Saturday, June 14, 2008

A Backhand

So I was down at Malacca for a brief trip not too long ago, obviously, one of the reasons was to stroke balls !!

In case there are a few of you who just joined this humble blog, stroking balls simply means, TENNIS.

This time, instead of just me stroking balls, I get the chance to witness a team of tennis players having rigorous training for their coming game (ok I know I am so outdated) in the SUKMA 2008. Therefore, armed with Ollie, I snapped some shots. Shooting sports during sunset, was a bad, bad idea.


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Picture note: That dude is Mike Lau, friend of my dear friend Frederick.

Alright, I was not that enthusiastic in the first place, since my hand was already itchy to get myself into some action. I did not just go all the way to Malacca to snap some pictures, I went all the way to play some tennis too.

Tennis was great, and uber-fun, though I was totally unfit after so many months of non-sports period. My strokes were all jumbled up, but hey, even so I still had an awesome time, being out there in the open, chasing green balls bouncing around, and the best part was HITTING the ball HARD back across to the other court.

You know the feeling when you get to position the ball the way you planned exactly? You got to try it to know it. It is incredible. Only people who stroke balls would understand this.

Gosh, I am so in need of some stroking balls sessions soon, of I will die of some weird disorder or something.


  1. Hey I think I know that guy !!!

  2. Hey Ting,
    Errmm... U in MMU Malacca?

  3. I doubt I can ever play tennis in Malaysia anymore... 24 C nearly killed me on the court the other day.

  4. hey mrbherng,
    Ahahahhaa wtfff.... 24c already complain !!! Ive played tennis nearly 40c once... LOL... was crazy back then I guess.

  5. hey the first picture is so good! your subject composition is pretty damn good! and as a golfer, i can totally identify with what u are saying about having to try it in order to know it for yourself.


  6. Hey marcus,
    ahahaha thanks !!! I personally liked the third picture, the sun lighting one side of the body, kinda made it shine in an unusual way...
    Yeah... i guess we can just describe how we feel about something, but it wont do much good unless the person experiences it hands on.

  7. The last pic, the guy looks a bit like Michael Chang. Remember him?

  8. hey suituapui,
    aaha now that you have mentioned it, he does look a lot like michael chang !!!

  9. Robin, these are excellent photos! You captured them in action perfectly. :) haha... I've never played tennis before, only squash. The feeling's the same, no? :)

  10. hey elvawenn !!
    Thanks !! Sports isnt easy without fast lens....
    Yeah, squash and tennis are a lot alike, but tennis in malaysia can be terrible due to the weather, either too hot or too wet, squash on the other hand is much more flexible since its indoors.

  11. capturing indoor sports is even worse without the 'white one'.. XD

  12. hey allen,
    ahahahaha white ones... need plenty of $$$$$$$$