Thursday, June 26, 2008

Death Penalty in Malaysia

Malaysia, is such a nice place to live in.

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"You will die,
by the hanging rope,
one tragedy/unfortunate event
for your family:
because that's the only
punishment for anyone
who is involved in drug trafficking
in Malaysia... "

So we welcome you with a huge grin.


  1. Love the angle you took for shot..
    But I don't like the shadow of the LRT track on the wall.. :P

    my dua puluh sen... XD

  2. hey jian,
    ahahaha, nothing i could do about the shadows ! LOL..
    just a random shot walking by that area ahahhaa.. sunset time... so many shadows ...

  3. ohhh i love that photo. so dark, so scary, so evil!

    haha the death penalty will always be a mandate in msia and spore. it will pose as a deterrence to anyone who dares try to smuggle in drugs.


  4. That's the old Pudu jail, rite? U go to NZ...there are so many warnings before u land that u worry u may get arrested before u can get out of the airport!...And in comparison to Malaysia, Singapore is such a FINE country, isn't it?

  5. That must be the 5 stars hotel with 5 stars service for drug smuggler. So when's your turn to move in? Hahahahahahahahahahahah

  6. hey marcus,
    thanks !!! ahahaa do evil???? LOL !!!

    yeah.. though the penalty is death, drug trafficking still happens a lot I guess, there will always be demands. The trick is not to get caught !!

    hey suituapui,
    Whoah I never went to NZ before so I would not know..
    yeah that was the old pudu jail.. seems like it is abandoned now...

    hey hao,
    ahahaahaha.. 5star hotel ah? no need lah... go Hilton can oledy...

  7. hahah yalo..
    wait i noe there's one thing u can do..

    you can bomb away the LRT track..
    then no more shadow lor..

    then maybe by chance they throw u in the prison then u can even take some photos inside there XD

    hahaha jk jk :P

  8. Hey Akiraceo,
    So clever hor !!! ahahahaha...
    if i bomb that LRT station, I will take pics of that oledy !! Forget about the old building LOL