Saturday, March 01, 2008

Supper @ Concas

So there was this group of crazy people who suddenly got hungry in the middle of the night and decided to go out and fill in the empty stomach.

And off the group went to the place that serves the best Chilli Mussels in Perth.


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It was ungodly late at night, and I usually would push aside anything spicy especially when it is dangerously near bed time. Hence I had something else, which was equally satisfying.


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The pizza was spendid, crust was crispy but a little dry, and topped with generous amount of cheese and whatever regular stuff you would find in any ordinary Supreme pizza.

Gosh how I wish I could just fork out Malaysian Riggit 3 just for a bowl of Gubak Mee or Kolok Mee at anytime should my tummy summons for a quick yet filling snack.

Ok, that was totally random, but I do miss Kuching food.


  1. wah the mussels look damn huge! the catch must be good this season! how much is it now? i could never bring myself to finish up the entire bowl of spicy sauce. don't wanna get my stomach walls burnt LOL!


  2. hey marcus,
    OOpps.. I didnt check out the price LOL I was not eating mah...
    yeah the chilli sauce is burning spicy, LOL