Friday, April 18, 2008

Near Death

I woke up to this ordinary morning...

And I looked to the sky...

Where the sky screamed agony and misery....


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And my camera started to show signs of dying.

There was this incident at the second week after the purchase of the camera that it was accidentally dropped from the shoulder height to the cold hard floor DIRECTLY. The power was on, and the lens was fully extended...
OUUUUCCCCCCHHHHH was an understatement..

No it was not me, I would never did such a thing to my precious...

I was amazed that it was still alive, and functioned like nothing happened to it...

Until now, 10 freaking months later... I think the camera has done its best in doing his job, and miraculously stayed alive. Do not ask me why he is a he, because he just is.

No, it is not dead yet. 2 or 3 out of 10 pictures turn out completely WHITE, or jagged with horizontal lines. This will definitely cause plenty of problems shooting pictures in any occasion.

I think, it is time again to hunt for a new, and undoubtedly, more capable camera.

Maybe... this time...


Dslr.... ???


  1. yes yes time to move on! your poor camera must not die in vain. time to buy a DSLR!


  2. hey marcus,
    aahaaha... sigh... but $$$$$$$ i have not...
    as much as i want to buy...

  3. o man that picture is beautiful. but after u saying things like the rest turned white that's o ShiT.

    opt for a dslr. work in kl for a bit. for the mean time, a normal camera will do i guess.

  4. Oh no, it's dying!?

    I remembered it fell onto the bottom of a boat......

  5. hey samantha,
    I was thinking about that too, but if I want to get a cam might as well jump tp dslr or else I will get comfortable with the compact cam and forget about dslr ahahhaa

    hey jak,
    ahahahaa.. yeah... sadness.. what an accident that was..

  6. Can you claim the damage on warranty?

  7. hey anonymous,
    im assuming you are marcus?
    Nah, theres a HUGE crack and dent, thanks to that drop. That invalidates the warranty. Sadness..

  8. Chesh! When I read the title, I thought something terrible happened to you!!! So when you buy a new one, you give this old this old man, ok??? People always complained about my photos so blur cos I took with my cheap hp!!! Can lah hor??? LOL!!!

  9. hey suituapui,
    the camera dying liaw u also want ah?

  10. haha no the anonymous is not me robin! i never forget to sign off my name whenever i drop your blog a comment!


  11. hey marcus,
    ahahaha i should have guessed so. Hmmm, weird guy dropping a comment without a name or anything.