Monday, April 28, 2008

Phua Chu Kang in Kuching !!

Out of nowhere, suddenly there was a Uniquely Singapore festival happening at the newly opened shopping mall, Spring in Kuching. The event was a platform for the travel agencies and much tourist related business opportunists to promote whatever they were selling to the unfortunate souls of innocent Kuching People. Of course, we do not exactly get these kind of events happening much these days, but what I believe to be the most looked-forward-to-activity lined up for the event was undoubtedly a special appearance of the TV star, Gurmit Singh aka Phua Chu Kang.


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Phua Chu Kang has become, somewhat a face so popularly known amongst Malaysians !! I mean, who hasn't heard of Phua Chu Kang? Who hasn't?

I remember the first time I watched the well-rated TV show back in my secondary school days, when NTV7 first started their airing over the local network. Yes, it was that long ago, back in 1998 or was it 1999, approximately 10 freaking years ago !!!

Yet the show lived on, and the characters from the drama-comedy series remain favorites among Tv-viewers of all age !! As lame as many of the episodes and jokes being portrayed in the series, somehow, I just could not picture the TV scene without Phua Chu Kang, the show itself was unique, and many of us can easily relate to the stories being told.


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And so Phua Chu Kang made a special appearance, to support the Uniquely Singapore festival. After seeing him for years in Television, and missing a few opportunities seeing him live when he previously visited Kuching, and after seeing the entry with beautiful pictures posted by Luxferi (click) yesterday, I decided to see Phua Chu Kang live this time.

I sure would not want to miss this chance, though I myself am not exactly a huge fan of his. It is not an everyday thing stars appear in Kuching you know. So this was kind of a big deal for Kuching folks.


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Knowing Phua Chu Kang from the screens of the television, he appeared somewhat more radiant in real life. This could be because he was not exactly acting anymore, but making a presentation on stage for a live crowd. He connected to everyone so well, and goodness, he can interact with almost anyone !!! The kids freaking loved him, I swear I even saw some old uncles and aunties screaming in extreme excitement !! He totally seemed like a rock star conquering that mini stage. It was also the first time of me seeing Spring being flooded with people from God knows where.

The show kicked start with a bunch of PCK wannabes dressing up and trying to replicate PCK. Then the kids were invited to go on stage, and dance with PCK !! Gosh, it was scary even to think that the kids love him this much. Imagine one of your kids saying "Daddy, when I grow up I wanna be just like Uncle Chu Kang !!!" Not that having the life of Phua Chu Kang is anything near bad, but you get the picture.


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The last thing that Phua Chu Kang did on stage was... SINGING !! Yes he blardy sang a song by Robbie Williams, Better Man. And gosh.. never have I imagined him being able to really sing.


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Something rather annoying happened though, which I have been meaning to blog for some time. From my pictures, you can see that I must have stood rather close to the stage. Some time in the middle of the show, some really rude horribly ugly looking girls popped out from behind me, and tried to nudge, push, and shove me aside to get their way to the front. There were two girls to be exact, smaller and MUCH SHORTER than me but armed with a DSLR camera each. I did not flick even a bit, stood my ground, and as a result they tried to push in harder.

I was like...


And gave them the WTF stare straight into their demon like eyes.

Seriously, I came here first, I waited long before Phua Chu Kang came on stage, and I blardy deserve to remain on my spot. Hello? First come, first serve? Now you just push everyone aside and expect everyone else to let you pass to get your auspicious position? Having a DSLR does not make your boobs any bigger. You know a good position is important for photography, so get in line and back off bitches!!

I think I must have pissed them both really bad, and me being 6ft tall, standing in front of them, did not help any bit at all.


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Excluding those two girls, I believe the whole event was quite enjoyable. It would be nice to talk to Phua Chu Kang in person, but I think everyone would have wanted to do so too. Everyone wanted a piece of him. I just can't help but think how cool it would have been if the entire crew of the show flew in to Kuching, and made a live comedy action show on stage !!

So, are there any Phua Chu Kang fanatics out there? Speak up !!


  1. "Having a DSLR does not make your boobs any bigger."

    I was trying SOOO HARD not to scream with laughter. *LoL*

    btw, did those goodie bags actually contain creative zen mp4s??? i'm feeling terribly jealous.

  2. hey silveraven,
    True wad, dslr wont give u any priority over others, ahahaha thats what im trying to say.

    Yeah it does have the mp4 player !!!

  3. When the Spring first opened, people swarmed the place in thousands..

    When Big Apple Donuts opened last week, Kuchingites swarmed the place for free donuts like crazy...

    what more to say, to see PCK on stage lively....

    Every new things coming to Kuching, there would be exciting Sakais flocking the place.... Truly Sarawakians...

  4. Hey anonymous,

    What can I say, its not an everyday thing these events happen, so it would be expected for the human traffic to follow up.

    But at least the people here show some appreciation.

  5. Awesome, awesome photos. Good thing you're tall. A person like me, who's only 5'6"..can only take mediocre, if not bad photos considering this afternoon's condition. People's head everywhere, people bumping into you and all that. Sucks to be me. =.=

  6. hey fahriee,
    thanks !! yeah i guess being tall does have its advantages, but hey, u just have to work your way around things !!

  7. i can't believe PCK is sooooo popular in kuching! in spore no one would give him the same treatment! aunties and uncles screaming? weird...

    haha i love it that u stood your ground and not let those 2 girls thru. so annoying!


  8. i figured u went on Sunday to witness the uniquely singapore carnival event ;)

    kinda sad that the show ended last yr!

  9. hey marcus,
    yeaahhh people in malaysia everywhere loves PCK !!!!

    Of course i wouldnt let those girls pass !! heck I came first... get in the line LOL

    Hey samantha,
    Yeah, u went there too !! I know.. so sad.. would love to see more PCK in the tv !!

  10. *LOL* Robin! These look awesome! Tall Robin + Badass camera = GREAT SHOTS!

    Thank goodness you showed those two "ladies" who's boss. Ahahaha...

  11. I'm glad that I didn't go.. *LOL* Cos hor.. Err... I won't be able to see anything whereever I stand.. *LOL* So Fahriee.. Don't complain.. hiak hiak hiak..

  12. hey elvawenn,
    aaaahaaa thanks !! But still so much to learn lah.. so much to improve on. yeah those 2 ladies memang kurang ajar !!

    Hey ahlost,
    Nolah, you just have to be there a little bit earlier than others and stand further to the front, then can liaw.

  13. nice photos man...
    yea those photographers...i saw them too...
    they dare not push me...
    cos my tattoo was visible HAHAHHA!

  14. hey T-Mo-t,
    Thanks !! ahahaha yeah, those crazy girls. maybe i should get myself a tattoo or something... LOL

  15. wah, those dslr girls are really annoying man. having a dslr does not mean you have the privilege to be at the front spot when you are there later than everyone. You should have just grab their boobs to scare them away... LOL.

  16. hey chun chow,
    yeah ur damned right, if wanna go to the front then come earlier and reserve the spots lah... not aggresively pushing others aside like that.