Tuesday, April 22, 2008

And Then There was FREE COFFEE

It was one of those mundane ordinary days, that I walked my way to Starbucks, the nearest free provider of Wi-Fi Internet connection and leech it off on my laptop to download some illegal stuff get some work done, and if there was any spare time left, update my blog for you beautiful people out there. Of course, the comfortable couch, the friendly staff, and the oh so cool air conditioning were really inspiring and aided me in my "productivity". I have been here heaps now, and something unusual happened this particular day...

When a group of bloggers that I was recently connected to came in Starbucks.. and booked themselves a corner to spin their webs around, I knew something was going to happen. I still refused to believe something out of the ordinary would ever happen, thus continue to bury my head into the pile of work in front of me. As time went by, more and more people came in, and I knew something was not quite right.

Heck, even Kenny Sia suddenly popped out of nowhere.


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Eventually, I got out of my seat which was formed with the perfect shape of my ass to ask around, and finally found out that there was this promotional event going on at Starbucks, to launch their new product to the public. Hence bloggers and a few other significant figures were invited to the event, provided with free food, free drinks (expensive drinks we are talking about here), free giveaways, games, and heaps of fun. I was so tempted to jump in and participate in the activities prepared for the audeince, alas, I had to finish up a task I had been promising a friend.

And guess what, I left my camera back at home. GAAARRRRRRRHHHHHHHH

Ok you guys can start lecturing me now on the responsibilities and necessities of bringing my camera with me all the time being a blogger bla bla bla bla bla bla...

Like what Jasonmumbles said after I told him the whole situation....



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Nevertheless, not all was lost. I have got myself... THREE GLASSES of free ice blended drinks from Starbucks !!! Wooo Hoooo !!!!

I gotta say.. that was pure caffeine overload !!!

Guess who else showed up at the event?


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Samantha Poh !!! I have been meaning to dig out some time to look for this gorgeous blogger that I have known since the early days of my blogging activities. Ufortunately, I have had my hands full with a few very urgent tasks that are somewhat, unexpectedly time consuming and evergy draining. She is one scary chess player, with admirable skills and I must say I seriously look forward for few rounds of great games with her soon.

I was so surprised to find her there of all the places !! Since there was that Starbucks promo event going on and all.. and me focusing on my task on my lappie, we did however find a little time to catch up a little. It was really great to finally meet Sam again, and gosh, we MUST go for a drink and CHESS CHESS CHESS !!


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That evening has turned out rather interesting. Free food and drinks, meeting up with Sam and Kenny, seeing all the staff members of Starbucks go crazy, and yeah... I even got a huge part of my assigned task done.. I dare say.. shooting plenty of birds with an arrow.

Side Note: Thanks Sam for the camera !!! You are a lifesaver. By the way, your camera rocks !!


  1. Eee.. Free coffee.. Too bad I missed it :(

  2. hey ahlost,
    yeah, not too many people knew about it, i just happened to be at the right place at the right time !!

  3. Coffee... Free... Beauty...
    Lucky Robin. Did you go to buy any 4D or Toto? Maybe today is your lucky day. Haha.

  4. hey daniel,
    yeah, i guess i was in pretty good luck that day !! But I dun spend money on lottery though... LOL

  5. omg robin lol.. gorgeous blogger? lol not so gorgeous with eye bags like that haha.

    thanks for the blog plug. and my pictures were a lil bit blurry. hope the cam isn't dying out soon or sth. bleh.

  6. hey samantha,
    no worries !! im sure ur cam will last quite long, as long as you do not drop it or knock it or something. Its a good camera, and capable in producing amazing pics, just need to get the settings right !

  7. wahaha trust u to be there at the right time for all that free stuff! so did u lose any sleep from all that caffeine overdose?


  8. hey marcus,
    yeah, guess i was really lucky !! I sure needed those caffeine dosage since i was rushing up a few tasks for friends !! And i pretty much got a huge chunk done that night !!

  9. i see! try red bull next time! one can of red bull will cover 10 cups of the strongest coffee!


  10. hey marcus,
    LOL, it wasnt anything urgent, but yeah, if i need to, red bull it is !!!