damned skinny... i hate girls with bones only.

    hey marcus,
    ahahahaha... ok maybe the shots I had on the girl number 2 doesnt justify her smile. she does look like shes trying too hard in those pictures.
    But in person shes pretty natural.
    LOL u hate jap cars?? LOL LOL

  6. You were right. There were lots of people with DSLRs taking shots of the race queens. A blogger among them? That's me. I was actually one of those fellas with a DSLR. I'm no professional photographer. Just took as many shots as I could with my limited range of lenses and no flash to work with. You've got very nice shots.

  7. hey nigel,
    thanks !! ahahha, we dun have to be professional to take good shots !!

  8. now u make me miss kl more! XD

  9. that sexy side mirror is called...carbon fibre racing side mirrors.....
    it cost RM400 and above...or maybe more...

  10. I wanna go I wanna go I wanna go!!!

    Too bad I'm not in KL :(

  11. Wah.. So goodlooking. I also dunno who he is. *LOL*

    You took great pictures, Robin :)

  12. hey allen,
    come come !!!

    hey hao,
    Come come !!

    Hey T-MO-T
    Wtf rm400 for a side mirror....

    hey ahlost,
    thanks !!!

  13. one picture of a GTR *drools*... so many pictures of the girls. wei... jealous lah, perth motorshow no cute girls. :p

    hehe. and i was once one of the fellows with SLRs shooting the girls... er, i mean cars... long long ago.

  14. hey slackalmighty,
    But I do miss motorshows and autosalons in Perth !!!!

  15. Why no photo of u with the nippon chicks? Then u can use the caption: Birds...Robin and chicks! LOL!!

  16. Nice one robin :)

    But the show girl a bit chubby :P

  17. hey suituapui,
    I went there alone lah... how to take pics with the chicks LOL..

    Hey jeffrey,
    ahahaha for some weird reasons they appear chubby in my pictures. They look a lot slimmer in real life.

  18. Hi Robin! Great shots once again, crisp and clear. :)

    One thing bugged me though. Have the girls ever heard of strapless bra? The transparent straps are so tacky! I can't help it. It just bugs me and now I'm foaming around my mouth. *LOL*

  19. hey elvawenn,
    Thanks !! It was not too difficult to pull sharp pictures under broad daylight !! The challenge comes when shooting indoors LOL...
    But yeah... uve got a good point... strapless bra LOLLLL

  20. the german dude looks very apeky. it's his teeth. the jap cheeks look mmm not very magazine material. good shots robin!

  21. hey samantha,
    Thanks !!
    LOL not magazine material... i believe they could have made better appearance.. but they were there whole day since morning, so yeah... tired-ness shows...

  22. Aiyo.. why cannot leave comment at jason's?

  23. hey allen,
    which jason we talking about??

  24. just got my 50-200 swd and tested it out yesterday. u can view the album here:

    built like a tank and weighs a brick, but Image quality is awesome

    freaking expensive man.. esp after GST. i gotta stop spending!!


  25. hey brandon,
    Whoahhhh... 50-200 SWD my god....
    And u went to the zoo with that???

  26. yes, most of my pics were with that, except for the ones with the lizards in the beginning.. used the 50 f2 for that cause that lens isn't so good indoors.

    but otherwise it good lighting conditions, it focuses fast and its really sharp. i like the bokeh too. if i'm in kch u can have a go at it.. lol :p

    here's another album i made with the first day i got it.


  27. Wow... Brandon's facebook album is incredible. Great job!

  28. hey brandon,
    I love love love ur deep deep blue sky. GOtta get myself a polarizer soon, i love the sky LOL so i should be getting one.

    Hey elvawenn,
    Ahahahaha, yeah, and brandon uses ollie too !!! if only i can find a way to steal some of his lenses LOL

  29. thanks elvawenn.. this is my older zoo album if u wna hav a look

    wahlau robin.. b4 this i said u could 'hav a go', now its 'steal' my lenses.. :p

    over here in aussie, there are days where the sky here is super blue, so a polariser is definitely very useful(r u missing perth already? :p). shud cost round rm50..

  30. hey brandon,
    ahahahahaaah.. just kidding just kidding...
    but yeah, would love to try out some different lenses than what I have.
    Yeah, how did u figure? I am missing perth terribly now. The sky is always deep blue there....

  31. lor.. LOL!

  32. hey allen,
    ahahaaha... still cannot comment on his site meh? i think should be ok oledy lerr

  33. Wow, I love the race queens!