Monday, April 14, 2008

Spring, What Spring?

Alright, now that I am in Kuching, it is time to walk around, and explore much. Obviously there have been some changes there and here, and the most notable one happened not exactly that far from where I reside. The newly opened (ok, not so new now, but cut me some slack ok?) Spring Shopping Mall that has made it worthy to blog about and had been appearing in many Kuching blogs since its opening dated months back. Now, it is my turn to check it out.


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I believe most people who have been to the Spring must have made a comparison with the super-sized and more "modern" shopping malls scattered all over the giant city Kuala Lumpur. I guess it just cant be helped since the shopping malls at Kuala Lumpur have somehow become a sort of benchmark to look up upon, in terms of categorizing any newly open shopping malls elsewhere outside KL.

I know I have not been to Singapore yet, but I already am daring to bet that their shopping malls can PWN KL shopping malls big time.

Alright, back to the Spring.

To be honest, the Spring is the only place that actually look like a shopping mall in Kuching now. Seriously, the other places used to be pretty decent once upon a time, when the spaces were not eaten up by tiny stalls being set up at every single virtual corner and walkway there was everywhere within those malls !! Obviously, one important aspect I love about a good shopping mall would be space, lots and lots of open spaces. Most of the other places are just too cramped up and the congestion just made me feel like a tuna sandwich which I just had for lunch. Ok sorry for the bad analogy but I am really really hungry now. Excuse me.


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A lot of people have complained that the prices of the items on the racks in Spring are somewhat ridiculous and extremely high for Kuching standard. Right, there we go again, "Kuching standard". I know the manufacturers and the big-companies have been having tough times marketing their new products to Kuching, why? All because of the Kuching local regulations and "standard pricing" which should not be exceeded, otherwise, none would even take a second look at those new products.

No wonder Starbucks came into Kuching so freaking late.

I also am aware of the fact that the earning potential and power in Kuching is generally lower in comparison to the bigger cities like KL and such, but that does not justify the fact that almost everyone here is downright freakily unwilling to spend that extra 10 cents on a product if they found out that another similar product is being sold 10 cents cheaper 15Km drive away. My point is, being prudent and wise in spending money does not necessary mean, not purchasing, or trying out something new, or slightly pricier. This mentality that has been holding the Kuching citizens back, are to be blamed for not having any similar shopping malls built locally like those in KL or Singapore.

And you know what the worst part is? The locals still dare to complain that Kuching is oh very BORING and NOT HAPPENING for not having all those shopping malls, and when the shopping malls are actually here, they are not willing to spend their oh-so-hard-earned-money. Seriously guys, WTFFFFFFF?


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Therefore, I believe the development of the Spring was quite a bold move.

It is about time, Kuching people shift their perspective, and start embracing the shopping mall culture that they should have done so a decade ago.

Nevertheless, I think the Spring still lacks a handful of qualities that would make a shopping mall, a great shopping mall. Perhaps I should hold on to my negative comments for now, since the place is still considered rather new and fresh, and almost half of the retailers are still not opened at this moment. Lets just hope things would brighten up, and move along the positive expectations, once the Spring has become fully functional as a shopping mall.

I particularly love anything, or any place that has plenty of natural lighting. Sunlight has got to be the best source of lighting, if careful planning and design were administered into the interior architecture of the building.

For now, I am just glad that, there is Starbucks, not too far from my house.



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Because I can come here and leech off connect to the broadband Wi-Fi and update my blog for you beautiful people out there. Otherwise, writing up an entry for this blog using a dial-up at home would be rather painful.

A cup of Caffe Latte anyone?


  1. i owe u rm2, next time ya

  2. hey ak,
    LOL its alright, dun worry bout it !!

  3. ah hahahaha robin! the internet connection isnt exactly free! u have to buy a drink before u can sit in their premises!

    malls are nice for awhile. but if u ask me to malls everyday or whenever i have spare time, i'm gonna die! spore has great malls but they all have the same retailers.


  4. Dude, whoever said anything about buying drinks?

    LOL, i come here and sit down, connect my lappie and use it right away.

    Who cares bout drinks? That mug was just for display LOL

  5. who r u 2 judge we a sarawakian....... it is up to us 2 go even 1000 miles far juv 2 get cheaper thing. if u want 2 came here, u r welcome. but if u mant 2 com n then giv us a bad impression, so u better dun come again. yes. kuching is not d sam as ur kl or singapore but juz bcoz we dun have all that brand here make us so laid back.......

  6. Ouch, it hurts doesnt it when you hear the truth? Its ok, keep denying it, maybe the pain will go away.
    And who are you to judge me?

    I am a proud Kuching born boy. I doubt you love Kuching as much as I do.