Tuesday, June 08, 2010

20 Reasons Why Compact (Point and Shoot) Camera Rocks !!

Yes, I still love compact (point and shoot) cameras. I still use one. I am still loving it. Here are the reasons why:

20) Sexy. Sleek, slim, and so portable.

19) Idiot-proof (almost). Just aim, and shoot. Literally.

18) Macro. You just have to flick one button, no need to change lens. For some cameras, you can go as near as 1cm.

17) Feather-weight. Even a bar of Cadbury chocolate could be heavier.

The built in lens on the compact camera was wide enough for some perspective exaggeration.

Under favorable lighting conditions, the camera can yield quite pleasant results.

I sneaked up on this guy while he dozed off.

16) Camwhore. It just works best with a compact camera

15) Cute. What happened to the miniaturization factor? The tinier the better?

14) Silence. No noisy clumsy mirror slapping and shutter release sound. No one knows you clicked the shutter button.

13) Extra depth of field (DOF). More zones in focus, and less chance of miss-focusing errors.

i don't know why, but I get really nervous seeing old folks crossing KL roads !!

Not for sitting down.

Awaiting for the next train.

12) Wallet-friendly. You can get a cheap compact camera, with decent build and quality. Mine was only RM380, and I love it.

11) Versatile excuse. So what if your photos suck? It is just a compact camera, what do you expect?

10) Pocketable. No one will know you have a hidden camera. Good for sneaking into restricted areas, such as concerts. You can’t possibly hide your 70-200mm F2.8L IS USM UKM UTM MMU under your casual apparels, can you?

9) Smarter than your smart phone camera.

Backalley rest.

Hanging out.

8) Now where do you think all those home-made porn video come from?

7) SEXpo. Compact camera was allowed in, not DSLR.

6) Live view. Tired of your DSLR’s crappy, laggy live view? Try a compact camera instead.

5) You use a DSLR and you do not know how to control the shutter speed, you do not know how aperture works, what ISO is, what the meaning of front-focusing is, and you just shoot in AUTO mode all the time. Then may I introduce you to my friend: compact camera. It also has AUTO function, really.


Bored cat.

4) Full feature packed: sweep panorama, built in Image Stabilization, smile detection, face detection, wide angle lens, touch screen operation, HD video recording, and it has a button to open the gate in front of your house.

3) Standing out. With so many DSLR users now, a compact camera user is tastefully unique.

2) An awesome street companion. All photos in this entry were taken with a Panasonic Lumix DMC-LZ8.

1) Well, simply because, simplyROBIN is using one. Period.

I guess what I am trying to say is, regardless of what camera system you choose to use, you can still take awesome photographs. You just have to push yourself and do not feel intimidated by the “big boys”. Do not underestimate what your compact camera can do, it is still a very capable camera.

Remember, small is beautiful.


  1. Point number 1 sums it all. Period. Ha ha. Even I couldn't differentiate if you were using a DLSR or a compact for this entry. Photos are equally good.

  2. hey rustiezac,
    thanks !!
    After resizing can't really tell, but if I zoom in more it is very obvious with the loss of details. ahahha...

  3. hey chong,
    I agree, but jason will kill us both LOL