Saturday, May 24, 2008

All American Food

Side Note: It has been a while since I last blogged about food, food and food only !! Just got my macro filter, now I can take close-up shots. Oh what joy !!

And so I am now in KL, and much have I explored. I remember when I was young, there was this ridiculously odd advertisement of a guy stuffing into his mouth a supposedly oversized Mozza Burger by A&W in the TV, with a facial expression only possible during intense orgasm.

That orgasm burger eating advertisement was stuck in my head for many years passing by when I was still a young kid, until A&W was finally opened in Kuching for real during my secondary school years.

I thought to myself, gosh it is finally time to try out the oh so famous A&W Root Beer and and and...... the ORGASMIC MOZZA BURGER !!


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First time trying the burger many years ago, it was not as orgasmic as it was advertised on TV, sadly, but hey, it still made it to one of my favourite food lists. Unfortunately, A&W closed down all their branches in Kuching few years back, due to many reasons that I was too young and ignorant to care about.

Obviously people in Kuching still love McDonalds and KFC very much, over any other food chains. But hey, during the short operating period of A&W in Kuching, I did enjoy their food, though I admit things could have been better.

Now that I am in KL, A&W is still around, and almost everywhere. Of course, I must revisit it.


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Unfortunately, from my brief observation, it does not seem like A&W was doing well. Probably the main problem is due to the marketing and advertising strategy, I am sure not that many advertisements in TV on A&W can be seen these days.

But hey, I still find the Mozza Burger quite good, and ohhhhh the root beer... as chilling and thirst quenching as ever. Served on huge heavy authentic American beer glasses, this is just something you do not get elsewhere.


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So what do you guys think of A&W? Has everyone lost interests in this food chain, or not that many of you ever liked it to begin with??

I still cannot imagine how that guy seemed so orgasmic eating that Mozza burger.


  1. I think Kuchingnites only like KFC... Hahaha...

    The only thing I like bout A&W is the root beer of course :P

  2. ohhhhh what a great blog entry! i love A&W! still dunno what it stands for though. they were the first to come up with curly fries in spore. i love the root beers with float and the waffles! wonder why they pulled out of spore too. and i can't quite recall correctly but i think every tuesday was coney dog day! it was the only day of the week where coney dogs were half price or at a discount? or was it wednesday? aiyah can't remember la!


  3. hey hao,
    yeah, seems like KFC has brainwashed everyone in Kuching LOL...
    Yes !! the root beer rocks !!

    Hey marcus,
    Im not too sure what it stands for too LOL... a bit lazy to wikipedia it...
    Gosh.. curly fries... yes !! I have not tried the coney dog though... I will try it one day muahahhhahahaahhahah... soon.

  4. i don't miss A&W when it closed down in kuching. i only visited the A&W in t'ganu twice the two years i was there only to eat their curly fries. i think their root beer lost it's quality already lah...or maybe it's just t'ganu's branch. :p

  5. Hey feli,

    I tried their root beer the other day, it was still very good !!

  6. A & initials!!! My real name, that is!!! LOL!!! First time I had A & W was in S'pore...ummm 1971, I think!!! Hahahahahaha!!! I had chicken in a basket, that I can remember!!! And the root beer!!!

    BTW, ever tried the Swiss Mushroom Cheese burger at Burger King!!! Ate that at KLIA...but KLIA prices, SO terribly expensive!!!!

  7. hey suituapui,
    Ohhhh gosh.... burger king, havent really tried the ones here but i have tried hungry jacks (aka burger king( in perth, LOVE their burgers !!

  8. oh man. i remember A&W so so so much. the rootbeer floats... the curly fries... the hot dogs.... mmm... and then the franchise moved out of singapore. !@£$%! :p

  9. hey slackalmighty,
    whoah, guys, i didnt know A&W was such a hit in singapore !!! Yeaaahh the curly fries... gotta love it !!

  10. which branch did u have ur orgasmic mozza burger?

  11. hey ian,
    ahahhaha orgasmic, it was not. But had it at IOI mall Puchong. It was good though, just not orgasmic LOL

  12. i'd like burgers first thing in the morning just for the fun of it =P sth mom and dad would kill me if they saw.

  13. Rootbeer Float & Onion Rings! I mish those when A&W still exists in Kch.

  14. ooh. you're starting the food post thingy again. hahah.

    anyway i've never had a&w (being from miri & everything - we never had one here) but i'm looking forward to actually try it one of these days.

    i know i'll be hitting burger king n my trip to kk next week. heh!!

    and as always, fabulous pics, robin.

  15. Hey Samantha,
    whoah, nice meal plan you have, I wouldnt mind burger for breakfast too, just too lazy to make one myself, and when im out of the house, no time to even buy one !!

    Hey ultranana,
    Yesssss.. root beer and onion rings !! Why lah Kuching punya closed down...

  16. Hey aaron !!
    Yessss, u MUST cuba the whopper burger. It has the best beef patty for a standard beef burger you could find. Im not sure bout KK quality though... its flamed grilled, so its gotta rock !!
    Btw aaron, have I told u I love your food pics too? LOL

  17. You just make those food looks so YAMMY~!!! I need to control my diet so pls stop tempting me with those photos.

  18. hey ruthie,
    View the pictures only when you are hungry !!!!