Friday, June 27, 2008

Silence of the Night

Plenty of things suddenly popped out in my life very recently, and many of them were rather unexpected and just happened very abruptly. I have been out almost every night of the week and came home at really ungodly hours, and there were times I almost woke up too late for work in the morning.

It was because I was out at night, and I happened to bring along my Ollie that I managed to capture this picture of KLCC twin tower under the night sky.


Do take note that I was in a car and my friend made a very brief pause somewhere outside the towers, hence while waiting for other friends I was making my Ollie work for a bit, so very restricted movement. I even had to use the Live View to bring the camera down to a lower angle, shooting from the car window.

Usually I would not even think of taking night shots like this without using a tripod. I have a special thing for night landscape shooting, ohhhhh I just love playing with long shutters, and I have not done much with my Ollie yet, besides the night scenes I have taken back in Kuching. Unfortunately, working life did not provide me with much freedom to travel far at night, and this giant city is not exactly a safe place for a guy like me to bring a huge camera around at weird times.

One of those weekends, maybe I shall head down to KLCC with a tripod, and really take some shots.

I know everyone must have been tired of the sight of KLCC already, day or night, but hey, I am still new to KL !!!

And so Robin, welcome to Kuala Lumpur.


  1. i still remember the time when i used to walk around the towers (after work) near midnight. the view was so magnificent, and grand with both the towers well lit up.

    very nice view...

  2. hey allen !!
    LOL... come back to KL then !!!! ahahahah

  3. LOL!..
    i always got stunned by the KLCC night view.. LOL!

  4. hey allen,
    LOL stunners rock man ....