Friday, April 25, 2008

A Real Hot Dog

So I was at lunch with Georgette, who suggested the new Chicago7 place at 2.5 mile which was opened not that long ago. My first thought was an ordinary Western Food place since the Chicago word was rather prominent, but it turned out to be a replica of over popularized American fast food chains, similar to KFC in many ways.

The two main things that stood out from the menu were broasted chicken (which I thought would have somehow linked the food outlet to the dying Sugarbun until the idea was disputed by Georgette) and of course, the HOT DOG.

Initially, I was glad because I could finally find those heavenly grilled Hot Dog that was everywhere in Perth in Kuching !!!

Unfortunately.. what came to me was this...

HOT DOG @ Kuching

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After seeing it.. I have to say that... I should never expect anything western from Kuching to turn out anywhere similar to western at all in the first place. Nothing similar in the sense of size, appearance, and the ingredients used to produce the food.

You call that a hot dog? Wait till you see this...


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You may not be able to compare the sizes based on those photos, but I can tell you that the sausage was TWICE in length and girth.

And it was made of REAL meat not those already cooked hot dogs availabe at supermarkets waiting to be heated up in microwave oven.

Again, I am comparing, and making ridiculous expectations out of what I find here in Kuching.

Note to self, I am no longer in Perth. Try to live with it.


  1. that is one HUMONGOUS doggy

  2. haha this reminds me of one of my first few culture shocks when i stepped into perth. the sushi at taka is twice the size than those found in spore. i ordered so much and realised that it was all too much to finish.

    so goes without saying that the foreigners have it bigger and longer :-)


  3. hey marcus,
    LOL that sounds so wrong !!! But i gotta admit, the sushis at taka are HUGE !!!

  4. hmm...have you tried the taiwan sausages at peach garden @ jln song?? they're really good! made of real meat though they can't be compared to foreign sausages in terms of length and girth. :p

  5. is it a bratwurst? love 'em bratwurst sausages. they have some imported ones here though. visit mr ho's fine foods when you miss the kind of sausages you find at perth.

    and yeaa think i need to make a trip to chicago 7. been there once and that was it. heard their broasted chicken is yum!

  6. omg...hotdog! I mean the one from perth =P I miss it man! heavenly hotdog from perth...made out of pure meat..pork meat... oh yea.

  7. hey silveraven,
    theres taiwan sausage at peach garden? Mesti cuba !!

    Hey sam,
    No i think its just called hot dog, and its not fine food, its supposed to be cheap food you find at the road side !! ahahahaa..
    I think the broasted chicken at chicago7 was just alright..

    hey chun chow,
    yeah..... gosh gotta miss those food there !!!

  8. We have one of those American '1901' Hotdog in Miri.

    I'm not sure if you heard of them before but I must say their hotdogs are super delicious!

    and yes, their sausages are like huge and long
    (kay, that doesn't sound right..)

  9. hey arth,
    Oh Gosh... Im so jeles... if i ever drop by miri i must cuba that hot dog place.
    Yeah... we need to start to produce our hot dogs BIGGER and LONGER before the whole world gets the wrong idea about us Malaysians !!

  10. I've just passed by your blog. I really want to try the heavenly hot dog in Perth, it seems so yummy.

    About Chica. go7, I tried once and felt nothing special. And the price not really worth.. Last Saturday I went to a very new fried chicken restaurant at Pedanak. At first I also didn't have any expectation because it just looks like KFC or Sugarbun. However, Their special favour 'plum' really changed my ming. I love it. I tried their set meal and a set of pop corn chicken with plum power. It's really like ' fresh' feeling. The chicken is crispy out and juicy inside. you guys have to try.