Thursday, June 25, 2009

I Remember

I was backing up my older photos, burning them into DVDs, as I came across the set of photographs I have taken since many years ago, while I was in a place I love so much, Perth.

I spent more than an hour going through the photographs, and somehow, flood of memories crashed my head. It has been a year now I have left good old Perth behind, but I could not help but wonder how it would have been if the path I was thrown onto was different. I do know that things happened, and there is no point pondering on the "what ifs", but still, my colourful history there never ceased to haunt me.

I remember Perth, very vividly.

I remember the impossibly blue Matilda Bay

I remember and deeply miss the crazy people.

I remember the expensive but purely awesome food.

I remember the scary looking stuff.

I remember the great beaches.

All the photos shown in this entry were taken with two of my older cameras, both of them were already dead due to over-exhaustion by yours truly. Both were budget point and shoot compact cameras: 1) Kodak Easyshare CX-7430 and 2) Kodak Easyshare C-875. Looking back at those photos, I miss the simplicity and ease of using the compact cameras, with pictures looking very punchy in colour and contrast coming straight out of the camera. Those two cameras may not be the best of their classes out there, but I was very happy with their results back then. They have thought me much about photography, and imprinted immensely strong sense and love for photography in me ever since. I miss Kodak, truly.

I remember SEXPO.

I remember Harbor Town Factory Outlets.

I remember camwhoring at Adidas in Harbor Town.

I remember the astonishing sunsets at Cottesloe.

I remember the sweet, sweet moments.

I remember the insanely beautiful skies.

And most importantly, I remember looking at the insanely beautiful sky.

I think, I am HOMESICK!!!!

Help !! Somebody !!


  1. thank you so so much for the perth photos robin! i should also run thru my (smaller) collection of photos this weekend!

    yessss i am homesick too. let's be homesick together robin! LOL


  2. hey marcus,
    hahaha no worries mate. I really miss perth man. Dunno why these few days keep thinking about it.

  3. perth home ? :)

    and im traumatized by the sexpo pic >.< omg!

  4. hey allen,
    LOL such trauma !!!

  5. Come back robin.. come back..

  6. hey robin,

    dunno why? how can u not know why? only people like u and me who have lived there for an extended period of time know how awesome it is! enough said...


  7. Come back when you can! We'll go to Little Creatures for beer and pizza!

  8. hey kiki,
    LOL how I wish.

    hey marcus,
    ahahha awesome it was indeed marcus !! Garrhhhh I wanna go there so badly LOL...

    hey atlasya...
    Oh yeahhhh.. little creatures, I miss that place !!!

  9. i felt myself drooling when i saw the s*xpo pic. I miss melbourne too, but at least i'm going back soon :p

  10. Hey brandon,
    lol gud thing i had my trusty lil kodak with me bck then. Haha i shall visit melbourne too one of these days.

  11. hmmm we ought to plan a trip together to go back. seriously. for real. we keep talking about it but we never get down to doing it. only problem now is all the h1n1 stuff going about that's stopping me from travelling!


  12. hey marcus,
    LOL yeah we have been saying it for quite some time now, ahahah...
    H1N1 eh.. dun worry, it wont be around for too long.

  13. let's pwn the world! owning!

  14. hey allen,
    LOL... I wish i have the cash to do just that !!

  15. owh my.. sexpo!! Must be a hell of a time!!

    now, I really wanted to say "Get a flight, and come back to Kuching" when I saw you 'homesick' sign.. but then i read the whole post, and figured it out.

    you miss Perth!!