Friday, August 21, 2009

In the Rain

Side Note: All photographs in this entry were taken with Panasonic Lumix DMC-LZ8

I got off work early today to settle an important errand for a friend. After completing the task, I saw the moody sunset over the sky, and suddenly my hand got itchy. I did not have my Olympus DSLR with me at the time, but I have made a point to carry my Lumix wheever I go to. Since it has been quite a while since I last put the cute Lumix to use, and I was aching to snap some pictures, I decided to take a stroll along the nearby streets.



If you have seen a guy somewhere in the city today standing ridiculously close to the traffic light and pointed his Lumix at the green light, you know you have found the outrageously shameless intrepid photographer wannabe: simplyrobin !! If you wonder if he has still got his sanity intact, I assure you, sometimes he wonders the same too.


No thanks to Brandon Eu, I also suddenly look at buildings differently these days. Unfortunately the compact camera does not offer much of a wide angle option to create dramatic scenes and landscapes. Nonetheless, it was enough to cover the necessary scope for a decent photograph. Although it was cloudy, I do like how the colour turned out on the buildings.


I walked along the Dataran Merdeka area, and goodness gracious it suddenly rained like there was no tomorrow. I rushed to the nearby shelter, and found a few little kittens hiding from the rain as well !! I had to use flash since it was almost pitch dark under the shadows. I somehow adore the spontaneity of the shot. Were the kittens hiding from the rain, or from me?


The rain gradually cleared off, but disappointingly the sunset/golden hour period was already nearly gone, and I had lost the best opportunity to capture dramatic shots. Since I was already there, I just continued shooting and did what I could do. I originally did not intend to take night photos that involved long time exposures, hence I did some quick handheld shots to capture the building and street lights. I had to bump up the ISO to 400 for the above shots.


Shooting at high ISO on a compact yielded undesirable photo outcome. The details are sacrificed for brightness, and the photos just did not come out good. Not feeling satisfied, I scouted around for a flat, elevated surface as substitute for a tripod for the camera to rest on to enable me to use long shutter speed. Many of you know that I love long time exposure, and I have not done so for a long, long time. The results with long exposure technique came out significantly more awesome in comparison to the handheld high ISO shots.


The Lumix may be just a compact, but it offers ISO sensitivity up to 6400 (INSANE). The only way to engage the high ISO shooting was to use the preset scene mode, which was the high sensitivity shooting. The camera automatically decided on the suitable high ISO setting, and I just want to see how far the camera could go. At ISO1600 and ISO2500, the photos are barely useable by any standards. Nevertheless, they are still photographs, and though the noise level is unbearable and the entire photo looks blotchy, you can still see whats in the photo, and this can come in handy when you just want to record the scene regardless of the quality.


I know I can hear a few sighs here and there. I have a DSLR, and my talents are wasted on a compact camera. But hey, look at it this way, KL is not exactly a safe place to walk around with that huge camera by my lonesome self, and I have already had a traumatic experience a year ago, which I shall not mention again. Being me, I have this constant itch that needs to be scratched. A camera is the only solution, big or small, DSLR or compact, as long as I have one with manual controls, I am happy. Heck, if I was attacked by any random jerk at the roadside, I would not hesitate to use this lumix to smash his skull into pieces. Holding in so much pain after the traumatic experience, you have no idea how much brute force I can release if I ever encounter anything similar.

Weekend is here. Shutter therapy has already begun. Lets hope it will be a good one.

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