Thursday, June 19, 2008

Malacca Feast

Here comes a super-delayed entry, which I was supposed to post last week. It has been a while since I last did a proper food entry, and here comes a flood full of food photos, mostly highlights of what I consumed during my recent trip to Malacca not too long ago.

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When I was in Australia, the portion of my meal used to be double, or even triple of what I usually have here back in Malaysia. The food servings you find when dining out are rather generous, and having spent years over there, somehow nothing in a single plate found locally in Malaysia can ever fill up my stomach.

I could finish one large pizza, no kidding.. and that was considered for the people there. It took a long time for me to readjust my stomach back to the Malaysian serving size when I got back now. My first month home, I was eating like mad, if you have seen how much I have eaten every meal, you might have dropped your jaw.

But months have passed, and I am now coming in terms with the usual small portion of food.


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So you are asking why am I talking about the amount of food I am eating?

When I started working in this new company in Kuala Lumpur, over the past few weeks, I have received quite a few astonishing remarks about my appearance. I have been commented directly once, that I am FAT, and hinted more than three other times the same thing. Obviously my waist size has not really increased because all my pants still can fit, and my belt did not go up any notch. Then I take a good and long look into the mirror... I think I somehow looked... rounder.

So is me becoming rounder bothering me? Yes and no. No because I am pretty darn sure I have not gained much weight, but yes, because I know, my body mass is changing. This is really not good, but what can I do?


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Since I got back from Perth I have not done any sports or exercise. Unlike back in those days of me working in Perth, I used to play tennis almost everyday (thanks to some really wacky friends I had) and by doing that constantly, I believe I managed to balanced out the amount of food intake.

Even when I was working full time back then, I would be at the court every evening after work, stroking balls for solid few hours before dinner. This is one of the many reasons why I am missing Perth right now.

Not only have I not the tennis gang anymore (at least no tennis friends living nearby) when I moved back to Malaysia, I could hardly find any time left for anything else, besides work. Working life in KL is really different from what I used to have in Perth. There are nights when I got home from work, and it was almost 9pm. And this was just the beginning mind you, things could stretch much worse as I progress further over the course of time working in KL.


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Spending whole day in the office, coming home after a hard day of work, doing anything to keep fit is the last thing that I have in mind. All I could think of was getting my food done as soon as possible to quench my hunger, and take that long hot shower. Next? Either hogging on my computer, or HIT THE BED with my face squarely down on the pillow.

I do not see any possibility of getting any physical activities to do my physical health any good, unless during weekends. Even so, I have heard horrors of expecting overtime work during the weekends, should the company need to rush any projects.

Now where did my life go??

No wonder most engineers look so freaking ugly, or will turn ugly after working for a couple of years.


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Since I could not do much exercises under such circumstances, the only solution now, is to cut down the amount of food intake. As sad as this may sound, but this seems to be the only choice I have now, if I do not want to become "rounder". I am not that self-absorbed, but hey, I do not wish to lose my appeal (or whatever thats left of it now) at such early stage, just for the sake of career.

Oh wait, was this entry supposed to be Malacca food?

Never mind, but special thanks to Jasonmumbles, and my dear friend Frederick who brought me around for food hunting.

I truly believe food in Malacca is soooo cheap, compared to Kuching, and you do get to find plenty of stuff you could not find elsewhere. I should stop eating so much nowadays, so that when I go down to Malacca again, I wont be feeling that guilty feasting on anything I could find.


  1. I got a feeling that I will never adapt to the Malaysian working life. If my contract says 40 hours per week, I am not going to do any extra hours just even if I am paid unless there is a very good reason to it.

    There's more in life than to work.

