Monday, May 12, 2008

Daniel Liew Dot Com

Yet another fellow Kuching blogger was currently making a trip back to this hometown after being away studying for a long, long time.

His name is Daniel Liew and he should not be of any stranger to most of you, since he has been very active around the Malaysian blogosphere recently, with his blog upgrade to Aahhh, I wonder when will it be the day that I get my own domain name. Not anytime soon I suppose.


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The original plan was to meet up on Saturday night and have a drink or something. Coincidentally I was looking for Samantha as well, and was gonna drag her along. However, on Friday afternoon, Daniel texted me and asked if I was free for a movie in the afternoon. Sorry Samantha, this came to me quite unexpectedly, but I shall do something to patch up ya?

I was not doing anything in that afternoon, hence I tagged along to watch Iron Man. Yes, I know I am extremely late, spare the complaints. I know of some people who watched Iron Man SIX freaking times. Goodness....

And so I met up with Daniel.

I felt like I could connect easily with this dude, though this was the very first time I met him. We were born in the same year, we were both doing Civil Engineering, we have quite a handful of common good friends, and most importantly, we are Kuching bloggers.


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Daniel seems like the guy who possess a great stretch of ambition, and would pursue with sheer determination to accomplish what he sets out to do. I do admire this trait, and have a deep respect for people with similar quality. He is currently undertaking Masters of Engineering by research at UTM.

I should get myself around more of these people, since my own driving motivation and will/determination to push myself have been somewhat falling and depleting over the years of stressful engineering studies. We always look for inspirations from people around us, no?


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After watching Iron Man, we headed to Bing! at Padungan for a round of drink. Since Daniel has not been there, I was the one suggesting the place. *a whack in my head* What a dreadful place to take good pictures !!! I have had a tough time steadying my hands under the horribly crazy almost no light atmosphere during the meet with Feli and Kristen (click) not too long ago. Oh well, that could only mean one thing, I must tell myself to do better this time !

And Daniel was the unlucky victim for my second experiment of portraits under extremely low light. He was such a sport !!! But yeah...

So I have got Daniel camwhoring for me. Muahahahahahahah, and like usual, all the pictures will be plastered all over my specifically dedicated entry for the bloggers I have met. Thankfully Bing! was very empty at the time we were there, hence the freedom to move around and do whatever we want. Else the uncomfortable eyes staring at us would be very unpleasant.

Lets begin, shall we?


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I personally love the Daniel Embracing the Light photo. There was just something about the exposure balance across the entire frame that made the whole thing "glow" with something magical. To be honest, hugging the roundish lamp thing was Daniel's idea to begin with. Hurr hurr...

So what do I think of that Iron Man movie? I think the story line was quite well developed, in comparison to many other superhero movies. They explored the roots and origins of the main actor very elaborately, and this can easily connect the emotions to the audience. I must mention however Robert Downney Jr has always been one of my favourite actors, since I first watched him on TV in Ally Mcbeal. Yes I know I am old.

I am very glad to see him back in big screen. The acting and casts of the movie was rather well carried out too.


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There was however one thing I could not quite get out of my head. The main character knows that his life is directly dependent on the piece of high-tech battery-power-generating circular thing he places on his chest. If that piece of thing is so blardy important, and his life depends on it, why would he not build another, or few more backups/spare replacement copies? This is purely illogical.

That minor point aside, I believe it was a great movie. I am sure Daniel would agree too.

All in all, it was an awesome afternoon, and definitely well spent. So Daniel, if I happen to be in Johor, or you in KL soon, we must catch up again ya? Maybe next time we should drag Hak Jeng along with us.

If you guys have not come across Daniel Liew (click) before, what are you waiting for, go check out his blog now !!


  1. This daniel liew don't look like THE daniel liew we talk to in form 5 ain't it?

  2. hey sikuitan,
    LOL.... nope, its not the same. if it is, he must have gone through plastic surgery or something.

  3. hmm..this guy looks familiar... wait, I know him. LOL. That iron man's chest thing so expensive ma. He no money liaw since his share market drop.. haha

  4. ahhhhh i skipped half of your blog entry cos i have not seen iron man yet and do not wanna spoil the fun for myself! yes yes i am later than u robin! anyway i heard it is a very good show and a friend of mine said "its the best movie he has seen so far this year!"


  5. hey chunchow,
    ahahaha.. wtff..... he so rich sell off few cars can build that battery liaw lah duh...

  6. hey marcus,
    best movie?? hmmm i havent watched that many movies so i dun really have anything to compare it to, but hey, i think some good movies are coming out this summer so better watch out !!

  7. robinwong dot com

    wawawaa~ i want bings. when will it come to kl?

  8. hey chloe

    dun think bing! will wanna expand beyong Kuching LOL... but im sure KL got nice nice coffee places lahhh

  9. Robin,
    Thanks for the coverage. Really should get a domain of your own. Grab a before any other Robin Wong could. See I so good, you are the first blog I visit since being grounded for 5 days.

    Fish Tan,
    Wait.... Different Daniel Liew (the Greenian and the Thomian). LOL.

  10. hey daniel,
    no worries !!! someone else took long time ago already. robin wong is kinda a common name though, try google or yahoo it LOL...

  11. Hey! Daniel doesn't look like his pic on his blog!!! Seems to have grown looks like kennysia's brother!!! ROTFLMAO!!

  12. eh suituapui,
    Sssssshhhh !! Dun say so loud ahahah

  13. those pics u took of daniel shows things people would do at home, especially guys cos they wanna look macho face to face but you know at home they're all mmm... hugging pillows and stuff. LOL!

  14. hey samantha,
    LOL... I guess that shows much much Bing! feels like home.
    It is shown on Daniel's facial expression, he seemed to be at ease and comfortable, dun u think?

  15. yeaa. icyqueengoddess liked bing too.

  16. hey samantha,
    I think almost everyone not from Kuching who has been to Bing! loves it !!

  17. Suituapui,
    I admit I have gained some weight. I was telling Robin that day that I've gained 8kg in just three months. STP always post nice food in his blog and makes me drool and crave for even more food.

    Hehe. Pillows. There are nice aren't they?

  18. hey daniel,
    aaahaahah... ur scary... can gain so much weight in so little time.