Friday, April 11, 2008

Ichiban Ramen

One of the nights I was in Kuala Lumpur my desperate cravings for Japanese Food returned to haunt me. With my tummy feeling painfully famished, I grabbed Chun Chow and Wendy to Ichiban Ramen, a Japanese eatery-place that I have never tried before. Anything Japanese will do, but hey, aren't everyone getting sick of sushis already?

I mean, theres heck many more varieties of Japanese food other than just sushis out there that are worth trying out.


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I do not quite understand why, but nowadays the food outlets in the shopping malls seem.... very "expensively" decorated. Just take a look at the fancy interior design, my goodness, I have seen 5 star hotel restaurants with simpler and much more plain layout. Yes, it is important to prepare a comfortable and beautiful environment to the diners inside the restaurants, but I think being competitive, they had simply overdone everything to a ridiculous level.

And that does not give the right reason to hike the pricing of the food. I am more willing to pay a higher price for the food, if it is for better ingredients or more sophistication in preparing the food, rather than for the ambiance itself.

In every dining experience, it is not only the food that makes the difference. I believe the company plays a significant part too. Thankfully Chun Chow and Wendy, both doing their final year in studies now could spare some time off their ridiculously jammed schedule to accompany me for a feast of Japanese flavour that evening.


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Alright I know we are too beautiful, so lets shift the attention to the food now.

Looking at the name of the restaurant, Ramen is basically a type of Japanese noodle, hence their specialty definitely lies in their noodle-based dishes.

As we sat down, the first thing that we ordered was an appetizer meal, something called Gyoza. I believe you could find a Chinese version of such similar food, should be pan-fried meat dumpling of some sort.


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Being super-hungry, the appetizer was a great opener for the dinner.

For the mains, I ordered...


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I personally think this dish is not exactly authentically Japanese to begin with. There is no way that tom yum originates from Japan. Somehow presenting it in a manner to cater for the local preference, and adjusting the famous tom yum soup to be served in Ramen version, is one odd fusion. The tom yum was spicy enough for my liking, and the amount of seafood placed along in the puddle of goodies was just right.

Can't see the noodles?


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Chun Chow had...


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I could not exactly remember what Wendy had... but I believe it was something sweet and sour with chicken.

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Gosh looking at all those pictures make me want to jump into the nearest Japanese eatery. How can anyone not love Japanese food?

To wash down all those oily sinful food.. we each had...


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And the place provided unlimited refills for the green tea, hence it was really worth it for me since my tom yum was getting irritatingly spiky inside my mouth.

Aaahhhhh.... the joy of eating Japanese food.

I am now in Kuching, and I have not tried out the newly opened Sushi King yet. Is there any crazy Japanese food eater out there?


  1. Eat jap food without unagi, its like eating KFC without chicken.

  2. Hey Jason,
    I have to beg to differ in opinion LOL. Ive got real Japanese friends who told me that sushis are just over-commercialized and overrated in many ways. Real Japanese in Japan only eat Sushis once a month as a tradition.
    And theres plenty other GREAT japanese, the more authentic ones that are being left out.

  3. Sushis are overrated in Japan because they created sushis. So, of course, they wouldn't want to eat it all the time.

    And still, UNAGI KICK ASS. And that's the sole reason why I eat jap food.

  4. OMG...

    Unagi Freak !!

    LOL... try beef tataki instead.

    Its heavenly. Trust me. But im not sure where to get a good one in Malaysia though.

  5. i agree with u robin. i know some japanese friends myself from tokyo and osaka and they don't eat sushi as often as we would think they do. i love japanese food period. if i had to choose to stick to a cuisine for the rest of my life, i would definitely pick japanese. i'm a sucker for sashimi! not so much for ramen or udon though. i guess i tried almost everything including whale, puffer fish and sea urchin.


  6. hey marcus !!
    Why do you have to be so far away? Lets go for a round of sashimi !!

  7. haha u come down to spore la! then i take u out for some good jap food! alternatively we can meet in perth one fine day and eat!


  8. hey marcus,
    I will go down singapore !! But not so soon lah, after i work in KL would be much easier... muahahhahahaha...
    will surely let ya know when im going.

  9. wah...hungry liaw. Come let's go again when you come back to kl again! Shogun! Jogoya! hahaha. Unagi nice... but bloody expensive... ugh.

  10. hey chunchow,
    LOL... unagi again !! ahahaha...
    Yeah, we should go to those places... im still a bit crazy for jap food.