  2. wah.. all the nice foodies.. wooot!
    how come no kuching kolo mee in the list ar? kidding.. :p

    i second that its hard to stay slim in the workplace.. bumming around in an aircond office, and feeling so lethargic after work doesn't exactly help our exercise routine.. maybe u can find a hot gal/coworker at the gym to work out with.. sumtimes its a wonder how much girls can change our exercise habits.. lol

  3. btw great food pics.. i'd toy around with the white balance a little.. ollie does tend to bring out d warmer colours (magenta, yellow , orange), and i'd usually use lightroom to neutralise the whites a teeny little bit..

  4. i know where exactly the first few pics were taken! :P They all look so familiar! hahaha...

  5. hey mrbherng,
    aahhahaha... yeah for me it takes some getting used to the working life style here, after working for a while in Perth.
    I just cant agree more, there is more in life than to work. Well said.

    Hey brandon,
    LOL... Kolo mee in Malacca?? LOL...
    yeah, cant help it, getting rounder is inevitable, but yeah, having a hot coworker does boost up the motivation LOL..

    hey allen,
    aahhahaha... u miss malacca !!!

  6. hey brandon,
    About the white balance, I did it on purpose. Ahahha I guess it is just my preference to produce warmer pictures, if you look at most of my pictures it has a touch of warm tint.
    But its just my preference, there are times I will change my temperature feel in my pictures.

    The main reason why I am doing so, is because, in natural light, nothing is as "balanced" as what the adjusted proper white balanced. This is especially true when dining out at night, under the yellowish orangish lighting.

    I just want to capture the mood I guess.

  7. those were taken near my old uni, eh?

    using natural lighting as mean of keeping the picture as close as the actual lighting is good, but sometimes tweaking the white balance is necessary when it comes to printing..

    as much as we like to keep it that way, the pictures maybe too yellowish for prints at times.. if we keep the camera's default setting.

    :) just donating my two cents. :P

  8. hey allen,
    I get ur point, but unfortunately those pictures are for viewing online only LOL, of course if we are talking bout prints thing would have been different.
    I adjust white balance (on camera and software adjusting) based on a theme i choose for each batch of pictures lah... some i want them to come out smoother and cooler, but for this particular entry, I want to present the mood I was feeling mah while I was eating the food.
    ahahaha.. no dude, ur opinion is worth waaayy more than 2 cents ahaahha but keep donating anyway.

  9. That's why I stay in Malacca..
    Cheap food.. but I still prefer Kuching food tho.. They ROCK..

    but some west msians find them taste weird tho haha

    and damn..I'm missing Kuching's food..

  10. You must be Foochow! Everything must be cheap...and a lot!!! LOL!!! The chicken rice balls so small, not like in Kuching, the apek used to sell by the roadside at Green Road! Ooo...nice! Maybe no more...probably dead already! That was in the 70s! LOL!!

  11. i must stop reading your blog! LOL!
    i feel like going back to malacca! LOL!

  12. hey akiraceo,
    Ahahahhaa... yeah, gotta say kuching food rocks man. Of course.. things would have been much better is the prices for the food did not hike so suddenly over the years.

    hey suituapui,
    ahahahha of course I am foochow LOL... but i have always thought that food in Malaysia is cheaper than what u find elsewhere... with the current inflation rate, and if it keeps going up like that... wah lau... not so cheap anymore leh !!

    hey allen,
    aahhhaa this is the last entry of malacca series LOL LOL.... but u can always go visit... its such a cool place.

  13. You look round? Then how bout that Kungfu Panda? Errr... I mean Jason? LOL

    Melaka food is cheap, that's one of the reason I stay back and look for jobs here :P

  14. hey hao,
    LOL !! Kung fu panda LOL....

  15. wow u did try the famous malacca food - esp the chicken rice ball haha. and interesting fr you to share on the portions the aussies eat lol.

  16. hey quachee,
    yeah, gotta try the good food there !!!
    Of course the portion is a huge contrast to what I had in Perth, but yeah, just need time to adjust I guess.

  17. robin.

    i jealous!!!

    and i dunno whether i'm jealous of the pics or of the food.


    either way, jealous.