Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Kuching From My Eyes

Since the completion of a few urgent tasks entrusted to me by a few friends that must have taken a few weeks to accomplish, now I am feeling very much relieved and finally, FREE again.

With time and a stretch of freedom on my hands, I take this opportunity to travel around Kuching city area on foot, armed with my camera, and start snapping pictures of this home town of mine. I tried my very best to present the photos I have taken in the honest, and down to earth manner, which I intended to show you, as the way I see it. Kuching is after all, a very humble, yet lovely city.

This, is my current mission, and I hope you guys will love it.

From the previous entry onwards, following a couple of next few entries will be mini-series of blog entries regarding Kuching scenes. This mini project of mine will be limited to only the few places that I could travel to without any means of motor transport. I was born in this place, raised here, spent a great deal of time learning about life and all the junks. Growing up in Kuching, I do feel that this place is somewhat special, and means a heck lot to me in many ways. Those of you Kuching people will think that this place may not be anything significant in comparison to big cities like Kuala Lumpur or Singapore, but I beg to differ in opinion.

The day that I would stop falling in love with Kuching is the day that it turned into one of those giant cities.

So now, before modernization and development destroy this beautiful city of cats, lets preserve it by taking many many many pictures !!!!


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I wonder why suddenly there are so many of those China-Town look-alike arches erected all around Kuching. I believe that the construction of these arches strongly signifies that the Chinese people has an immensely wide influence that goes deep into the roots of Kuching. Just look at the amount of old shops still standing, with business originated back into the dinosaur years.


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This park was positioned behind the Sarawak Museum, and there was the war memorial tower standing at the top of the hill commemorating the brave warriors who have died sacrificing their lives to protect this state during the days of war. I was going to do an extensive shooting around this park, unfortunately, the place was not properly maintained, and just by the sight of it I lost my inspiration to go on further.


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If you have been going around in Kuching you will notice quite several cat statues positioned everywhere. Most of them are rather ugly, and this is just sad because cats are supposed to be cute and lovely looking !! Kuching is literally cat in Malay, hence, this city simply means cat. Being born in the city of cats, I have turned into quite a cat lover myself, and I adore anything, and everything to do with cats.


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It is quite common to find clock towers everywhere, not only in Kuching, but anywhere else in the world, but for some odd reasons, the clock towers in Kuching are usually either, non-punctual, or completely non-functional. It tells a lot about the people in Kuching, does it not? Nevertheless, time was invented to keep ourselves organized and uniform, and huge clocks serve to remind us that time is always moving, and keeping track of it is very important. Keep that in mind, Malaysians!!


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I know, I know, Kuching city center is not exactly recognised as one proper central business district, but hey, a city is a city, and it is developing. This view was taken at the corridor of the Star Cineplex, situated on the ninth floor of Medan Pelita. I think this picture is rather unique in the sense that, you get to view quite a handful of important figures in Kuching in it. There are the few skyscrappers (which I think do not qualify to be called skyscrappers), the legendary Tua Pek Kong temple at the bottom right corner, the Chinese Museum at the bottom left corner, and the Sarawak River, which is forever yellowish murky in color.


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Across the river from the Kuching waterfront, I was SHOCKED to discovered a gigantic structure standing out in the middle of nowhere. It is supposed to be the new Dewan Undangan Negeri (State Council or something something). I swear there was nothing but a pile of uninteresting looking trees and bushes the last time I was at the waterfront before I left to work in Perth more than a year ago. I guess we all know where our tax money is being invested to. What a "magnificent" sight of a building being viewed from the river. I sent a picture of that building to a friend from Kuching who also has been away for a while, and he replied "OMGGGG WHat is that building across the river?? It is HORROR OF ALL HORRORS !!!" I just could not agree more with that, no kidding mate.


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This is one of the very few buildings from the Brooke era that is still being carefully preserved, yet still fully functional at the very same time. This building seem to be nothing but an old building to a lot of the local folks here, but hey, I blame this consequence dead onto the local government. They are not exactly putting much effort into promoting the awareness amongst the people here (especially the youngsters) about the historical values of those buildings. The architectural value is priceless. Aaahhh, this all comes from a civil engineer speaking his mind out.

I guess that should be about it for now. The next entry will be a continuation from this entry, and more pictures of Kuching will be posted up.

These mini-series of entries regarding Kuching will also be my effort to promote this lovely place to my foreign friends. Whenever I am asked about Kuching, I shall tell them my stories from my heart, and later on, refer them for pictures and further details that I have blogged about in these entries.

The important thing is, I want them (and you guys too !!!) to see Kuching the way I do.

Kuching rocks !!


  1. hey now i wanna visit kuching myself after seeing your postcard like photos of it!


  2. hey marcus,
    aiyooo where got postcard like?? ahahahaha...
    but thanks !! U should come to Kuching, uve known quite a few kuching folks urself already !!

  3. Rub!...Rub!...Keep rubbing it all in!!! Bwahuhuhuhuhuhu!!!!!!

    P.S.: U give me 4-D number, Robin? If I strike, then I can buy nice camera like urs...and can take nice photos too!!! LOL!!!! BTW, I'll be in Kuching for lightning visit only, fly in - makan - next morning fly back oredi!!! Maybe when I go next time...or if u come over to Sibu, we can meet up??? U have fun in KL!

  4. hey suituapui,
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