Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bridal Fashion Show @ Mid Valley

Side Note: Again, extremely heavy graphics loading ahead... but I am loving HUGE, bright colourful pictures these days. I just do not know why... do bear with me ya?

UPDATE: I changed my mind. I am not going to re-edit the pictures anymore. Coming home after 8pm from work did dent my motivation to redo the batch of photos that I have already done yesterday.
Nevertheless, I shall try to present better color casting in the coming batch of pictures, the part 2 of the fashion show. This way, we can do comparisons as well.
I shall leave the pictures in this entry as they are... Man I am becoming lazy... See what working life is doing to me.

I have always had a thing for fashion shows, and I have attended a few during my time in Perth when they were showcasing free of charge in the public. I believe it has something to do with sexily gorgeous models being dressed up in ridiculously fancy and overly exaggerated outfits, doing their thang on the stage.

There is the indescribable feeling of glamour and prestige, seeing the models parading and showing off on stage, under the bright spotlights and cheers of the lovely audience. Being there while the whole thing was in action, never failed to give me a kind of rush, and photographing the event just brought the whole experience to the next level !!


Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us


I guess it is a good thing for me staying and working in KL now, since this giant city always has fashion shows happening everywhere, during random events. The trick is to stay updated, and know when to catch the shows. I happened to be in luck last Sunday, and I made it to the 7th KL Largest Wedding Expo at Mid Valley Exhibition Centre. There was a fashion show with wedding theme, organized by the Ivory Romance, being presented to the public in the afternoon. Since Mid Valley is not too far from where I am currently staying, I headed for the event with no dramas.

This was yet another golden opportunity to put my lovely tele zoom lens to test !! Talking about maximizing the equipments I have... hmmmm...

AMBER CHIA @ Bridal Fair



Since it was mentioned that the event was the Largest KL Bridal Expo, I was expecting something rather grand for the Fashion Show. I was not disappointed, the fashion show turned out a heck lot better than what I have initially expected !! Everything about the presentation just clicked to well, starting from the opening dance performance, to the models doing the parades, down to the selection of music themes, the whole thing was just simply fantastic.

The fashion show managed to capture, and project the overly bright and cheerful mood to the audience. The whole thing felt really grand, and you could feel that this was no ordinary fashion show. The overall presentation from the beginning to the end did a wonderful job in engaging the crowd in the happy and joyful atmosphere.


I particularly adore the opening dance/performance, which managed to build up the hype and suspence just before the main models made their debut on stage. Oh the models were very, very beautiful !!! The selection of wedding gowns on show was just superbly stunning, incorporating almost all colours you could think of, making the whole thing a true work of art. Instead of watching a fashion show, I felt like I was watching a major live theatric performance.


Surprisingly there were not that many DSLR users shooting for that event, I made a rough count of less than 10 people. This could very well be due to the fact that the event was not very widely advertised, not so much on the papers or other media.

Another reason could be the stereotypical thinking of bridal fashion shows being boring and redundant, seeing models wearing white gowns walking up and down again and again from beginning to the end. It was very unexpected that this particular bridal fashion show broke the norm, and seriously immersed everyone there in a different approach.


Of all the DSLR users, only one guy used external flash, while the rest, including me shot the pictures without flash support. The entire place was brightly lit by spotlights, covering the whole stage. The models walked in rather comfortably slow pace, hence taking pictures at any point was not really much of a difficult task. I was not exactly standing at the best position, I was a little bit off to the side, hence my composition of angles and views were rather restricted, since I was facing the models from their sides.

There was a huge crowd, and I did not dare to move around much, since I was already right at the front line. Nonetheless, I did what I could, and try to isolate the models using plain backgrounds. Having a tele lens helped a lot in this area.


This was not my first time shooting fashion show. The previous encounter was obviously in Perth (click for the entry) during the Fashion festival, and I was using my trusted Kodak C875 back then. It was a disaster shooting a fashion show with a compact camera, since the performance was rather sluggsih, with very lame autofocus, and horrible shutter lag. A lot of good shots were missed, and not to mention the ISO performance under low light was terrible. I did pull out some pretty useable shots, but on the whole, I knew I could have done better.

This time around, armed with my DSLR, and a new lens, I was expecting the pictures to come out a lot better. Focusing was a heck lot faster, and that allowed me to capture almost any shots at any given time without much difficulties. Picture results were very pleasing too, though the colors were a little too saturated for some people's liking, but I just have the fetish for intense colors at the moment. I might change the color theme on my blog soon, after getting tired of superbly bright and vivid pictures.

This was also the first time I realize that 2Gb of memory was not enough for shooting freely in a huge event such as this fashion show. It was shocking to discover how fast I could drain the memory, leaving only a few available shots after the whole thing ended. I must stock up spare memory cards, if I were to cover the whole of another event.

And so this was my first attempt on fashion show in KL, and I was generally very happy with the turn out of the photos. I have taken so many pictures, and obviously it would be ridiculous to fit everything in this entry.


Therefore, there will be a continuation from this post to the next, and I shall update more pictures of the lovely models really soon !! Do stay tuned for more pictures folks. I shall talk more on camera settings I have chosen to adopt for my shooting, including why I chose such orange-ish cast in that next entry. Any suggestions to improve the shots are kindly welcomed.


  1. If only the curtain was white..
    so it can bring out the color of the gown more..

    Anyway, can't wait for the continuity of this post.. XD
    cause I also wondering about the orangish tone of the photos..

  2. first few dancers gave me a fright!

    I think the photos are bit to reddish/orangish.

  3. hey akiraceo,
    ahahaha, yeah plain white background would have suited the whole thing better, but i guess it was their theme to bring out the bright vivid colors...

    hey allen,
    I know, read the second last sentence LOL

  4. Hmmm..

    the color balance seems all wrong when I view the pictures from other computers.

    I shall re-edit the pictures soon...

  5. Hmm.. yeah.. i know.. but still it looks toooo reddish/orangish... a bit over..

    the color isn't not too pleasant to view.

    shall wait for your re-edit ones.

  6. whoa first an entry on birds, now an entry on chicks! u are really proving yourself as a very versatile photographer. who knows maybe one day u can take photos for my wedding LOL!

    btw of the 3 models, i think the one on the extreme right looks the best!


  7. im here again!

    Good snapshots. What i think is the models look slightly darker..probably is the lighting effect? I'm inexperience though...

    it would be great if the skin of those models "shine"..

  8. fuwah!! the models realli look hot, esp amber.. i like! u are the 'master' of shooting leng lui... lol ! wish i was there too. melb had a bridal expo last week too, bt it was 20 dollars entry fee. wanted to save some $

    anyway went around the city today to shoot.. here r some pics


  9. hey allen,
    My LCD looks fine though.. this is getting weird..

    hey marcus,
    if i ever reach that level one day, yeah ! would be glad to be ur wedding photographer LOL....

    hey johnson,
    thanks !! but do check back the reedits soon ya?

    hey brandon,
    thanks !! ahahaa leng lui... i just happened to be at the right place at the right time. Yeah, nothing in Aus is exactly free.. but i would pay 20 bucks though if I were u !!

  10. Robin, which dress did you buy?

  11. Aiyo Wuching,
    Until now u dunno meh? i dun need to wear anything one.

  12. hey guys..

    I got lazy... sorry.. no re-edits for this entry.

    However, look up the coming one.. will change the color cast... hopefully for the better.