Thursday, May 01, 2008

Educational Concert Tour by Peter Korbel

Just as I thought the day was going to end as grey as the cloudy sky pouring heavy rain all over Kuching, there was something rather special to look forward to at the end of this day. Thanks to Georgette (again) I have got myself another entry pass to one of the events happening here in Kuching, and this time, it has something to do with arts and music. Too bad Gette could not join us since she was preparing to go on her own "adventurous" traveling. I would not say I am a music kind of guy, but hey, who could possibly not love music? I for one, appreciate a beautifully crafted and presented piece of music by any sort.


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It was the Educational Concert by Peter Korbel. Why educational? I seriously have no idea. Peter Korbel, who has travelled far, all the way from Germany, blended in with the local orchestral team and stole the show away with his splendid guitar handling skills. Since I am not exactly that music-conscious person, I shall just simplify my description of the performances. The tracks presented on stage were a mix of some classic pieces, some pretty modern ones, and even a little fusion with the eastern influence of music.

For example, having a flute blending into the background of the typical orchestra music.... was rather intriguing, and refreshing. I know it was not precisely something new, but it is also not something that I would have the chance to listen to first hand everyday !!

CLOSING IN THE PERFORMERS (How I wish I have superzoom)

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Unfortunately Allen had to leave early due to some work obligations, and I needed to tag along since he was the one fetching me in the first place. Would really love to stay till the end of the show, we did not even have the chance to catch the guitar solo by Peter Korbel. Nevertheless, it has been quite a long day for me too, and I did feel like taking a leave early myself. Heading back, it was not entirely a loss either, since the first half of the show turned out to be quite a performance already. How could anyone not love GOOD music?


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A very cute GUY

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I had a pretty tough time taking pictures too, since I restricted myself not to turn on the flash while taking the photos (not that my flash would do much good either, anyway). The orchestral performance require the members on stage to have a rather intense focus on their own parts, hence, avoiding direct firing of flashes from camera would be a gesture of respect for their profound effort. though there were still jerks flashing their camera from time to time Not using flash in such dim lighting pose a serious challenge. I did what I could, and steadied my hands as much as I possibly could. Furthermore, staying on one spot drastically restricted my choices of composition angles, thus producing somewhat "stagnant" pictures. Should I have moved around to the front I might get angry bananas being thrown at me from the crowd.

Coming from plenty of previous experience, I somehow managed (miraculously) to obtain some pretty blur free pictures.

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There was something worth noting about the audience. The Emcee kindly, but firmly reminded everyone to hold back their itchy hands, and not to applaud after each piece, until all the six pieces have been completed. As "attentive" and as "cooperative" as any ordinary Kuching citizen would be, after the first piece was played... *LOUD CLAPPING THUNDERING*... then the end of the second piece... *ROAAARRR OF APPLAUSE*... Third piece.. *CLAP CLAP CLAPPPPPPP*..... and so on...

GOSHHHHHH... It was such a simple and sraightforward, yet very polite request. Seriously.. WTFFFFFFF is wrong with everyone??


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That aside, I honestly thought that the night went rather well. Would definitely love to attend any similar events should there be any coming in the future.


  1. i see u are getting well acquainted with the beautiful Ollie! *scandalous* LOL


  2. hey marcus,
    of course !! I am deeply in love with my ollie...

  3. omg robin. so nostalgic :( i performed with him before...and those ppl in ur pic are like my ex-orchestral mates.

    i wanna go home!

  4. hey sandra....

    aaahhhhh knew u would say something after seeing this !!!! LOL..... but i kinda forgot to mention u somewhere in that entry..

  5. ah.. you attended it. i attended his previous concert 2 years ago. which was also at mbks. was super amazed at how he plucks the guitar! kewl right?

    i only heard that peter korbel was back in town again after the concert ended. Rar~!!my friend came over to have supper right after the concert and was wondering how come he pakai so the amat cantik sekali. he actually had extra tickets some more. still dare to tell me. rar~ missed a nice, soothing evening of classical music. *sniff*

    but nice right? it is understandable if people fall asleep listening to orchestra works. very calming and soothing. =P

  6. hey naomi,
    Yeah, the guitar was awesome !!! Whoah uve attended it two years ago?? Then im sure u didnt miss much.
    Ahahahhaa u need to cekik that friend of urs, still dare to tell u got extra ticket.
    Allen said he wasnt sleeping, he was "enjoying" the music LOL but soothing and calming the performance was !!!

  7. Wah.Robin now so cultured hor! If I were there, I'd probably be like the guy in the last pic! LOL!!! Hey...that one at the back in the 1st pic looks like a very young suituapui!!! Hah! If he wants to see what he'll look like many, many years from now, ask him to look at me!!!! ROTFLMAO!!!

  8. hey suituapui,
    cultured ah?? nolah... just more.. aware of whats happening around, ahahhaha...
    OMG... that guy is a friend lah !! Hes not that... ermm... never mind... *speechless