Thursday, May 08, 2008

Kuching From My Eyes 2

Side Note: A friend just pointed out to me that, my pictures taken are somewhat, not dramatic enough. Any suggestions how to make my shots more, dramatic?

So what is interesting around Kuching at night? How does it feel like walking around this city of cats at night? To be honest there are not exactly that many options to go about entertaining yourself at night in this very humble city. Of course, most of the shopping places are open at least until 9-10pm, and plenty of cafes and "kopitiams" are catering for late night eaters like myself.

I often find a round of drink, a bowl of beef noodles (gubak mee) or kolok mee would suffice my entertainment quota for any given nights. After all, it would be the company you are with that matters when you are out, and the availability of good food at very low prices just chipped into the overall night of fun.


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There is just something about going out at night that beats the daylight. In the midst of the darkness, you get to see the display of lights, artificial lights humans have created and utilized to gain visibility through our very limited eye vision.

This shows how poorly and inadequate our sight capabilities could provide us in terms of visibility, since half of the 24 hours consists of total darkness. On the other hand, this opens up another opportunity for us to appreciate the beauty of our own creation, the artificial lights, proudly displayed, glowing and beaming out from the surrounding darkness.


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Kuching may not possess the typical big city skyline like Kuala Lumpur, or anything remotely similar to Perth at night (click), but that does not mean the scenery can be any less breathtaking. Of course, the planning of the city itself was rather cluttered wth buildings randomly potruding out of nowhere there and here, but hey, it just takes time to fully readjust itself and develop into something more towards the future.

Cut this city some slack, and you will notice that the beauty of the night scenes lies somewhere hidden within the humility.


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I have been wanting to catch the sunset view from Kuching, but then rain always got into my way, and yeah, I do admit I am feeling kind of lazy to venture out at weird hours eg dinner time, for photographic adventures. With my remaining days in Kuching before I embark on a new journey to a working life in Kuala Lumpur soon, maybe I should drag my huge heavy ass out of the house and try to capture some awesome sunset shots. Of course much inspiration comes from Unker Ho who loves to look to the sky like me !!!

The adventures of Kuching shall continue on to the next entry, so stay tuned folks !!


  1. The power of photography... When I was in Kuching, I don't see such nice scene even at night lo... :P

  2. hey wong,
    owwhh, wasnt that nice meh?? ahahaha... but then, it is the way i presented the landscapes in every frame that carefully cut out the best parts of the scene I guess.

  3. u're going to KL to work!!! Well, good luck, all the best to you, take care and don't do things I won't do!!! (But that, of course, doesn't leave very much that u can't do!!! LOL!!!)

  4. hey suituapui.
    yeah go KL work lor.. if not where got moneyyyy ahahah..
    so, what are the things u wont do?? Examples? LOL

  5. i dowan to pour water on ur skills, but i think those pic look like the pic my fren took. especially the 1st pic. :P

  6. let me see his picture then. I shall have my thoughts after that. Without it, there is nothing much I can say, no?

  7. It's landscape photography. How to be dramatic?? haha. Ignore those people, just do what you do best. They can say whatever they want, but you know they are hopeless when it comes to them using the cameras. haha.
    The last picture reminded me when I was doing assignment taking picture of Fred at the traffic light post. LOL. Talk about desperation.

  8. hey chunchow,
    ahahha thanks. but yeah, landscape is a bit different from others, its harded to bring out the subject into focus, standing out from others since focus was set to infinity.
    Anyway... fred was the model for ur assignment???? This must be interesting LOL....
    Traffic light???

  9. Great night shot.
    You must be a photography master.

  10. hey zuiyanhong,
    thanks !!! But im still new, heaps to learn still.

  11. robin! check your facebook inbox.

  12. hey samantha,
    going in right away...