Tuesday, June 03, 2008

MegaMac, Finally !!

Side Note:

I am still internet-less at the moment. I could not stand it hence I dragged my lappie out of the house to the nearest wifi hotspot I could find.

Anyway, this is pretty much a filler post. I have just started my work as a noob engineer, hence I am currently swamped with unimaginable stuff to do. Please bear with my off-the-usual blogging pattern at the moment.

The promised Malacca entry and another one about my beautiful camera shall be coming up soon, once I have internet connection at the comfort of my own room.

So, after much hype happening there and here, especially from that Jasonmumbles (click) who practically worshiped the MegaMac, I decided to give it a try.


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I was, somewhat a little disappointed with MegaMac. Initially I thought the burger would fill up my stomach, unfortunately it did not, and I was still rather hungry after finishing the whole burger, a medium fries and two glasses of coke. To me, it just seems like cheeseburgers being stacked on each other. alright the fact that I never loved BigMac did not help at all

This should have been foreseeable since I was so used to Double Quarter Pounder burger that I would usually order at Mackers, Perth (thats what you call McDonald's in Perth) which was more than sufficient to satisfy my back then ever growing hunger. Another comparison which I should not have made, but hey, I still love quarter pounder, even if it comes with just a single patty.


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I used to love McDonald fries. I still loved them even when I was in Perth, in comparison to other local versions of fresh made fries anywhere there. But when I came back to Malaysia this time, it seems that the quality of the French fries has dropped drastically. It was not as "addictive" as it used to be.

And the only reasons I could think for such drop in quality would be: 1) The workers were in such hectic rush to serve the customers, hence the lack of quality control in sacrifice for the speed of service, or more likely, 2) The workers just blardy did not care to begin with.


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Chun Chow ordered MegaMac also. Both the MegaMac looked damned good together don't you think??

When I finished my MegaMac I was still hungry that I ordered a CheeseBurger.


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So, guys, what do you think of MegaMac? I would still just go for Double Quarter Pounder. Or better, Double Whopper from Burger King (I am not sure if it is available locally here).

Gosh I am feeling hungry again.


  1. You are in Malaysia, it will be sometime before you go back to Perth. Henceforth, until you are back in Perth, you don't have double 1/4 pounder, so live with MegaMac. Hmph!

    Don't despise my MegaMac, I keeelllll you!!!

  2. hey.. currently in melbourne and i have tried the double quarter pounder.. well taste is really subjective so in my opinion, i actually prefer the single usual quarter pounder. half a pound of beef in one burger is sick!! haha.. if i was really hungry, i'll eat 2 quarter pounders. not so jelak since u have more of the buns, onions, pickles too.. haha!

  3. Hey Jasonmumbles,
    aahahahah... come on, cant I just tell the world what I think of my favourite quarter pounder? LOL....

    Hey darylyeak,
    ahahahha, i eat a hell lot.... so yeah... it kinda explains why I love anything double or more LOL.... but i eat even more when I was in Aus....

  4. yes! double quarter pounder rocks! and i agree, the megamac just looks like 2 cheeseburgers stacked onto each other. would it be cheaper to just get 2 big macs separately as compared to 1 megamac?


  5. oh my.. robin.. you've got big appetite. that megamac could really stuff my stomach well. i almost couldn't finish the whole burger you know. thankfully i ordered medium set, if it were a large, i wouldn't be able to finish the fries and drink.

  6. Gosh! Don't u know that kind of food is grossly unhealthy?...Hahahahahahahaha!!!!

  7. hey marcus,
    LOL... i know !!! Getting 2 big macs would have been almost the same i think, but yeah... double quarter pounder rocks !!!

    hey allen,
    aaaahahhha its amazing how I am still kinda not over-weight yet.

    Hey suituapui,
    ahahahaha i know its unhealthy but aiyooooo.... must try at least once mah !!

  8. the size of the megamac exorcise greed demons outa me. not gonna taste it. it's as though it's bigger than me =P

  9. Hey Sam,
    no need to taste it, it tastes just like big mac, just LARGER thats all LOL

  10. I haven't try it yet. Not sure whether it will fill up my tiny little stomach or not :P

    I though you got your internet connection d... haha

  11. Hey Hao...
    Ahahhaa im sure u can finish it !! Just stuff everything in !!