Friday, April 04, 2008

Malacca, Melaka !!!

During my brief stay in Kuala Lumpur, after ticking off several urgent to-do items off the list, I decided to take a stroll away from the heart of the city, and down to Malacca, the historical city for two days. The idea of going down to Malacca has always been sticking out at the back of my mind since I planned my trip to KL. Among a few thing I wanted to achieve while I was there this time around were:

1) Stroke Balls (Tennis)
2) Find the infamous Jason Mumbles (click)
3) Sightseeing
4) Stroke Balls
5) Eat Eat Eat
6) Eat some more
7) Stroke balls
8) Stroke balls

Oh did I mention stroking balls? Yeah, a friend of mine from Kuching currently studying in MMU Malacca, Fred was with this group of friends who are superbly obsessed with tennis. Since I have not had a good dosage of stroking balls activities lately, I figure a get-away to Malacca would be great since there are actually people who are as crazy... wait, a little correction.... MORE CRAZY than I am in tennis. My hand was getting very itchy.

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Hence arriving in Malacca, the first thing that I did was... obviously stroking balls. Tennis court never looked more inviting, but since we were on such a rush, I left my precious camera at Fred's place. Therefore, sorry guys, no pictures of us guys stroking balls. You just have to use your creative imagination to visualize how young adults using our hairy hands stroking huge, furry, round balls all over. If you asked me how it felt, after not stroking balls for ages, I can tell you its owwhhhhhh.... wonderful.

Heck, Tennis is always fun.

Having done the first item on the list, next was to look for Jason Mumbles. The task was easy enough since he published his contact details on his blog prominently. I told him I would be free the following day during lunch time till around 5pm, then I will have to be back for tennis. After all, tennis was one of my main purpose of coming down to Malacca in the first place right? His response somehow struck me motionless for a few seconds.. and I burst out laughing shortly after. Just take a look at his sms...


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I have to admit though, what he said was very, very true, and I could not agree more. However, one must know the beauty of stroking balls before placing it below any other priorities.

Fast forward the following day, came along the most sought after-blogger.. Jason Mumbles (click) !! He asked me... "What do you want to eat?".... and as expected.. I would say "anything". It was tough deciding since there were quite plentiful to choose from, but in the end, we settled on Chicken Rice, since I have not tried the Malacca version. First time, and I am sure there will be many more to come after this.


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I just sat back, and let Jason do the ordering, and wait for the food to come and feast on them ferociously. Yeah, I brought a lot of things back from Perth, and one of the obvious thing that I think almost everyone who has been with me recently would have noticed, a giant appetite. I think I can swallow an elephant.

And the food came. Ohhhh *slurrrrrp*


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For some odd reasons, all good things come in balls, don't you agree? Now if only there is a way to stroke those chicken rice balls.... hhmmmmmm Thank goodness that thought did not cross my mind for I was too hungry to think of anything else at that instance. Obviously that plate of rice was not enough to fill us up, hence we had a second plate.

The chicken tasted like, chicken.

But the real catch here, I think everyone (those who have not tried this before) would have guessed right, the rice balls. Though they are made of normal chicken rice, but somehow, being rolled and sculpted into such round balls, somehow gave a whole new perspective and idea of Chicken Rice. The taste, is after all Chicken Rice, but somehow being rounded into balls, made them really, really special.


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Right after lunch, the Malacca sky started to get angry at us and poured down mercilessly. Rain was a bad, bad thing that could happen to me. With such gloomy and wet weather... more than half of my to-do items in Malacca unfortunately had to be sadly, canceled. Can't stroke balls, can't walk around sightseeing... garrrrhhh !!!

Of course we must always make do of what we have and salvage whatever we can.

Next up we went to the Nadje place that Jason has blogged about countless times about their Mille Crepe. Since it was such a buzz to begin with, it must have been something really cool and worth checking out. I believe everyone who has read Jason Mumbles must have insisted on trying that Mille Crepe on their trips to Malacca.

Like usual, I sat down, and let Jason do the ordering.


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CHOCOLATE BANANA Something Something

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One good thing I like about the drink is that they did not deliberately make it overly sweet. And the piece of layer cake, I dare not say it is one of the best layer cake I have put into my mouth, but certainly it has its distinguished qualities in comparison with what you find elsewhere. Again, the sweetness is not overpowering the taste, which is one of their strong points. The texture was just right, and the flavour was comfortable yet sufficiently full bodied to keep you wanting for more.

It will not be something I want to eat again and again, but definitely a must try for first timers.

So what do bloggers do?

Need not say anymore.

Introducing (as if this bloke needs any intro)...


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Man, you gotta envy that huge canon 40D that he was carrying. He urged me to get my own DSLR since I do have quite a passion for taking pictures. But yeah, I still think theres plenty for me to learn and go through before I can truly appreciate what a DSLR can offer me. Plus, I do not intend to spend my hard earned cash on something I am not quite ready for just yet. I am still quite a noob as we speak.

But but but... if you just look at the output of a DSLR.. and considering the possibilities and the things that it could do...

ROBIN.. (Taken with Canon 40D)

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Man, the difference is just too apparent. Everything about the picture taken by a DSLR was just.... great. And the good part of all, the picture of me taken with Jason's camera was with the ISO setting boosted up to 1000 !! Thats.... insane.

My remaining stay in Malacca has been haunted with downpour, and non-stop downpours. Gosh, I thought I would miss Malaysian rain since Perth is like a desert that only rains like once in a month sometimes.. but given such circumstances in Malacca, the never-ending rain just destroyed all my otherwise perfectly beautiful plan.

I have had a great time, despite the rain. Heck it was even raining on my way back to Kuala Lumpur.


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Thanks heaps Fred and friends for the awesome session of Tennis. Could, and should have stroked more balls, if the weather was friendlier. There will always be next time. Thanks also for letting me bunk over the night and taking time off to accompany me on many occasions.

Thanks to the beautiful Jason Mumbles who came to find me for lunch. It was an honour meeting you and yeah.. keep rocking Malaysian Blogosphere dude !!


  1. chicken rice balls? i heard all about it and i think some places in spore has them but i never got to try it. ya i think u ought to get a DSLR soon and when u finally do, i guarantee u will start wishing that u had gotten one sooner when u think back on all those shots u took on your normal cam that would have turned out much better on the DSLR!


  2. Referring to the mille crepe pic, your camera can take really nice bokeh for a point and shoot.

    And I am not famous.

    And I am not not famous.

    And it's Nadeje. LOL.

  3. hey marcus,
    aahahhahaa..... chicken rice balls rocks !!! Must try authentic ones from malacca, the ones at other places should be different.
    Aiyooo.. dslr... no $$$$$ dude LOL... maybe will have to work a bit first then consider it aahhaha...

    hey jasonmumbles,
    ahahaha thanks for the compliments !!
    But.. u ARE Femes.....
    Femes Jasonmumbles..

  4. owhhh its nadeje... OOppss... mistake..

    sorry.. fixing it now.

  5. Hello!

    I;m very interested to know where in Melaka is that chicken rice balls place? Looks very yummy!

  6. hey fird,
    the place was somewhere along the Jongker Street. Should not be too hard to find.