Saturday, April 05, 2008

Air Asia CRASHES at Airport

Edit: Apparently I found the source of the pictures. And they were not that new either. Go here (click) for more details. Anyway, further reading on the comments from that original blog entry, it does seem like the whole incident was a lame april fools joke.

Nevertheless, I believe everone loves to make fun of Air Asia once in a while, don't you agree? So please do not take this blog entry too seriously.

I am taking a break from my long streak of KL brief trip I had not too long ago, since everyone must be getting a little tired of the series already. Therefore, I shall present something fresh, something different, something SHOCKING to some of you...

Yes, it is Air Asia again, and this I believe this is not covered in any local media up to current date.

I did not have any other information other than the pictures that were forwarded to me and that was all I had. I did not know when it happened, where, how and what damages involved, but all can be pictured right from the photos shown here.

Hold your jaw and do not let it drop all the way to the floor.

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OK the crash did not seem that serious at all.

Maybe the front wheel rolled off and the head just fell down. That would be cartoonish.

Anyway, I do believe the pictures were not fake. I just needed to have some updates or information regarding this incident. Obviously there was a cover-up going on to prevent such things from reaching the press.

Try stopping a blogger. Heh.

Air Asia.. Now everyone can fly.


  1. aiyoh - belita basi busuk lar....

    google dulu lar...


  2. How polite of you to show up as anonymous.

    DUH back at you.

  3. in spore our april fool's joke was related to the F1 that was coming. i dunno the full story cos i couldn't care less of it.


  4. hey marcus,
    LOL even the F1 has become an april fool's joke? fascinating !!!

  5. hey childhood dreamer,
    yeah, typo, fixing it up now.