Monday, April 07, 2008

KL Shopping Paradise

Being there in the Big City, one should not refrain oneself from being out there in the open and embrace the shopping culture. Alright, I could not believe I just said that, since I was basically, just window-shopped almost everywhere I went.

I know Kuala Lumpur is well known for the huge and up-to-standard shopping malls, but what do you expect me to buy? Cloths? I brought heaps back from Perth, with pretty great bargains too from the factory outlets places. Gadgets? I am not exactly into handphones and such.. Yeah of course I always keep an eye open on new things on the rack, and promotional deals. But ultimately, I believe the reason why I was holding back...

I was still calculating the prices in Aussie Dollar, which was a bad move that I could not avoid. Should I start splurging thoughtlessly assuming I was still earning and spending in Aussie dollar... I would have ended up begging for money at the road side at the end of the month. No kidding.

So until my mind-cash-calculation mode is switched back to Ringgit, I must be extra careful when I think of spending my hard earned cash.


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This time around, I managed to visit the much-buzzed about One Utama Shopping Mall, which was already opened centuries ago but seemed to be missed by me on my every trip to KL. I gotta say.. the place is kinda awesome !!! Its the typical shopping mall pattern that you would get from other shopping malls in KL, but there was just something about the place that made me feel more comfortable. The whole place is very spacious, giving that sense of freedom whichever corner you turn to. And I like the bright lighting too.

In terms of shops, I believe all shopping malls in KL are rather... stereotypical.

There will be Jusco or Parkson, Guardian, Nike, Adidas, Fila, Quicksilver, and ermmm.. Bata... KFC.. McD, Burger King... and all the other wannabes....


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Bedises One Utama I also made visits to some of the other shopping malls which I have visited previously.. and blogged about too. So yeah, no boring repetitions.

However, there is just something I felt compelled to mention here.

There was this short stretch of shops splitting the main road from Bukit Bintang to Low Yat.

Somehow.. the people doing reflexology/massage/whatever ridiculous stuff are really... really... scary !!!


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They literally walk up to you, and flash their promotional brochures and price lists in front of you. If you continue to ignore them, they will poke you, or worse.... grab you by the arm.


There is no way I am walking along that street anymore. I will purposely cross the street to the other side of the road and come back when I am reaching the Low Yat end the next time I travel that path.


Anyone else having similarly freaky experience?


  1. Poor Robin got chickened out by foot massager. Next time just run while screaming "I don't want, I dont wan't" in loud cantonese. Ha ha...

  2. hey willchua,
    LOL !!! I wasnt chickened, more like annoyed !! ahahaha...
    But yeah... I should get on learning some canto for my own survival in KL.

  3. malls are kind of boring after awhile if u live too long in the city. even in perth garden city and carousel look the same. that's why i end up eating a lot!

    when i was in ho chih min city, i got harrassed by all sorts of people there. in the daytime its from the workers at mottorcycle rental shops and the trishaw pullers. in the nighttime its the pimps. "u want massage? i give u girl massage. very good!" try to say that with the nasal vietnamese accent and u will find yourself in vietnam! initially i tried to be polite and smiled and say no thanks then i realised that every 10 mintues a guy will walk up to me asking me the same thing. its best to just ignore them and walk on unless u have a lot of energy to keep saying no.


  4. robin, I love the way you put borders around those pictures. How do you do that? Can ajar me?

  5. hey anonymous,
    yeah, i know the best way is to ignore them, but goodness gracious, those vultures still trail me as i walked along, one pulled my arm !!! Eeeeeeeep !!! Breach of personal space here.
    I guess they just wont take no for an answer.
    Whoah... vietnam seems so cool. One day... one day i shall go there and blog about it.

  6. hey daniel,
    Errmm if you can use photoshop it would be much better.
    Currently I am still noob thus most of my picture editing is done by using acdsee editor.
    What I did was simple, I just drew a rectangle (by using the drawing rectangle tool) around the image, setting the line width and empty fill.
    So its like adding a hollow black rectangular box.
    Im not sure this is making much sense, but yeah, its the noob method !!